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    A free to play scifi ecology simulator for PlayStation Vita.

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    Ecolibrium is a free to play ecology simulator developed by StormBASIC Games for the PlayStation Vita. It tasks the player with building an ecosystem, adding plants and animals, trying to balance the resources they expend and produce.


    In Ecolibrium the goal of the game is to create a balanced ecosystem. This is accomplished by introducing animals and plants to try and balance the needs of each. The game has two modes which are a free form ecosystem and also challenges. The game limits actions the players can do by using an energy system that recharges over time. A balanced ecosystem will generate ecopoints which the player uses to purchase plants, animals, and items for ecosystems.

    In ecosystems the player is able to add anything that they have access to. The amount of animals and plants they can add are restricted by the carrying capacity of the ecosystem and also by the amount of ecopoints that the player has.

    In challenge modes, the user has to try and accomplish different goals within a certain time limit. Examples of challenges are getting the population of a species to 10 while not allowing ecolibrium to fall below 80%. Completing challenges unlocks new plants and animals that can be placed in ecosystems and also rewards the player with ecopoints.


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