Far Cry 5

    Game » consists of 30 releases. Released Mar 27, 2018

    The fifth main entry in the open-world series, this time set in Montana. The protagonist must free Hope County from the cult known as Eden’s Gate, led by cult leader Joseph Seed.

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    Far Cry 5's narrative massively and overwhelmingly detracts from an otherwise enjoyable stealth-action game. 0

    In late 2016, Ubisoft’s chief creative officer Serge Hascoet made the rounds with a quote, saying that the company will focus less on scripted narrative and more on “living worlds.” The idea, he went on to say, was to create games to be “anecdote factories,” where the moment-to-moment gameplay driven by the player’s actions in the world becomes more important than any overarching narrative the game has.I’m unsure if the team behind Far Cry 5 listened too...

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    Far Cry 5 Review 0

    Note: This review is full of spoilers.Far Cry 5 is the next game in the open world fps action series Far Cry by Ubisoft. In this iteration, you play as a deputy who is tasked with arresting a cult leader that has been terrorizing a county in Montana.I'll just get this out of the way: this game is still a Far Cry game. Their are bigger changes made to this game than the changes between Far Cry 3 and 4, but in the end this is Far Cry. Still, the changes to the formula are big enough that I can say...

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    Rarely does a game speak so much while having nothing to say as much as here in Far Cry 5 0

    Hoo boy, tale of two cities here... The Far Cry loop remains largely intact as it's been known for last several years worth of games, and for some, I'm sure that's all the review they need (whether to sell them, or turn them away). In fact, the progression has been changed in some meaningful ways, and I usually don't complain about a known franchise or property trying something new, even if it's a mixed bag of positive and negative. An attempt was made to try and steer the series in at the very ...

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    The Power of saying ‘Yes’ to Ubisoft games. 1

    Say ‘Yes,’ brothers and sisters. When Ubisoft calls on you to play The Division, Stick of Truth, Assassins Creed, and Trials of the Blood Dragon. Say ‘Yes,’ to an audio language track that is not your native tongue or ‘Yes,’ to a 2D spin-off in Assassins Creed: China. Say ‘Yes,’ to Child of Light and the Fractured But Whole. Redeem your Ubisoft points and enable online play for Watch Dog and say ‘Yes,’ to Zombi (U). And people wonder if...

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    Far Cry 5 on PC, Early Impressions 0

    I haven't actually spent much time with the Far Cry series since dealing with Vaas and Hoyt in the third installment, admittedly. I kept tabs on the following games but ultimately didn't vest myself in them. I can say that this will end with Far Cry 5—the latest and greatest of the Ubisoft open-world shooter. Here are my early thoughts, based on roughly 3-4 hours of playtime on PC.I wasn't sure how the game would start off but I found myself being wrong each time I tried to predict what wa...

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    Far Cry 5 - Review 0

    It is nigh on impossible to miss the marketing for a video game release. Hardcore fans will seek out every trailer and interview scattered across the internet, cherry-picking the scant details like a magpie at a shiny rock. Most players might see a trailer or a review, or at the very least, pick up the box and see a couple screenshots. This marketing is designed to grab your attention, to make a declaration of what you’ll experience, and hopefully encourage you to buy the Super Limited Gol...

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    A far cry from perfect, but still good fun. 0

    The view is easy to take in without objective indicators, towers, and icons everywhere.Far Cry 5 is my first Far Cry game, and from what I understand, it's like the other Far Cry games, which means I've been missing out. It is loads of fun. However, if you're wanting this game to be the kind of dark tone "commentary" that it was initially painted to be, please note that Far Cry 5 is not that game. It has some dark moments, but they're typically only there to try and force-feed you how evil your ...

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    I Just Finished Far Cry 5 0

    I haven't written a review in years and now I'm writing a review at 1:30am! I loved 99.9% of Far Cry 5. The graphics were great and the setting amazing. I loved Hope County Montana while I was there! The enemies were fun to hate and also shoot. The quests were great although a little silly and immersion breaking. Fishing was a lot of fun if you like that kind of thing. The fangs for hire were awesome! If you don't care about the story falling apart at the very end, buy it and enjoy! Warning this...

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    Stuck in the middle with you? 0

    I'm not a big fan of FPS games, especially on console and this was my first Far Cry game, It came free with my Xbox 1X so I gave it a shot.I thought the story was decent, each of the 4 antagonists were well done to the point where you could understand their point of view beyond just being flat out evil. The boss fights were good, but fuck those silos, especially the first one.There is a wide variety of tools available in combat, I normally ignore these in other games, they seem to be crucial in ...

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