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Really good game, with technical issues

Fallout: New Vegas is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had, but that probably applies to me because I love the setting of the game, the post-apocalypse with that special touch of humor and grittiness that the fallout series have. But for people who don´t dig the sluggish engine this game is running they probably wont have a good time. The things I enjoy about the game is the characters and the conversations you have with them. But the game combat is kind of lacking. When you use melee weapons it never feels like you hit anything, and the guns don´t feel that good either. The variety of guns is good though and the way you can customize the guns. The game´s perk system is also good, it gives you special abilities in the game, sometimes with some drawback, for example you may increase some stat during the day but on the other hand in the night it decreases. It also has a cooking system which seems pretty solid but I never ended up spending a lot of time on that. Besides the main story there is a lot of side quests, those are usually more interesting than the main story. You can really spend A LOT of time with those at least 50+ hours. I personally have spent 80 hours, but I have roamed around lots and just exploring and play around. Still I haven´t by any stretch of the imagination completed everything.

So to sum up, if you can put up with the technical issues for the good stuff: characters, story, setting, then you will have a great time with this game.

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