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Eris is a recent foreign exchange transfer student in Shizuku's class.

Eris' mother is from Northern Europe and her father is a Japanese businessman. They met on one of his business trips. Eris is very friendly and expressive. She also occasionally uses English words, mostly to tease Shizuku.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Tenshi no Hanabira Zome

Eris recently transferred to Shizuku's class. Their teacher requested Shizuku to help Eris assimilate into school life. Eris quickly gained attention from her classmates. She is also very happy to have Shizuku as a friend and is very expressive about her feelings.

Eris later approached Shizuku and landed a swift kiss on her. That night, she reflected on her actions and realized that she loved Eris. The following day, she cornered Shizuku and confessed her feelings.

Several days later, Shizuku handed Eris a 100 page letter but she admitted that she wasn't very good at reading kanji. She appreciated Shizuku's effort anyway.

One day, Shizuku made a large lunch for Eris. She was very happy to have a delicious lunch and expressed her interest in Japanese culture. Shizuku then invited Eris to her home to teach her calligraphy and flower arrangement. Eris also mentioned that Shizuku is rather cold towards her.

The following day, Eris noticed that Shizuku was unwell and brought her to the nurse's office when she collapsed. Eventually Shizuku gathered enough courage to freely express her feelings for Eris.


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