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10 years later, Fable is still a fun adventure. 0

Your heroes relationship with his family acts as the core motivator throughout the story.Fable is a franchise I've had a bit of a rocky relationship with. My first experience was Fable II (having completely missed the original), and it is one of my favorite games of the Xbox 360 era. Fable III, not so much. With Fable Anniversary coming out soon, the remake of the now 10 year old RPG, I figured why not just get a cheap copy of the original and see what it’s all about. The premise starts you as a...

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Fable has its flaws, but the overall rpg is highly enjoyable 0

For starters, Fable is a relatively pretty game. Although it doesn't push the massive polygon counts of more recent PC games, Fable's art style really presents the world of Albion well, and gives a real endearing quality. The world of Albion is quite restrictive, though, as you pass from area to area a la Metal Gear Solid. I would have liked to see the world more open-ended. The sound of Fable has its qualities and shortfalls. Sometimes the background music is well-composed and fitting, while o...

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Fable: The Lost Chapters! 0

Challenge: The challenge in Fable: The Lost Chapters isn't exactly hard. As a hardcore gamer, I'm expecting more of a challenge, especially if you're forced to use your melee weapon in almost every situation, causing you to become strong enough to nearly one-two hit everything in the game. While playing this game on Xbox is fun, pressing the block and attack buttons for a few hours of gameplay isn't exactly entertaining. Then again, the developer (Lionhead) wanted a game that would a...

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Imagine runescape, but much better 0

Its pretty difficult to describe fable, its an adventure game with rpg elements. From the begining of the game you can tell that this will be a journey that will take you across the fable world and you would encounter evil beings who threaten the world. Starting as a child who dreams to be a hero when he grows up, is suddenly put through his paces when his family and village is attacked. Saved by a well known hero called Maze, you are taken to the guild where you will start your training to beco...

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Fable was short, buggy and way to easy. 0

Fable features about 15 hours of gameplay, slightly clunky controls, buggy graphics and a bunk story with a dumb main character and forgettable non-playable characters. I can't say this is a great game with any confidences, but it did have some nice ideas, so I'll give it a D for effort. I did like the art style (for a WRPG) and I liked how the character aged over the years in the game (despite how the NPC did NOT age). I liked being able to choose between being good or bad, but it's not enough...

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fable! 0

fable the lost chapters is a beautifuly looking game, with fluid like controls and smooth practically consistent framerate. the overall game is a bit shallow, like you have to give a rose, or a box of chocolates to someone to fall in love you, as soon as you complete the first quest numerous of npc's will start to embrace you valiant nature and before this they were calling you chicken chaser and mocking you. the menus in this game tend to freeze though, which is quite annoying when you really i...

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"Fun but a bit disappointing." 0

Fable: The Lost Chapters is an expansion pack of sorts for the original Fable. It adds around 3-5 hours of new missions to the already 8-15 hours available from Fable, along with a few glitch fixes. It's a bit of an action RPG, but unfortunately it doesn't deliver much on action. F:TLC is a fun game, let's get that out first. It's got your normal British humor here and there, and it's entertaining for as long as it lasts, which isn't very long. More hardcore RPG fans won't find this to their lik...

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A game that changed the Gaming industry. 0

Fable: The Lost Chapters is an amazing game, which feels like oblivion in third person and advanced fighting mechanic, sure it's not as big and quest filled as Oblivion, but I can gaurentee Fable's fun factor is much bigger. So you're playing that bo, let's call him Fred, and Fred has variety of stuff to do in the game, from blowing random people up with a fire ball, to saving them from 'werewolves' attacks, from deciding wether to steal or kill, to helping the ill- Fable gaurantees you can do w...

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Fable: My first Giant Bomb review 0

Fable: The Lost Chapters is one of my most played games. It also stands as one of my favorite games in the past 5 years. Fable captures everything I love in games. A creative universe. A beautiful score (even including the intro song from Danny Elfman) done mainly by Russel Shaw. Easy combat. Hilarious characters. Peter Molyneux may have overstated many things, but this game still turned out fantastic.It's not without some issues. The game doesn't exactly have the longest run-time. Some of the b...

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The best RPGs ive ever played. (ive played oblivion) 2

Fable : The Lost chapters is a highly addictive and enchanting game, which you will always remember as a memorable experience after completing the game. The game allows you to choose your way, between good and evil, while giving separate side missions for both.Your good and evil actions affect your appearance , with a halo above and butterflies around you for good, and horns and dark eyes for evil. You live the life of the hero from his childhood and make moral decisions, big or small, througho...

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Review fable lost chapters 0

The Good: Lively, beautifully envisioned gameworld is fun to explore; interesting, if slightly shallow, morality system causes your character to evolve; outstanding presentation makes the game exciting to see and listen to; the lost chapters adds some great new quests, extending the storyline; budget price tag.The Bad: Main quest is quite short and linear; combat system can be exploited, thanks to some overpowered spells; character interaction is shallow; the new content is stacked at the end, f...

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A Fabletop Affair 0

Peter Molyneux promised us the world. When I read about this in the Official Xbox Magazine, it seemed like the open-world fantasy RPG I'd been waiting for my entire life. It wasn't. But it wasn't far off.Despite the surprisingly quick, linear storyline, Fable's golden caramel center lies in its side-quests; and baby, we got your side-quests right here. There are tons of things to do in this game, and the main story is only the tip of the chicken-kicking iceberg.The Lost Chapters is the version I...

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Mediocre filler for casual players and children. 0

Fable is a game that does all the little things right but comes up short on the big things.In terms of little touches, Fable is quite fantastic. Day/night cycles, NPC schedules, variable in-game economy, customization through haircuts and tattoos, stylish armor and weapon design ... they've got all the bullet points you'd expect from a modern RPG. The game actually shares a lot in common with World of Warcraft -- playful character design, lots of silly dances and expressions and humor, colorful ...

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