Trailer Blazer: E3 2018 (Part One)

Like a moth to a buzzing electric deathtrap, I've once again been drawn towards the humongous stack of E3 trailers that the site (specifically @marino) has been putting up throughout June with the same atavistic compulsion to watch, and mock, them all.

You know the drill (and check here (2016) and/or here (2017) if you don't). I have hot takes to unload, in a mostly non-sexual way, and that's why this feature exists for another year. Along with trailer impressions and my levels of hype, my bonus theme this year is "could this include the hottest new Battle Royale mode?". Some games will take more easily to this spicy new format than others, I suspect, but I think everything has it in them to drop one hundred [BLANK]s on a [BLANK] if they really tried. It's where the eSports is at, after all.

(I made a Part Two! Finally!)

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