Fatal Frame

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Dec 13, 2001

    Although not actually based on a true story, as the misleading packaging claims, Fatal Frame is still a beloved horror game in which a camera is the player's only weapon against malevolent spirits.

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    Facing Horror Straight On 0

    Being armed with nothing but a camera was a stroke of genius, whilst later games tell you to look away from the horror lest it envelop you, Fatal Frame tells you to stare right at it and snap a few shots... lest it envelop you.Walking through a dark, dilapidated & certainly haunted mansion for a brother that should logically either be dead or home with you by now is so tried and true one of the Mario brothers did it. Set in the 1980's before mobile phones were a thing protagonist Miku becom...

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    Mini Review: Ghosts from the past come back to haunt you... 0

    Like i seem to mention a lot this first game has a good foundation that is eclipsed by the sequel. The main positive point about this game is that using the camera to catch ghosts is still quite fun and really creepy at the same time. I would even say that I was unnerved more than the sequel thanks to really good ghost design near the start of the game. Other than that the rest of the game doesn't quite feel right. First up the difficulty is kind of unbalanced since most of the areas make it im...

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    Truly horrific (in a good way) 0

    The battle mechanics of this game will test your patience but what will keep you coming back is the great atmosphere and sound as this games compels you to forge ahead.  Yes, the power of Fatal Frame compels you.... the power of Fatal Frame compels you...  Gameplay: You wander around the haunted mansion trying to piece together the events that lead to your brothers disappearance. Along the way you will see apparitions, listen to creepy audio tapes, collect dozens of pictures, and read notebook...

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