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    DECO Cassette System

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    Data East's DECO Cassette System is the first modular arcade platform, allowing operators to quickly change from one game to another without buying an entirely new cabinet.

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    A little under 50 games were released for the DECO Cassette System. Some of the more popular games were also issued in dedicated cabinets and/or licensed out to other manufacturers for use in other territories.

    Games were issued as a combination of a cassette tape and a security dongle. Games load from the tape in around three minutes and must be loaded in fresh every time the machine is powered on. This resulted in some worry about eventual wear and tear on the cassettes, given their relatively flimsy construction.

    In later years, the concept of an arcade "platform" would be used by companies like SNK for its Neo Geo hardware, IGS's PolyGame Master platforms, Sega's NAOMI architecture, Capcom's CPS2 and CPS3 configurations, and more.

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