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Hi bombers, so I have a free weekend and was wondering if 5 other people would like to go on a journey with me through all 6 destiny raids, starting with Vault of Glass and ending with Leviathan: eater of worlds. I'm on Ps4 so that is what the raids will be on ideally the d1 raids will be there 390 light versions and D2 will just be the normal difficulty because prestige leviathan is not fun. I'm looking to start this at say 11 am PST this saturday, if this sounds "fun" to you and have the free time sign up here by posting your and hopefully we get enough people here if not its all cool and if we get more than enough................IDK (also if someone has a better way of orgnizing this outher than let me know)

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You're not coming at the best time. Destiny player numbers are kind of in the gutter right now. Good luck finding people. I know my Destiny group and I had fun running through all D1 raids before D2 came out. My personal advice would be to do everything on normal. As a group of D1 vets who poured thousands of hours into the game we first tried doing VoG on the hardest setting but we didn't make it far. Trust me, you guys will be rusty and you'll have way more fun breezing through everything on normal.

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I would love to do that. Between D1 and D2, I have hundreds of raid completions under my belt. My psn is Alexxator

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I might be interested in helping do a few of the Raids if I'm available Saturday. @uppercaseccc you are on my friends list, so hit me up if you see me on. I'll ask some of the guys as well. But like Pyro said, I'd much prefer just running them on Normal, because 390 for all would be exhausting. Also, unless they changed something, I believe only 1 390 is available per week still, so you'd be just doing the others on Hard.

Just an fyi, you can use Raid Report to check someone's Raid Completions. D1 Raid ReportD2 Raid Report (Keep in mind if players are on PC as well, it will show that linked account but not calculate PC stats when you are looking at Console) Note: I think Bungie's API stats only counts Final Boss kills, so if you are like me, and have often abused the checkpoint system for Challenges on 3 Characters, it will look like you've done far less Raiding than you actually have.

For reference, my stats according to Raid Reports are as follows...

  • Vault of Glass - 73
  • Crota's End - 126
  • King's Fall - 41
  • Wrath of the Machine - 25
  • Leviathan - 20 (5 on PC, so 25 Total)
  • Eater of Worlds - 1 (I haven't been able to get my group to jump back on since we beat it once, they were done with it after that, even though we liked it)

As far as how to announce this, really here and Discord are the best places to put it up at, but with the low interest in Destiny at the moment, it will probably be tough to find people to get together for this.

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@hestilllives19: man, I guess the fact that you of all people have only done the new raid once says a lot about the current state of Destiny

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@pyrodactyl: Destiny 2 in it's current state is in a really poor place. You can just look at the numbers to see that, 49,873 players in Trials this weekend and only 298k players logged in yesterday (I haven't seen a DestinyTracker daily count of more than 300k in weeks now). It's not even just me, I know tons of other pretty hardcore Destiny fans who don't even touch it anymore, and the Destiny 2 directory literally died on Twitch. Bungie has a massive upward battle going forward. There is no mistaking it, they've finally lost the trust of the community and pushed us all to apathy about the franchise.

The part of it I hate the most is outside of a bit of Monster Hunter: World with you, Veggies, Exile, Brandon, King, Kravers, and Crash, I really haven't played anything with anyone much since December, and I don't really see that changing anytime soon except for a few Trials runs with MrRogers in a couple weeks when I get back from Spring Break. I know everyone will jump back on for a week or two in May for DLC 2, but I figure everyone will be out again once we beat the new Raid Lair once or twice.

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looking at it I dont think the raidaphone is going to happen soory everyone....and by everyone I mean @legend

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@hestilllives19: man, I guess the fact that you of all people have only done the new raid once says a lot about the current state of Destiny

I'm probably the most active Destiny player here. I have done the new Raid Lair 18 times so far. I have no trouble finding people to do it with using Bungie's relatively new LFG in the app. I even did my first Sherpa Raid two days ago where I guided 5 entirely new people through it which I acquired through that app in less than 2 minutes. It was a lot of fun.

I won't argue the player numbers for Destiny 2 are low, but the playerbase is also not as deprived as you think or seem to want it to be.

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I wish you were doing it on Xbox, I would be very interested.

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@zevvion: eh, bummer. With that many people still around Bungie can stick their heads in the sand as much as they want. They'll never have to really face the fact that they fucked up since a lot of people are still playing.

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@uppercaseccc: Did you lose interest or can’t find enough people? :) I am the founder of a clan so I can get more people if needed lol

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