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    Game » consists of 30 releases. Released Dec 10, 1993

    In one of the most revolutionary first-person shooters of the 1990s, players control the last remaining space marine in the demon-infested stations on Mars' moons.

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    The game that defined a generation is back! 0

    Doom is not the first game in the first-person shooter category. However, it is the game widely credited with popularizing the genre and bringing it into the mainstream in a time when the PC was dominated by adventure gaming and sub-NES platformers. It's not hard to tell why: frantic action, haunting demons and locations, and a varied array of devastating weapons blasted a place in the hearts of die-hard PC gamers everywhere. Now, Activision and Nerve Software bring the id Software classic back ...

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    Doom 0

    “Say hello to the future of gaming” whispered my PC after my first descent into Doom all those years ago. Whilst technically not the earliest first person shooter on the market, id software’s landmark title was the first to truly bring the pubescent genre into the mainstream consciousness. Its success would spawn countless copies which would all be labelled Doom Clones for years to come, and change the entire PC industry, and eventually even the console industry, forever.As the genre would sugge...

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    DOOM on you 0

    This is actually a review of the PSN version of the game. PSN version could not be chosen from "Reviewed Item" selection. I remember the first time I saw DOOM. I was at my neighbours house and a mutual friend of ours came by with a new game he had just download of a BBS. He had four disks with him, and on those four disk were one of the greatest, most influential games ever released. We'll, a shareware version of that game anyways. DOOM was a revelation - and that is not hyperbole. The speed, th...

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    Doom rocks, anyone who says otherwise will be banished to the sev 0

    XBLA welcomes Doom to the 21st century and it's just as bloody as I remember it. Nostalgia plays a huge part in my high rating for this game because I love Doom and have done since the early 90's.In this incarnation we have four episodes of demon ripping gorefest replete with severed legs and crucified corpses nailed to walls of flesh rendered lovingly in iconic now-retro graphics with an amazing midi-metal soundtrack. AWESOME. Once you get used to not being able to look up or down and you learn...

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    Why can't I see anything???? 0

    To call Doom on the PSX the darkest fucking game of all time is an understatement of the severest form. Not only is darkness of this magnitude a rarity in video gaming, but it has never been eclipsed before or since ever….forever. There are entire areas throughout the game featuring dizzying, nauseating, disturbing, fucking satanic labyrinths. To put it simply, THIS IS HELL. No, wait..THIS IS THE LAKE OF FIRE LEADING TO HELL. WE’RE ALL FUCKED.But seriously, featuring a brand new soundtrack, upda...

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    Get The Playstation Version Instead 0

    The Playstation version of Doom was a great way to set off the Playstation back in 1995, because at the time, Doom was an absolutely outstanding game in almost every way. Midway had improved the visuals by including lighting effects and upgraded textures, recreated the soundtrack, added new sound effects and moulded the game to also include link-up two player co-op and death match modes. What made the Playstation version of Doom standout from all the others as well was that it was complet...

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    The Benchmark Shooter For The Benchmark Console of 1995 0

    Remember Doom? The game that systems struggled to play back in 1993. The Super Nintendo struggled to play it, the 32x had problems with it, and heck, even the Panasonic 3DO shrugged at playing the game at a decent quality. But where there are bad versions of Doom there are also good versions of them as well. Doom on the Playstation is an example of this. Featuring almost every enemy and every level, Doom on the Playstation is literally the complete experience of the original game, and more...

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    A Marine's Journey Through Hell 1

    Hot on the heels of Wolfenstein 3D was a new ID Software First-Person Shooter called, Doom.  This 1993 FPS had players take control of a nameless space marine whose mission was to quash a demon assault on the moons of Mars.  Certain scientists on Mars' moons had been experimenting with teleportation and gateways, and demons from Hell managed to crash their party.  It's up to you to send the demons back to the depths of Hell. Okay, so, the premise isn't all that original, and we've seen it done m...

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    The great grandfather of every shooter in existence. 0

    I recently checked my Xbox Live statistics and one of the games I have played the most since I bought my Xbox 360 at launch is Doom for XBLA. That says alot about the games quality compared to todays market. The story of Doom is a long and extremely interesting one. The story of John Carmack, John Romero and friends who sat in a cabin out in the woods and created a game in their teens. Its a long and very emotional one for someone as into gaming as I am to read and everyone should read it. Anywa...

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    Meter is for Pussies 0

    This is a game amount killing a demon The thing that your teenage brain’s been dreamin’ In fact that was a lie to get ya rousin’, Because you actually kill Satan’s homeboys by the thousand “They’res also zombies!” You could technically say. But you’d agree with me, they never really get in the way. In this game you get to go down halls Never having to hear about Duke Nukem’s balls You get a shotgun, pistol, rocket launcher and a chainsaw That your guy thought to bring brass knuckles should fil...

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    The Doom that introduced me to Doom. 0

    Doom was originally released on the PC in 1993 by ID Software. It was not the first First Person Shooter, but it was the game that sparked a deluge of them ranging from Chex Quest, an FPS promotional game where you play as "The Chex Warrior" to stop an alien invasion, to the popular Call of Duty series where you're a War Fighter trying to stop a human invasion. Doom has been ported to many systems and the quality of those ports varies widely, but the port to the PSX is one of only a few that is...

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    Doom: Still One Hell of a Ride 0

    Actually the PS3 version Off the Doom 3: BFG EditionI was 4 when this game first came out so I have never really played Doom the way it should've been played. Usually it consisted of spurts every once in a while when I visit family or friends. So with the announcement of the BFG Edition containing all 3 Doom games I jumped at the opportunity to finally play the Father of the FPS Genre and to say the least it is still a hell of a lot of fun.First thing that comes to mind is that few games today a...

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    Portable hell 0

     Its just plain Doom in portable version. Even though a lot time has passed its still great and addictive especialy when you can play it while on bus or anywhere outside your home. Graphhics and sounds are similar to original that may be negative for some people but its suits well gba making it best fpp on this portable system (duke is nice too but it lacks something and controling is harder). Doom is good port but its lacks bonuses and specials that would make old time players squeeze all juice...

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    DOOM (1993) for XBLA 0

    After the glorious fucking triumph that was 2016's DOOM, I thought it only fair to go back to the beginning and visit the original for the first time. Though this year's DOOM played like a dream - a fiery, dub-metal crimson dream - I had no context for how true its aim was when compared to the OG. I had no PC as a kid and somehow never veered into one of the game's countless ports. I figured there would be some wincing on my part when it came to graphics or certain gameplay mechanics (this game ...

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    Greatest PC game ever. Believe it. 0

    This is the one that started it all. Well, not technically, cause id software actually started the First Person Shooter genre with their nearly as good Wolfenstein 3D. But uh, this was the big one. The one that truly changed the landscape and broke the boundaries. Taking the initial gameplay of W3D, id elevated it to a new level, literally, with elevated level design and way more colorful backgrounds. From a ravaged Mars base to the bowels of Hell itself, Doom was an exhilerating experience back...

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    What can I say? 0

    What can I say? Doom, the legendary game that pretty much started it all, is....well......still the legendary game that pretty much started it all. You know as well as I do how about how Doom was the game that put the FPS genre on the map and how, to this day, FPS games still bare it's eternal influence.  It's amazing how many people still play Doom to this day. Thanks to ID Software releasing countless level editors and add-ons, Doom is very much alive and well. I still play every once in a whi...

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