Holy Crap! I got 209.4% and only got help once

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Yes, I'm only making this topic to brag.

Unless you count hearing Patrick mention flying before I actually figured out how. I worked out the direction code stuff, numbers and alphabet all by myself. The only thing I had to look up was the "Metatron" security question thing. I probably wouldn't have figured that one out on my own, but it makes a little sense in retrospect.

I see about 220 people have higher scores on the leaderboards, but I'm going to assume that they got that 33rd anti-cube glitch or something.

This game is awesome. Going in, I really thought it was going to be like a lame attempt to do Cave Story 2 or just a cute little puzzle game, but jesus, this game really blew my mind a number of times and easily impressed me as much as Braid.

I really wish more adventure games could go this deep. As much as I hate the DaVinci Code, if they'd made something like this for the game instead of the lame adventure puzzler thing that got released, I would have played it and loved it. This game also makes you realize how rarely games today really give you a sense of accomplishment. Sure, you easily get a game like Demon's Souls that just makes you feel good for pushing past a really difficult obstacle, but this was on another level entirely.

I have to say, I don't know anything about Phil Fish beyond the fact that he hates Japanese games, but he sure has impressed the hell out of me.

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You got help once, well done cheater.

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I'm fine with that.

I forgot to mention, the only thing I haven't done is try to read the book artifact. I did go back through the beginning after I figured out the letters and read the Cube's speech which was kind of funny, but haven't tackled the book.

Also, anyone have a theory about the significance of the heart cube thing?

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@oraknabo: If you have trouble with the book, I have a hint (its subtle, but I needed it myself):

Also, did you solve everything else yourself? You're omitting one obvious thing, right?

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If this was due to skill then well done.

If this was because you had nothing else to do and did nothing else, then ok.

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100% skill

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@oraknabo said:

100% skill

209.4% skill

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Congrats, I've yet to dive into Fez as I've had a bunch of work to do. Been avoiding everything to do with it so far, nice to know it's possible to do it alone!

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@Lokno said:

Also, did you solve everything else yourself? You're omitting one obvious thing, right?

I just realized what you're talking about and all I can say is I got really goddamn lucky on that one. I had no idea how much work people have put into it until I started looking around at some threads once I completed the game. I have been looking at the two codes involved and trying to find a relationship between them and I have no idea if I ever would have gotten it just on logic. But it also looks like no one else has found any way to get it other than sheer luck or these brute force code lists people went through.

I 'm even having a hard time figuring out why the two codes have different lengths. I did have a really crazy theory I was testing, but it turned out to be totally wrong.

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I feel like people are holding this game's puzzles up to a special level, like they were dropped down from the sky by a higher being.

That said, though, I did look for a couple of the later puzzles online because those (the monolith) WERE a little weird.

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I just looked up my first answer. It was the big telescope where the code is written in the stars.

Here's the thing: If you copy it down anti-clockwise then you've GOT THE CODE, but it doesn't work. In giving them out 2 at a time, he ensured that it can only be written down if you do it clockwise. So I had the code and entered it backwards and forwards a hundred times, but genuinely thought it was glitched that it wasn't working. Turns out he just made it decode-proof in a pretty smart way.

What a dick!

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