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F1 Pole Position 2, known in Japan as Human Grand Prix II, is a Formula One racing game from Human Entertainment. It was released in Europe by UbiSoft, but did not receive a US version. The game follows its predecessor F1 Pole Position, adopting a Mode 7-enhanced view of the racecourse, while updating the drivers and teams to reflect the 1993 season and adding a few new features to the gameplay.

The player can compete in the 1993 F1 season via World Grand Prix mode, they can race against CPU opponents on a track of their choice in Battle Mode or they can practice individual tracks on their own in Test Run Mode. The game adds a few features to make the driving easier, including an indicator that tells the player how much pressure they need to apply for an upcoming turn.

Like a handful of other Japanese F1 games, F1 Pole Position 2 procured licensing from FOCA and Fuji TV so it could use the real names of teams and drivers. The game was followed by Human Grand Prix III: F1 Triple Battle in 1994, which did not receive an international release.

Teams and Drivers

All of the below are actual teams and drivers featured in the 1993 Formula One season. The exception is Brazilian World Champion Ayrton Senna, who competed for the McLaren team but is instead replaced by Mika Häkkinen in-game (who actually replaced Michael Andretti mid-season).

Williams F1 TeamDamon Hill
Alain Prost
Tyrell RacingUkyo Katayama
Andrea De Cesaris
Benetton FormulaMichael Schumacher
Riccardo Patrese
McLaren RacingMichael Andretti
Mika Häkkinen
Footwork RacingDerek Warwick
Aguri Suzuki
Scuderia FerrariJean Alesi
Gerhard Berger
SauberKarl Wendlinger
Jyrki Järvilehto

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