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    Fight Night Champion

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 01, 2011

    EA brings Fight Night back into the ring with an M-rating, depicting the "violence and brutality that is true to the trade."

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    Fight Night Champion has a roster of over fifty boxers, and features the new full spectrum punch control to allow players to have more in-depth control when moving their boxers around the ring and throwing punches. Full spectrum punching is said to be one of the most realistic punching systems ever designed, while still being accessible to new users.

    Game Modes

    Legacy Mode

    In Legacy Mode you can create a boxer, fight through the rankings to become champion, and be inducted into the boxing hall of fame. Legacy in Champion is said to be an improvement from Fight Night Round 4 with some authentic amateur gear and scoring system. Once you prove yourself and leave the amateur ranks you will earn money for your fights that will allow you to pay for trainers at different gyms around the world who will be able to teach you different things. All of the training from Fight Night Round 4 will return: the heavy bag, maize bag, double-end bag and sparring.

    Another improvement over Round 4 is that the damage you take from a fight doesn't magically disappear when the fight ends; persistent damage will have long term effects over the course of your fighter's career. This means that a reckless fighter who takes a lot of punches to the head will have a much shorter career than one who is more careful and doesn't leave himself open all the time. Experience points are awarded for fights. Which can be used to make a specific move (ex:Left hook) far more effective. This allows for more diversity, as some boxers can have deadly body hooks that could quickly deplete your stamina, while others would be more effective at face jabs and crosses, quickly depleting your health.

    Champion Mode

    Unlike Legacy mode, where you can create your own fighter and choose how his career develops and what his skills are, Champion Mode is a scripted story following the career of Andre Bishop,a middle weight fighter modeled after and played by actor LaMonica Garrett.

    Andre Bishop
    Andre Bishop

    As Andre, you are trained with your younger brother Raymond by Gus Carisi. Gus was the man who trained your father and was a promising boxer himself back in the day. Andre has a lot of talent and it attracts the interest of DL McQueen, a ruthless fight promoter who wants to take over Andre's career, but Andre and Gus explicitly state that they are not interested in working with him, much to his chagrin. They are however on much better terms with McQueen's daughter, Meagan, played by Eliza Dushku.

    The story shows Andre Bishop's challenges and struggles as he tries to become a great fighter. It is a linear story but the challenges play out differently depending on what your skill level is and how well you do in the ring. Champion Mode also has some special events and challenges based on the narrative of the story.


    Full Spectrum Control

    Full Spectrum Punch controls.
    Full Spectrum Punch controls.

    In Fight Night Round 4, the player used gestures on the right analog stick of the controller to determine the type of punch that the fighter would throw. Fight Night Champion once again uses the right stick, but as there is no more awkward motions you can throw punches more accurately and faster. These punches can then be modified by holding the either the Lean/Body Punch modifier or the newly introduced Power Punch modifier.

    Power Punch Modifier

    Fight Night Champion forgoes the Haymaker punch from previous games, deemed "too arcade-y", instead allowing you to put more weight behind your punch using the Heavy Punch Modifier button. The result is a more powerful punch at the expense of speed and stamina, leaving yourself open for a counter punch.

    Reflexive Boxing

    Each Boxer in Champion has stats for Reflexes and Blocking Strength, and both of these values will degrade over time if it is spent blocking. This means you must block efficiently and at the correct time in order to create an opportunity to respond with a more damaging counter punch. The higher the reflex the more time you have to block, even allowing boxers with high reflexes to block a split second before a punch makes contact. While a lower reflex rating will make the block take more time. A low block strength coupled with low reflexes will make slow blocks that can be easily punched through if timed wrong.

    Counter Punching

    Champion puts emphasis on catching your opponent off-guard after they miss, or you deflect, a punch. When timed correctly, your punch will connect with the opponent when he is at his most vulnerable, resulting in a more damaging blow. The "window of opportunity" is very small, as there is no longer a slow down when you dodge a punch. Rather you must rely on your own reflexes.

    Online Play

    Fight Night: Champion features online head-to-head fights, just as it's predecessor did. Online Gyms have been added, similar to what can be found in the EA MMA game. These Gyms allow players to set up in-gym seasons and tournaments to find out who is the best. There will also be a system of gym rivalries, which will encourage fighters from one gym to box against fighters from another for points and prestige. Similar to Legacy mode players can use XP from fights to put into different attributes, as well as increases to the effectiveness of certain punches. Points gained are based on the fighter's performance.


    Manny Pacquiao ... not looking so good
    Manny Pacquiao ... not looking so good
    • Miguel Cotto
    • Muhammad Ali
    • Manny Pacquiao
    Wladimir Klitschko
    Wladimir Klitschko
    David Haye
    David Haye
    • Roy Jones.Jr
    • Ricky Hatton
    • George Foreman
    • Oscar De La Hoya
    • Mike Tyson
    • **(Young) George Foreman
    • Evander Holyfield
    • Vitali Klitschko
    • Wladimir Klitschko
    • Joe Calzaghe
    • Jermain Taylor
    • Érik Morales
    • Shane Mosley
    • Ronald Wright
    • Julio Cesar Chavez
    • Kelly Pavlik
    • Lennox Lewis
    • Fernando Vargas
    • James Leija
    • Kendall Holt
    • Chad Dawson
    • Nonito Donaire
    • Cristobal Arreola
    • Danny Jacobs
    • Kevin Kelley
    • Eddie Chambers
    • Anthony Mundine
    • Bernard Hopkins
    • Billy Dib
    • Pernell Whitaker
    • Carlos Monzon
    • Robert Guerrero
    • Peter Manfredo Jr.
    • Tim Bradley
    • Zab Judah
    • Victor Ortiz
    • Vinny Paz
    • Erislandy Lara
    • Roberto Durán
    • Sugar Ray Leonard
    • Sugar Ray Robinson
    • Thomas Hearns
    • Yuriorkis Gamboa
    • Marvin Hagler
    • Jake LaMotta
    • David Haye
    • Sonny Liston
    • Joe Frazier
    • Sonny Liston
    • Sergio Mora
    • Diego Corrales
    • Alvin Lewis
    • Eric "Butterbean" Esch
    • Emanuel Augustus
    • Tommy Morrison

    **Available only through Walmart/Amazon Pre-order


    1. I Need A Dollar - Aloe Blacc
    2. The Loser Wins - Atmosphere
    3. Round Of Applause - Black Milk
    4. Old Ways - Chiddy Bang
    5. Meanstreak (In Three Parts) - El-P
    6. I'm The Best (Funky Fresh In The Flesh) - Lyrics Brom
    7. The Problem Is... - Murs and 9th Wonder featuring Sick Jordan and Uncle Chucc
    8. I Wanna Jam - N.E.R.D.
    9. Keep Shining - Shad
    10. Sinister Kid - The Black Keys
    11. How I Got Over - The Roots
    12. The Fire - The Roots
    13. The Fire (Orchestral Mix) - The Roots
    14. Intro - Tinie Tempah
    15. Make Your Move - Thunderball featuring Mustafa Akbar
    16. China - Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Daniel Tanenbaum. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin
    17. Live 4 Tomorrow - Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Daniel Tanenbaum. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin
    18. Organ Man - Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Daniel Tanenbaum. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin
    19. Running Thru - Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman, Pranam Injeti and Alastair Waithe. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin
    20. Red - Written by Khalil Abdul Rahman and Pranam Injeti. Produced by DJ Khalil & Chin
    21. Quixotic - Konrad Old Money
    22. Sesquapedalian - Konrad Old Money
    23. Stentorian - Konrad Old Money

    Xbox 360 Installation

    The game takes up 5.4GB of hard drive space when installed on the Xbox 360. Load times are reduced when the game is installed but not by a noticeable amount.

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