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Games Beaten in the First Year of the Roaring Twenties 2: Electric Boogaloo

Provided we actually survive the burning garbage fire that the current political and actual climate the world is in and seems to be speeding towards, I might actually be better about adding games I purchase this year but not beat.

Anyway, once again, this is a list of the games that I beat during the calendar year it is for.

List items

  • Haven't actually beaten this yet, but I only have the actual last level left to do in the game. I'll update this when I do beat it.

  • Interesting game, among the game worlds I'd least like to live in. Beaten 12 Jan

  • Bittersweet ending. Beaten 15 Jan

  • This is a great game and incredibly charming. I really liked all of the characters I met on my first run through the game. Beaten 16 Jan

  • Fun game. Beaten 2 Feb

  • Played through the game from the beginning, started over because I couldn't remember what had happened in the game. I don't actually know what to say about act 5. Beaten 17 Feb

  • Parts of this game are straight bullshit. Beaten 23 Feb

  • Parts of this game, like the first, are aggravating as fuck. I do not like those escape sequences. Still enjoyed this game though. The ending reminded me of Dark Souls. Beaten 16 Mar

  • First game of the quarantine. Fun game, though I got tired of the loop towards the end. The plot is fucking insane and the implications for the Doom Slayer are even more so. Beaten 21 March

  • Charming game. Beaten 29 Mar

  • Fun game, though not as good as the RE2 remake. Nemesis does get a little annoying at times. Beaten 4 April

  • I think I prefer Borderlands 2, but was still enjoyable enough. Beaten 5 April

  • Not sure how I feel about this game. Beaten 5 April

  • I found parts of the ending contrived and fucking stupid, but holy shit. Beaten 13 April

  • Not at all what I was expecting. I would have enjoyed it more if not for the combat. Beaten 21 April

  • Interesting game. Beaten 28 April

  • Interesting game. I suck at the stealth. Beaten 6 May

  • Fun game, rather silly even with all the eating of people. Beaten 24 May

  • Short game. I have some things I would change for QoL, but still rather enjoyed my time with it. Beaten 30 may

  • Fun, short game. One of the endings is basically perfect. Beaten 10 June

  • Puzzle 58. I just cannot figure out the solution to that one. Beat all the rest though. Fun game. Beaten 12 June

  • It's enjoyable enough. Beaten 21 June

  • I don't know how I feel about this game. Beaten 28 June

  • I really enjoyed this. Beaten 28 June

  • Chill, short, puzzle game. I rather enjoyed my time with this. Beaten 3 July

  • Interesting little adventure game. Beaten 9 July

  • Interesting game. Still not sure what the fuck is going on. Beaten 12 July

  • Fun game, was ready for it to be over by the end though. Beaten 14 July

  • I really enjoyed this game though it does get frustrating to control the creature towards the end. Beaten 25 July

  • Fun little game. Beaten 2 August

  • Picross using Konami assets. Quite enjoyable, though the Expert mode you unlock after doing all the standard picross puzzles doesn't let you mark the empty spaces and there are at least 10 puzzles unavailable in the normal mode. Beaten and completed 13 August

  • Interesting game. Beaten 30 August

  • Finally got around to playing this game all the way through. Enjoyed it, though a couple spots were annoying. Beaten 15 September

  • Fun game, interesting conceit. Beaten 16 September

  • It's an alright game, not great, not terrible. Interesting plot when it is there. Beaten 19 September

  • Good game. There's a segment towards the end that reminds me of the ashtray maze from CONTROL. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK that Jeff section though. Beaten 23 September

  • Interesting game. Beaten 27 September

  • Fun little flight sim, interesting single player story, probably won't play the multiplayer. Beaten 2 October

  • Well, I managed to get a clear, so I am putting this here, though I still have a lot to see in the game. It is a great game. Beaten 16 October

  • Glitchy game, ran into several bugs that almost ended my game. Beaten 18 October.

  • Fun little puzzle game. So many parts of it could be great screen savers, especially the entire ending sequence. Beaten 21 October

  • Interesting game, interesting plot. Interesting to see that they went with the evil ending of Infamous 2. Beaten 1 November

  • Fun puzzle game. Beaten 8 November

  • I quite enjoyed my time with this. Beaten 5 December

  • I thankfully did not run into any f the major bugs or glitches that people have been getting. And the game ran well enough on my PC at medium settings, I only have a 1080. The only bug of note that I hit was the same one Jeff got with not taking a dude's car but the game thought I did. My biggest complaint about the game is that I could not get my Xbox Elite controller to work with it. All that said, I enjoyed my time with it well enough and I am satisfied with the ending I got. Beaten 21 December

  • Interesting game. Beaten 24 December

  • I have four things to say about this game:

    1. Gorgeous game.

    2. Wonderful soundtrack (I bought it on vinyl.)

    3. Beautiful story.

    4. I am terrible at this game.

    Beaten 24 December.

  • Took me three years, but I finally got around to beating this game. Great game, but I still think I prefer Link to the Past. Beaten on my birthday, 25 December.