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    Sailor Moon

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    Princess of the Moon and guardian of Earth, Sailor Moon vows to right wrongs and triumph over evil. And that means you! She appeared first in the very first episode of the series.

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    Powers: Moon Energy

    Civilian Name: Usagi Tsukino (Serena in the USA version)

    Family: Shingo (Sammy), Kenji, Ikuko, Luna, Chibiusa (Rini)

    First appearance: Episode 1 (All versions)

    Voice actress: Kotoro Mitsuishi (Terri Hawkes in USA seasons 1-2 and the English Version of all 3 Sailor Moon movies)

    Blood type: O


    The warrior of love and justice as seen in the show's title screen in the English Version.
    The warrior of love and justice as seen in the show's title screen in the English Version.

    Usagi Tsukino is the ditzy, carefree, Japanese schoolgirl reincarnation of the ever-powerful heir of the Moon Kingdom and defender of Earth, Princess Serenity. She enjoys ice cream, chasing boys, and crying.

    While she retains no memory of her past life, she is nonetheless tasked by her magical talking cat Luna (Who, in Usagi's past life, was one of her servants) to take up her old role as Earth's guardian and fight for peace, love, and justice as the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon.

    Usagi's ability to transform into Sailor Moon comes from magical prisms that are given to her by other members of the Moon Kingdom. By shouting "Moon Prism Power," Usagi immediately dons her Sailor Scout uniform and is armed with her Moon Wand, which shoots pain at people.

    One of the attacks in Sailor Moon S: Moon Spiral Heart Attack.
    One of the attacks in Sailor Moon S: Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

    As more transformations are learned, she gains more power to fend off the demons, ghouls, and miscellaneous baddies out to put the hurt on innocent unsuspecting Earthlings. Also, she is 14.


    • Moon Prism Power, Make Up!: Used in the first episode of the series. In order to transform, she needs a Prism Locket to become Sailor Moon.
    • Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!: This is the 2nd phrase she used in the series and to become the warrior, a Crystal Star is required.
    • Moon Cosmic Power Make Up!: Her 3rd transformation in the series. A Cosmic Heart Compact is required to make it work.
    • Crisis, Make Up!/Moon Crisis Power: If Sailor Moon has the Purity Chalice, then she can go to her Super form when this phrase is said.
    • Moon Crisis, Make Up!/Moon Cosmic Dream Action: If this phrase is said by Usagi and Chibiusa, then they can go to their Super form immediately, but without the Purity Chalice. This is introduced in episode 130 when Pegasus believes that they can save her mother.
    • Moon Eternal, Make Up!: Her last transformation of the series. In episode 168 of the series, when all 9 Sailor Scouts merge with Usagi's Crisis Moon Compact, then it creates the Eternal Moon Article which she will use to transform her to its Eternal form. 5 episodes later, she can go to her Eternal form immediately without going Super.


    • Moon Tiara Action/Magic - She used a tiara as a frisbee to defeat those youma.
    • Moon Healing Activation/Escalation - Used her Moon Wand to heal youma.
    • Moon Princess Halation/Scepter Elimination/Activation - Used the Cutie Moon Rod to defeat Cardians and Black Moon Clan.
    • Moon Spiral Heart Attack/Rainbow Moon Heart Ache - Used the Spiral Heart Moon Rod in the third season to defeat the Daimon.
    • Moon Gorgeous Meditation - In season four, she used her Kaliedo Moon Scope to defeat Lemures.

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