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    Figment is an action-adventure game set into someone's mind.

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    Figment is an action-adventure game developed by Bedtime Digital Games. It is currently scheduled to be released in the Summer 2017.


    Figment follows the story of Dusty and Piper, who are inhabitants of someone's mind. They live there with all the emotions and mental mechanism of the mind: optimism, anger, anxiety... One day, old fears thought to be gone come back to the mind. It is then Dusty's task to chase those fears, taking the shape of nightmarish creatures, to bring peace to the mind again.


    Although labelled as an action-adventure game, Figment also relies a lot on puzzle solving in its gameplay. The game also relies heavily on music, both in its gameplay (with musical puzzles) and in its story-telling (every boss battle is a musical).


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