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ETQW is a great game and has great action but it lacks polish 1

ETQW  is a great game.  The game has the addictiveness of many of the great large-scale first person shooters.  I was used to playing shooters like Halo and COD which were close-range, deathmatch style shooters.  When I started playing, I tried playing it deathmatch style: I shot everyone I saw.  This didn't work very well.  I ended up dying often and the time limits were too long to keep my interest.  I put the game down for several months and played Quake 4 and Halo and other shooters instead....

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Solid game, bad port 0

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars is the award-winning spiritual successor to the free and incredibly fun FPS Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a game notorious for its incredibly strong fanbase. Instead of taking place in the World War II era of Wolfenstein, this time players are fighting the war in the Quake universe that takes place between Quake II and Quake 4. At first glance, it looks inspired by the Battlefield series of games, with large and open maps full of vehicles, as well as a class system wi...

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Disappointing Port 0

The skeleton of a great class-based multiplayer shooter is present underneath some irritating control and pacing decisions.  Interesting class abilities like artillery, airstrikes, and weapon emplacements add flavor to the action.  The objective-based mission structure adds some context to the fragging and serves to funnel the fight to specific locations on the generally well-designed maps.  However, the learning curve for the difficult and unintuitive vehicle controls and strangely disorienting...

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One for the road 0

I literally had no idea that this game was being released this week. I've always wanted to try it out on the PC, but never got around to it. Now I can experience this great PC game on my 360! And unlike Haze, the game actually looks like the screen shots below my review, so that's always a plus! On to the review:GRAPHICS: Though this game is a port, you'd be hard pressed to see that in the visuals. id Software's proprietary "Megatexture" technology allows for HUGE draw distances with very littl...

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This PC port was to late 0

Steven BeynonEpicSteveGamertag: EpicBombQuake Wars finally makes its way to consoles with a competent port. Though the conversion from PC to console certainly has its faults-such as slow reloading, lack of a grenade button, and abysmal weapon switching mechanics. This combined with a weak single player will turn off most console players. The singleplayer is basically a series of bot matches on each of the games twelve maps, although the bots are surprisingly intelligent. With a good team of peop...

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