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Only worth it if you plan to playthrough the game multiple times

Did I play the same game as everybody else? Maybe it's because this is my first DMC game, but this game is so poorly paced and juvenile.

On the first playthrough, you constantly learn new skills even at the endgame so it's impossible to master any of the late game weapons/skills before credits roll. The fact that blood orbs are shared among Nero, V and Dante also doesn't help. You barely play as V and spending blood orbs on his skills feel like a waste. The game benefits on subsequent playthroughs as you learn to master all of the battle systems but I'm more interested in strong narratives rather than being able to S rank every level on every difficulty.

The story is plain bad. It's something a hormone-raging teenager would come up with. Characters lack any depth, spout zingers that are comparable to "your momma" lines and the entire female cast is present either to be comedic relief or sex objects. Lady and Trish could have played much more interesting roles but their "finest" scenes are of them completely nude and fragile.

The battle system is the only thing that really shines in this game with Nero, V and Dante all having very distinct fighting styles. Nero is a burst heavy fighter with moves that can charge up for more damage. V is a summoner and plays kind of like a hero-based RTS. And Dante is a mix-up specialist where you can change weapons and stances mid-combo for very stylish results. Lastly the Live Action Cutscenes DLC is fantastic and is worth watching after completing the game.

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