Ignoring the Gamestop fiasco, how is the Onlive copy of the game?

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I'm considering picking up this game for the PC to save a few bucks, but my computer isn't that great, meaning I'd likely play Onlive if I couldn't fiddle around with the settings to get good performance. Anyone have any problems with the Onlive version? Does it run smoothly? And does it have controller support? Thanks!

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It does have controller support and runs smoothly. It seems to have the stuttering every PC version has but I am sure they will fix that soon. The only thing you'll have to get over is the video quality can be a little sub-par, but if you want to know what im talking about load OnLive up and try a trial. If you can handle the quality, i'd buy it.

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I can't speak for Deus Ex: Human Revolution specifically, but OnLive is a pretty stunning services. I can play games away from home on my underpowered (for gaming) 11" MacBook Air and do so almost flawlessly. We're talking about a platform that doesn't even support 90% of the games OnLive offers, yet because it is only video being streamed to my system I can play to my heart's content.

It's excellent.

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