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    Denshi Mangajuku

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    The Denshi Manga (Design Master) was released by Bandai in 1995. It is considered the first touch screen gaming device ever produced.

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    The gold version was limited to 300 units.
    The gold version was limited to 300 units.

    The Denshi Manga (Design Master) is a handheld gaming and animation device released by Bandai in 1995. It was targeted at children ages eight and above, and allowed players to create six-frame animations or 9-piece puzzles of their own drawings, which they could trade with other players via the system's infrared port.

    Cartridges for the system were sold separately or in exclusive bundles. Only four games and five design cartridges were released before the system was discontinued in 1996.


    Games were sold for ¥2,800.


    Design cartridges were sold for ¥2,000.

    • M.01 - Dragon Ball Z
    • M.02 - From TV Animation Slam Dunk
    • M.03 - Super Street Fighter II: Grand Master Challenge
    • M.04 - Rockman X3 Buster Battle
    • Weekly Shonen Jump Special (limited to 300 copies)


    Bandai's attempt at marketing the console to young girls.
    Bandai's attempt at marketing the console to young girls.

    Despite only existing for about a year, Bandai released several models of the system.

    The black/red model is the original, but there was also a promotion at launch to win one of 300 gold models. These 300 special edition consoles included a Weekly Shonen Jump Special design cartridge.

    In the summer of 1995, Bandai attempted to appeal to young girls by releasing a pink model, which was named Paluseata. The name change was simply for marketing and coincided with the release of the Sailor Moon game. In addition to the Paluseata, Bandai also released a special edition pink variant Sailor Moon Super Sals Special Set (40th Anniversary).

    Lastly, a blue version was released as part of the Rockman X3 Buster Battle bundle. This bundle included both the game cartridge and design cartridge for Rockman X3, which was the only way to get these cartridges. People who already owned a Design Master system could only get these Rockman cartridges by buying another console.


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