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    Feeding Frenzy

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Feb 11, 2004

    Chomp your way to the top of the food chain in this frenetic fishy feeding frenzy from PopCap Games. But don't let your guard down because there's always a bigger fish!

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    Feeding Frenzy is a aquatic action game developed by Sprout Games (later PopCap) and released by GameHouse for online browsers in 2004, with multiple digital and retail releases for the PC and Mac throughout the years.

    Similar to the 1982 Intellivision game Shark! Shark!, players swim around the screen (in side-view) as a small fish and must grow larger by eating smaller fish while avoiding larger fish and other obstacles. Games are played in stages, up to 40 in total, with players having a limited amount of time to fully grow. As an arcade-style game, it is fast-paced and includes several abilities and power-ups. The game's name refers to a score multiplier, known as "Feeding Frenzy", which occurs by eating multiple fish in quick succession.

    The game was also released by Oberon Media on both the Xbox and Xbox 360, both as part of their digital Xbox Live Arcade services. The Xbox 360 version, released on March 15, 2006, was later included in a compilation disc bundled with the Arcade model of the Xbox 360, as well as the PopCap Arcade Vol. 1 compilation.

    It also received an arcade game adaptation from UltraCade. Using trackball controls, the dedicated arcade cabinet is unique for its side panels, which include working aquariums with plastic fish inside. It includes optional videmption support, as well as online leaderboards.

    The game later received a sequel, titled Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown.


    • Stages 1-8 put players in control of Andy the Angel Fish. Unlike the other fish, he has no vacuum ability.
    • Stages 9-16 puts players in control of Leon the Lion Fish.
    • Stages 17-24 puts players in control of Eddie the Angler.
    • Stages 25-32 puts players in control of J.D. (John Dory).
    • Stages 33-40 puts players in control the Orville the Orca.

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