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    Dean's Electronics

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    Dean's Electronics is a skillbook featured in the Fallout franchise. It increases the player's repair skill upon reading.

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     Dean's Electronics is a manual for amateur electricians and skillbook found in the Fallout franchise. By reading the book in-game, the player's repair skill is increased. It appears in every game of the franchise.
    In Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics, reading the book causes your repair skill to be increased by a variable percentage. That percentage gets smaller the higher your  repair skill is until it maxes around 90%.
    in Fallout 3, the book is a straight one point increase to the repair skill. Two points are gained after the Comprehension perk is selected.

    Fallout Locations

    In the tower, 3rd floor, on a bookshelf.
    On the 4th floor, in a locker.
      The Hub
    Mitch the merchant, Downtown.
      The Hub
    Mrs. Stapleton the merchant, Downtown.
     Lost Hills
    Given to the player by a Knight found near some broken Power Armor. Only after the necessary parts are found.
    Three are given to the player by the leader of the underground ghouls if their repair skill level is not high enough to fix the water pump. 

    Fallout 2 Locations

    Map Location
     Ghost Farm
    Slag missing their skin.
      Gecko Junkyard
    Table in the workshop's storage room.
      Mariposa Military Base
    Two outside in different tents, one on the ground and one in a locker.
    Workbench in the Vertibird hangar.
      New California Republic - town
    Bookshelf in the NCR Bazaar outpost.
      New Reno
    Workshop in the back of New Reno Arms.
      New Reno
    Shelf on the 2nd floor in Mr. Salvatore's apartment inside his bar.
      Oil Rig
    Two in the Barracks, CO's storage.
      Oil Rig
    Dead scientist in the mainframe room on the Reactor level.
      Oil Rig
    Two on the shelves in the scientist's office on the Detention level.
      San Francisco
    Jenna the merchant, General store on the Oil Tanker
     Sierra Army Depot
    Assembly lab, level three.
     Sierra Army Depot
    Desk in the CO's quarters, level three.
      Vault City
    Randall the merchant.
      Vault City
    Chief Librarian Kohl, Inner City Information Center. Conditional on choosing the correct dialogue option - loving books.
      Vault City
    Shelves behind Valerie. Alcohol can be used to lower her perception allowing the player to sneak by her.

    Fallout Tactics Locations

    Map Location
     Brothers Grimm
    Joe Grimm, potential recruit (special encounter).
     Bunker Beta
    Various mechanics after the player completes the Mardin mission.
     Bunker Gamma
    Various mechanics after the player completes the Osceolla mission.
     Junction City
    Shelf in a buiding on the upper level.
     St. Louis
    Two copies in a workbench at the beginning of the mission.
     Vault 0
    Locker in a storage room on the upper level.

    Fallout 3 Locations

    Map Location
     Anchorage War Memorial
    Average safe on the west side of the Facility interior zone.
    Truck on the road east of the town.
     Bethesda Ruins
    Wooden crate concealed under junk, on a desk on the third floor of the Bethesda Offices West building.
    Canterbury Commons
    Desk in Dominic and Machete's house.
     Corvega Factory
    Desk on the 2nd floor.
     Dunwich Building
    Shelf in a side room in the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins.
     Hubris Comics
    Desk in the Hubris Comics Utlity Tunnels.
     Hubris Comics
    Pulowski Preservation Shelter outside the building.
      Jury Street Metro Station
    Workbench inside the metro, near the top of the escalators.
    Mama Dolce's
    Shelf in the middle of a stairway in the Processed Foods interior zone.
     MDPL-05 Power Station
    Near the skeleton of a technician.
     Metro Central
    Table in a generator area near the exit to Foggy Bottom Station.
      Nuka-Cola Plant
    Counter in the cafeteria on the ground floor.
     Our Lady of Hope Hospital
    Shelf in a room at the southern end of the Dry Sewers - a zone that connects the hospital's basement with Dupont Circle.
      Ranger Compound
    Gnerator in the pantry. May glitch and get hidden inside or underneath.
     Red Racer Factory
    Hidden on top of machinery in the first assembly room closest to the main entrance. Near a toolbox.
     Relay Tower KX-B8-11
    Upside down container sitting in a radioactive pond southeast of the tower.
      Rivet City
    Shelf in Pinkerton's lab in the Bow interior zone.
     Rockbreaker's Last Gas
    Under a workbench in an abandoned shack west of Rockbreaker's.
     Tepid Sewers
    Behind a toolbox in a small room in the Raider hideout.
     VAPL-58 Power Station
    Safe in the Power Substation.
     VAPL-66 Power Station
    Desk immediately inside. 
     Vault 92
    Shelf in a farmhouse west of the vault's enrtance. Raider's inhabit the building.
      Vernon Square
    Table in an Average locked room in the Sewer Entrance.
     Warrington Station
    Shelf in a storage room beyond Roy Phillips and the ghouls' sleeping area.

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