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    A large city, home to the White Knights, Temple Knights and the Mining Guild.

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    This city borders Taverley to the north-west, Rimmington to the south-west, Port Sarim to the south, Ice Mountain to the north and the Dwarven mines which are directly below the city. 

    General Information

    Falador is home to both the White Knights and the Temple Knights. It is a large city and in fact the second largest city in the Free to play area of Runescape. The largest is of course Varrock.
    Falador contains two banks located to the wast and the west of the city, a hair salon, a pub, a general store, a furnace, a gem store, a chainmail armor shop, a shield shop, a castle to the centre of the city and mines located underneath the city. However, any anvils used for blacksmithing are located north of the city near the gate to Taverley, and require the completion of Doric's Quest to use.
    This is the city of the Mining guild which is world-famous for its supply of coal and mithril rocks found deep within its depths, as well for the Resource Dungeon (requiring 45 Dungeoneering to enter) located within the guild which contains even a rare amount of Runite rocks and a frequent amount of Mithril and Adamantite rocks. To enter this guild, you require 60 Mining. The Mining Guild is also interconnected to the Dwarven Mine itself. If you do lack this mining level, there is an entrance to the Dwarven Mines to the north-eastern corner of the city. This mine contains a plentiful amount of Copper, Tin, Clay and Iron ores, a few Coal, Mithril and Gold veins and a rare amount of Adamantite veins with additional veins available if you have 15 Dungeoneering.

    Falador also has a Party Room where drop parties occur. These drop parties will have the player's expensive items randomly drop and then will be a race to pick up as many of these items as you can. It is also worth noting that since late 2007, drop parties have had a lot of restrictions placed upon them to curb gold farming, such as only being available in certain worlds and with bankers around Falador or across the world advertising the party depending on how much will be dropped. 

    Quests available in Falador

    There are many quests available in Falador including:
    • Doric's Quest (located north of Falador)
    • The Knight's Sword
    • Black Knights' Fortress
    • Quiet Before the Swarm (Members)
    • The Slug Menace (Members)
    • Recruitment Drive (Members)
    • Wanted! (Members)

    Additional Information

    The Party Room was formerly in Seers' Village and was Members content, but was moved to Falador on 24 July 2007, the day that the King's Ransom quest was released. 
    Falador also contains Yew trees located south of the city, near a farm and a few vegetable/herb patches.
    The Make Over Mage is located outside Falador to the south-western corner of the city walls, near the Members gate and Dark Wizards' Tower. For 3000 coins, she can let you modify the appearence and even the gender of your character.

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