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What makes this arcade game unique to others is that there are 6 pads (3 on the left and right) and the monitor is situated in the middle of the cabinet. There were also buttons near the bottom pads which are used to start the game after inserting coins as well as choosing and selecting stages. There are also black mitts attached to the machine which are used to punch the mitts. The game even informs the player to wear them.


The concept is the equivalent of a fighting game where the player and the enemy have a health meter, power meter called the Tech Meter and a timer.

The main objective is to defeat the opponent and this is done by punching the pads which rotate towards the player and the one that shines a light on the side of the pad. The pad itself will only last for a few seconds and will return back hidden. Because the pads only show for a few seconds, the game is all about the speed and timing of the punches as opposed to the power. This concept differs from the Sonic Blastman arcade game as that game only used one pad based on the power of the punch.

Once the pad has been punched, it recoils back and depending on when you punch, it will display on the character if hit, blocked or missed.

As punches are landing on the opponent, the tech meter increases for both the player and the enemy. Once the enemy has a full tech meter, a super move will be used instead and the pads will come out faster and with different patterns. The enemy's gauge can increase faster if attacks more or blocks the hits.

Once the player's tech gauge is reached, a super move will start. Instructions will appear on how to perform the moves and after performing the move, the fight will be over. A graph would then appear showing how good the player was by life, agility, wisdom skills and use of the super moves. All of these are converted into a score and grades the player.

Playable Characters

There are three characters that can be chosen:


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