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Faith on
Faith on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comic cover

Called to the Slayer tradition while living with her abusive alcoholic mother in Boston, Faith is a ball of energy ready and willing to fight at any time of day or night. After having seen her watcher die at the hands of a vampire so old that his hands were cloven-hoofed, Faith fled to the only person who she knew could help keep the vampire at bay: Buffy Summers. Finding Giles to be too staunch a mentor, Faith began a downward spiral of crime and insanity, going so far as to try and kill Buffy. In their great confrontation, Buffy stabbed Faith with her own knife, leaving her in a coma for weeks. When she awoke, Faith found herself in a world that no longer had a place for her.

No longer 'five-by-five' and unable to keep 'livin' it large' Faith was confronted with imprisonment for her past crimes. Allowing herself to be brought into police custody, Faith chose to face her punishment with grace, opting to remain in prison despite the fact that she could easily escape using her superior strength. When she received word that she was needed to fight the good fight once more, Faith joined Buffy and her friends in Sunnydale in an honest attempt to quell evil on the hellmouth.


Most of Faith's relationships are rife with uncertainty, her unstable personality too volatile for many to handle.

Angel tempts Faith with the dark power she knows she wants
Angel tempts Faith with the dark power she knows she wants

Angel provided an external voice for Faith to turn to. Having committed vile acts as his alter-ego Angelus, Angel's situation was strikingly similar to Faiths so she turned to him in the hopes of guidance. Seeing in each other the guilt of murder of innocents this pair is as close to friendship as Faith gets.

Buffy Summers

A fellow slayer with more training and experience, Buffy is the ultimate role model for Faith. Unfortunately her envy of the senior slayer caused many more problems than either would have liked, the fallout of their confrontation changing both of their lives forever.


Faith on
Faith on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" comic cover
Faith likes to work and play all by her lonesome, her friends number in the few and her enemies number in the many.

Rupert Giles

As a watcher it was Giles' responsibility to provide guidance to Faith when her own watcher was killed. Rebelling against structure and hierarchy, Faith and Giles are polar opposites, causing them to clash whenever they must work together.

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