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    Dr. Shoals

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    Dr. Victoria Shoals is a fighter from Divekick. She is a parody of Dr. Doom from the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise.

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    Dr. Victoria Shoals is a podiatrist who studies a rare disease, which she refers to as Foot Dive, that afflicts the feet of those who divekick. In a ironic twist, Shoals has somehow contracted the disease on her face and now wears a mask to conceal her hideous appearance. She has entered the Divekick tournament on a mission to find a cure.

    • Health: 420
    • Power: 400,680
    • Hometown: South Burlington, VT
    • Blood Type: O
    • Likes: Athletic men, pro sports, academic writing, taking notes
    • Dislikes: Forgetting things, mirrors, people who are not career oriented

    Divekick: Addition Edition changes

    [ + ] Shoals can now manually cancel Death From Above (air special) even if she doesn't have enough meter to begin this move.

    [ + ] In Kickfactor, her speed bonus was removed. Instead, the startup time on both of her kicks is greatly decreased. Additionally, she gets the full 8 second Kickfactor duration now.

    [ - ] Fixed the "dropkick bug", which caused her to fall normally from an un-ended Kicking 1st in the wrong pose, maintaining her attack.

    [ - ] Disallowed her from canceling landing recovery into Brilliant Escape (ground special) which allowed her to go backwards.

    [ - ] Increased the cost per frame on maintaining Brilliant Escape (ground special) about 200%.

    [ - ] Increased the startup time on both of her kicks by 1 frame each.


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