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    The first game to be published by the EA Originals program is an exploration game from Zoink Games. Fe, a fox-like creature, must save their musical forest home from the Silent Ones.

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    Fe is an action-adventure game developed by Zoink Games and published by EA as part of their EA Originals line of shorter, more "Indie" styled games developed by smaller studios. It is the first game to be officially developed as part of that series and was released in February 16th 2018 on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and EA's Origin storefront for PC.

    In Fe, the player controls the eponymous fox-like creature as it unites the other forest creatures against hostile interlopers called "The Silent Ones". Fe's ability to use music to communicate with others is the chief means of befriending allies for the struggle to take back the forest as well as making progress in the levels, and allies will occasionally teach Fe new songs that'll expand their traversal abilities. The game lacks objective markers and the like, requiring that the player explore their surroundings and determine the path forward by solving environmental puzzles.


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