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    64th successor to the Hokuto Shinken fighting style, Kenshiro brings his own form of justice to a post-nuclear world.

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    Kenshiro is the protagonist of the post-apocalyptic manga and anime Fist of the North Star. He is a martial artist and master of the art Hokuto Shinken; a deadly art with a two-thousand-year history that can only be passed down to one pupil per generation. By using the techniques of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro is able to perform a variety of feats by targeting special power points in the human body. Some of these skills are beneficial and can heal those afflicted with physical ailments. However, when used offensively, Kenshiro can target the points in order to inflict a variety of painful conditions and force a target's body to act outside of the their own control. The deadliest of Hokuto Shinken's techniques cause the targeted area to explode in a violent shower of blood and body matter, killing the target instantly.

    Kenshiro is infamous for his intolerance of evil and great sense of justice. He does not forgive villains and is quick to kill so they may not hurt the innocent any further. Kenshiro also shows no mercy to those who do not themselves show mercy to the innocent. When he inflicts a lethal strike that will kill his opponent in a matter of seconds, he often says his catchphrase: omae wa mo shindeiru, which in rather disrespectful Japanese translates as "You're already dead."


    After training his whole life to become the new master of Hokuto Shinken, Kenshiro appears to be on his way to a happy life with the skills he has honed and the love of Yuria, a beautiful woman that is to be his bride. However, Kenshiro is betrayed by Shin, his former training partner, who kidnaps Yuria and leaves him for dead after marking his chest with seven wounds that form the shape of the Big Dipper. After he recovers from his injuries, Kenshiro embarks on a journey to find Shin and rescue Yuria, and along the way meets a pair of orphaned children, Bat and Lin. The two become Kenshiro's loyal traveling companions as he wanders the wasteland and uses his martial skills to bring justice to a lawless society.


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