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Fallout 76 is trying to be a Fallout and a Survival game but fails to be either. 2

Before I start I just wanted to get one thing straight first: Fallout 76 is not a Fallout game, at least not a traditional Fallout game. Sure it's got all the aesthetics of Fallout game with the Vault-Boy, Super Mutants, and Pipe Revolvers. It has much of the same mechanics as Bethesda era Fallout games with perks, SPECIAL stats, and VATS. But it is not a Fallout game, it is a survival game with a Fallout skin. It is a game very much in the vein of DayZ, H1Z1, Rust and so many others since the g...

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Fallout 76 is a very imperfect game, but the world of Appalachia is compelling and offers a ton to the series lore 0

When Bethesda announced last year that Fallout 76 would receive a major update that would add human NPCs, it was as much a reinvention of the game's basic premise as it was a reminder that somehow a Fallout game was launched without them. Even if one had bought into the premise of an online Fallout game--I certainly did not--this was a rather shocking omission, rivaled only by the aforementioned announcement that Bethesda would not be sticking to their guns with that decision forever. Was this t...

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