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Strike three. 13

Dragon Age II was... a rather polarising game, to say the least. Its rushed development cycle lead to a lot of blatant corner cutting, with much of the many hallmarks of Dragon Age: Origins torn away with little to make up for it. Though now we have Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third entry in the series and one that's been allowed some actual legroom for BioWare to really flex their muscles and go for something bigger than either of its predecessors! Bigger doesn't necessarily equate to better,...

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Incredibly rewarding, but understand that it's a 200 hour game 0

I'm writing from the perspective of someone who has played through Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2 multiple times, loves the novels, and even watched the anime and read the comics (which I didn't love as much, but that's another review). All of which is to say that I'm invested in the world and understand the politics and relationships that may feel like work for players new to the series who find the world-building to be attention-span taxing. I can offer advice to players new to the seri...

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A feast for fans of the genre 3

As my party stands above a slumbering dragon that has found it’s home in a decrepit pantheon just below us, Iron Bull suddenly questions Cassandra about her feelings towards another party member. Cassandra doesn’t have anything flattering to say and Bull turns to me for an opinion. With a click of the stick I engage this optional conversation and let them know they shouldn’t discuss someone when they aren’t even here to defend themselves. As I buff us all with barriers a...

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"Another Time, Then" 5

The Fucking Inquisitor!For anyone that's about to read this review, you should know that this is my second attempt to give an RPG genuine shot, (Lets just say that my first try didn't go all to well, since in the end I didn't end up enjoying the game that much) So, take what I say with a bit of grain if salt, because It's entirely possible that I may not be able to understand this Genre all too well, at least not yet. With that out of the way, as someone who doesn't play that many RPGs, I have t...

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atomic_dumpling greatly disapproves 0

I was mostly curious. For years I wondered how DA:I plays. So, I patiently waited for a sale and finally picked up the GOTY on Black Friday 2019. I tried to manage my expectations and follow general advice. I left the Hinterlands ASAP, for instance.Let’s get the good stuff out of the way, first. The audio-visual presentation is still top notch. In fact, cranked to the max on PC some areas and character models still look pretty snazzy for a 2014 release, though overall the art design is a b...

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The Last Great Game Bioware Made 0

Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third game in one of my favorite franchises. Done by one of the best developers in the business when it comes to create an RPG and make you care for the world they create. The game takes place after the previous two and it has its problems, but it's still one of the best western RPGs we have out there.It may not have the best story, sometimes it has weird pacing, but it's better then I expected after the reputation it got. But you'll not get the best experience pos...

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Better than DA 2, but still a step down from Origins. Spoiler warning. 0

I'll start out by saying I'm a DA fan. Own all three games, DLC, the works. Each game has its rough bits, but Dragon Age: Inquisition's are particularly glaring. Scale that doesn't fully deliver, poor customization, and a generic main plot, villain, and lackluster character development are some of it's biggest faults. However, some of the series' best controls and overall design are front and center. I've even learned to appreciate the janky tactical camera.The biggest issue for me is the ...

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Not a great gameplay experience, but one of the best casts of RPG characters to date 0

A look at my adorably goofy-looking elven Inquisition, Lyra.I was pretty skeptical about Dragon Age: Inquisition before it came out. Dragon Age II’s poor development hadn’t shaken my faith in Bioware like most people, as I thought DAII still had a story and cast of characters that made it worth playing at least once. Instead, my fears for Inquisition stemmed from the new big-budget nature of the project. EA was obviously putting a lot of faith and money into development, making me wo...

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Dragon Age is Back (with a fresh coat of paint and a minor identity crisis to go along with it) 0

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Dragon Age series, delivers on most every level and, though it has a couple hiccups along the way, is a must play for any RPG or adventure fan out there. From judging those who have wronged the people of Thedas, to saving the world from the brink of disaster, to hunting down the most fearsome of dragons, Inquisition delivers on its promise to rejuvenate the Dragon Age series and provide a more open-world based storytelli...

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1. get a ssd, if you don't have one, 2. skip all the shard collecting and landmark placing, 3. enjoy the game 0

I just finished DA:I. I enjoyed the dialogues which are superb, skill trees and fighting, However, the end is so forced and the last two missions in the game take about 10 minutes. You never find out the true motives of the villain and everything feels unnaturally quickly wrapped up. In addition you spend the whole game gathering allies and resources for you fight against the main villain, but you never really need any of this. I ran into several technical issues. I played the game across four d...

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Well, the wait was long... 0

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been a sober point of reflection for me. I've been playing Bioware RPGs since the original Baldur's Gate came out in 1998. I loved Baldur's Gate; sequels and expansions included. Maybe I still do, I'm not sure, but I've put hundreds of hours into that series of games and still view it with a sense of reverence. I've progressed along with subsequent franchises and game engines, each only slightly more bewildering than the other. I've finally reached the point with the ...

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A great RPG with hours of enjoyable content worth a purchase 0

I’ve previously completed Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, and Dragon Age II. I really like the franchise and EA-Bioware’s focus on storytelling as well as enjoyable gameplay. Dragon Age: Inquisition is a return to a broader story.Without spoiling anything, the initial Dragon Age game told the story of a hero crossing an entire country completing quests, gathering allies, and preparing to stop an ancient evil. Bioware changed the scope for Dragon Age II and inste...

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Dragon Age Inquisition has great moments and a lot of filler. (review) 0

Dragon Age's progression as a series from game to game has been very interesting to say the least. I really enjoyed the strategic nature of Dragon Age Origins' combat, and the way it introduced you to a setting that seemed had a long history before you got there. I had to think about which decisions I wanted to make, who I wanted to take along with me and care about, and how to use them. Dragon Age 2 was a weird departure from being the savior of the world, and I thought it was kind of refreshin...

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Missed opportunities, an unfinished product and a poor port for PC. 0

A fan that has watched Bioware become the greatest single-player RPG maker... to the most disappointing company in gaming history in my opinion. Inquisition was incomplete, rushed and fundamentally broken for PCs. Six months later, the game is deleted off my hard drive because it's not worth replaying. It's a one and done adventure that offers even less than its predecessors and wasn't playable until almost a month later when the first patch was released. Much of the hyped fortress controls are...

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The PC version features the Bioware-quality characters but has gameplay issues 0

Con's:Terribly ported controls on PC, that were not that good to begin with. I suggest don't play this without a controller;Bugs slowly creep in and stay. Loading times are longer and longer, graphics get glitchy, characters stop moving in the middle of battle, etc.;Awkward or lacking design in the hud, the skill upgrade tree, crafting and mission management. For example, when buying a schematic needed for crafting a piece of armor, not allowed to see what the armor will look like. Pro's:A reall...

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Wonderful characters make up for a bit of a grind 0

I realized, when reviewing Witcher 3, that I had not reviewed DA:I and how unfair that was. As my first Dragon Age game and my first Bioware RPG, this game holds a rather important place to me. It showed me top-of-the-line character building that overwhelms any mistakes in world design or battle mechanics. The world is fascinating politically and socially, with clear questions of religious vs. political power, honesty vs. deception, tradition vs. revolution, poverty, race, sexuality, gender--al...

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Dragon Age: Inquisition 0

The third installment in Bioware’s epic dark fantasy series brings with it some much needed changes and promising starts that sadly don’t follow through. As I was finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition a thought popped in my head, this is a game Bioware needed to make. Not for financial or contractual reasons, but for creative ones. After the release of their last three games there seemed to be some serious resentment building towards the iconic developer. Dragon Age 2 was seen as a rus...

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A mediocre plot sucks the enjoyment out of an otherwise good game (Spoilers Inside) 0

I really wanted to like Dragon Age: Inquisition. I spent hours and hours running across the varied landscapes of Thedas. Picking herbs, slaying dragons, and completing side objectives, I couldn’t help but notice how little I cared about the main story in a Dragon Age game.It’s not that I came into DA:I uninterested, the opening of the game sucked me right in. Watching the castle explode surprised me and after making my bearded human archer I was excited to play Dragon Age. I watch hi...

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