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I might not be the biggest Deadpool fan, but I have enjoyed his comics from time to time. The thing that made him a cool character was his fourth-wall-breaking, psychotic and crazy routine along with his sarcastic and perverse humor. However, you never had to actually hear him (or the voices in his head) talk, just read the talk bubbles. In the game you don’t have to just deal with a bad game in many areas, but you have to deal with him coming off as an ADHD ten-year-old child. He has his moments, but after a short time, it all gets stale.

High Moon Studios’ Deadpool is the merc with a mouth in his first ever video game and while he continuously breaks the fourth wall, he will never let you forget you are playing a video game, as if everything about the games mechanics doesn’t do that already. Deadpool as a game comes off as kind of a parody of action games, which works for the character being Deadpool, but it constantly being thrown in your face gets annoying and old. Even when they use it to break up the game play, such as in one short part you are playing top down in 8-bit graphics like in the original Zelda game. Also he is constantly commenting on various video game tropes, the script for the game and now and then complaining about you the player.

Being that I am not the biggest fan and don’t have anything to do with Deadpool regularly, this is my first time dealing with him as an animated character with a voice, so maybe it is something I am not used to. However, some of the comics I have read have him dialed back a little compared to others and unfortunately High Moon has him cranked up to an eleven in this game. I am sure to those that absolutely love everything about him will see this as great stuff, but for the rest of us it doesn’t work as well.

It seems that High Moon used Deadpool to do crazy things with everything about the game and even maybe use the whole fourth wall stuff to hide technical problems with the game, such as loading screens that are put in place in areas where he runs into the game being unfinished. However, there is a few times that while running around a corner the game will freeze for a few seconds with a regular loading screen. It seems abrupt, so it is hard to say if the game all of a sudden needed to load in strange place or that part of the game was trying to be goofy. There are instances of technical problems that are clearly spotty work on the game, like constant texture pop-in issues. Almost every scene seems to take a few seconds before everything becomes clear. Also Deadpool likes to stick to things it seems. If he runs up against any kind of wall or other structure in an area, he will stick to it. This seems to happen mostly in combat situations or at least that is the most notable because you are trying to get away so his healing factor will kick in. The combat gets intense at times, so running into something and have it be a stumbling block gets very aggravating quickly. There is the teleport ability, but it is nothing grand at all. If you are up against a wall and teleport, you might just end up in the middle of all the baddies and take even more damage. You can only teleport a few steps at most and it rarely gets you out of trouble.

What makes the sticking to walls and such even more annoying is the game play itself. The aiming feels off. There is a lock on, but if you so much as tap the right analog stick it stops being locked on to an enemy. This is alright, but when you are used to using both stick a lot to move around and kill it can be tough to keep it in mind not to touch that right stick at all. There is also the issue with the camera, you control it thankfully, but it still seems to box you in at times if you are not in a very open area. This is more harmful when as stated before, up against a wall that won’t let you go and it means you are constantly being hit by something off screen. On top of the controls being clunky, the killing and murdering that makes Deadpool so cool is completely unsatisfying. All the enemies are fodder, with a few more challenging enemies here and there, but even those are unimpressive and never really giving you any feeling of dread. Most enemies you cut to pieces and the others you have to work a little harder or maybe have to use the lock on aim exclusively. It all makes all the action boring and repetitive.

As Deadpool kills he gets DP points, why is it DP points? Because Deadpool. I do not understand why it isn’t just money. Everything else in this game is pulled out of Deadpool’s ass, so why not make money just appear as well? Makes sense to me. The DP not being money is nitpicking sure, but that is because everything else has problems. It is easy to nitpick something when everything else seems to be in bad shame. You use these DP points to unlock new weapons. You start out with his trusty swords and pistols and you can upgrade those with DP points. You can also use these points to unlock new weapons like Sais, machine guns and bear traps. None of which helps the game from feeling repetitive and are just as average as the weapons you start out with, although the Sais so help build up your combo, which can help get you more DP points. So using the Sais seems like the best bet. You can also upgrade Deadpool as well with these points to have his healing factor kick in fast and some other abilities, but again, nothing great.

High Moon trying to make Deadpool seem like a bad game as a joke comes out making the fact that it is a bad game that much worse. Maybe they will tell us “hey, it was all just a big joke” and play it off that way to try to make it seem very Meta, but I wouldn’t believe them. The chugging issues, weird loading in the middle of running down a hallway, the boring game play, the annoyance of Deadpool, bad game mechanics and on and on makes this game not worth playing unless you are a die-hard fan or love trophies/achievements. This game gives those out like candy and most of them are for the joke of doing it, which is fine. It gives at least some value to the Deadpool game.

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