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    Disney's Tarzan

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 24, 1999

    Tarzan is a game based on the 1999 Animated Disney Film of the same name. It is mainly a 2D platformer, although it features several variations of the base gameplay.

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    Disney's Tarzan is a game based on the 1999 film of the same name. There were two kinds of collectibles spread throughout the levels; one was letters, which when put together spelled

    One Of The Bonus Levels
    One Of The Bonus Levels

    T-A-R-Z-A-N, aswell as 4 pieces of a "jigsaw" (of sorts), which when put together revealed a mosaic of a monkey's face. If the player found all the letters, they would be granted to a bonus level of some sort. These varied from either a young Tarzan floating down a river, to an older Tarzan riding an Ostrich. In these levels the player has 30 seconds to get as many coins as possible before time runs out, aswell as an unspecified red fruit that, when caught, extends the time available by 5 seconds. Whereas if the player catches all four pieces of the mosaic they would be treated to a movie clip, pulled directly from the animated Disney movie. These are mainly used to extend the plot, beyond the regular cutscenes inbetween levels.


    The gameplay is largely 2D basic platforming, although with one or two 3D mini-games thrown in. One that is prominently used is the view switching behind Tarzan as he slides down a massive tree branch. The player must duck, jump and lean right or left in order to avoid objects and therefore get all the coins. There are two levels in the game where theplayer will be controlling a character other than Tarzan. In the level Baboon Chase the player takes control of Jane; an English lady who serves as Tarzan's love interest throughout the game. Aswell as in the level Trashing The Camp the player takes control of Turk; a baboon who serves as Tarzan's best friend during his childhood.


    The plot of the game closely resembles the plot of the film largely because the only remnants of a story are put forward by movie clips directly pulled from the 1999 animated motion picture. The player goes through 4 levels as young Tarzan, before going through a montage of Tarzan getting progressively older. From this point on the player controls "Old" Tarzan (like Old Snake, but not). There is a sub-boss halfway through the game, where Tarzan defeats the Cheetah, in a similiar situation to how the events occur in the movie. The last level culminates in a showdown with Clayton, the main antagonist in the game. Similiar to many games of the time period, the final boss battle is reliant on Pattern Recognition, and must be taken advantage of in order to defeat Clayton.


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