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    Evila is one of the three secondary antagonists of the first Space Channel 5 video game. She is a robotic replica of Ulala, designed by Channel 5's chief, Blank, in order to copy and create The Ultimate Reporter. Her destruction, creation, and failure is what lead to the creation of the Evila Security Bots, which were tamed by Space Michael.

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    Evila is the complete opposite of her organic counterpart - corrupt, power-seeking, and brainwashed. She serves as one of Space Channel 5's main antagonists, alongside Chief Blank, Pudding, and Jaguar. Although destroyed in the end, Evila lead to the creation of advanced security bots for Channel 5 known as the Evila Security Bots.

    A relatively minor character, Evila has remained one of the most popular Space Channel 5 characters, receiving more merchandise than some of the series' main characters.

    In Space Channel 5: Part 2, Evila herself does not return in her physical form, but several "good" robotic copies have been distributed across Channel 5 studios as a form of protection. At the beginning of the game, Purge can be seen watching various flashbacks of Ulala's success, including her defeating Evila.


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