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One of the Greatest of All Time 0

I've made it no secret that I despise Madden and all it stands for.  But I'm not going to waste time explaining that now, because discussing the greatness of ESPN NFL 2K5 is far more important than screaming "MADDEN SUCKS" in an AOL 2.5 chat room.  For the last several years, Sega's football franchise has been the highest rated football game across the board, yet it is not the most popular.  To combat this, Sega has decided to go with a drastic marketing plan that they hope will entice game...

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Better than Madden NFL 2005, and I still own this game!!! 0

Custom soundtrack, play tournaments up to 16 teams, ESPN license, ability to play Franchise mode for 10+ seasons, better graphics than this year's Madden, more realistic football gameplay than Madden (because in Madden you could make pass completions that you shouldn't be able to make), Build your own crib, play darts, learn the fundamentals of football, First Person Football (experience the game from one player's perspective), Chris Berman, Suzy Kolber, superb graphics, what's not to love? all ...

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Has to be the best NFL sim, fug Madden. 0

I absolutely love this game.  Great physics for the time frame, awesome customization using custom sound tracks.  Great online play modes had been updated that year to curb cheating, making the game play online more even.  Good use of the licenses along with the backing of sport center by ESPN and all for 20 bucks.  Come on. Makes me wish I never sold my copy of it....

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