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    Final Fantasy VII

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released Jan 31, 1997

    The seventh numbered entry in the Final Fantasy franchise brings the series into 3D with a landmark title that set new industry standards for cinematic storytelling. Mercenary Cloud Strife joins the rebel group AVALANCHE in their fight against the power-hungry Shinra Company, but their struggle soon becomes a race to save the entire Planet from an impending cataclysm.

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    Final Fantasy 7 is still amazing after all of these years. 0

    I have a weird history with Final Fantasy 7.  I played all previous Final Fantasys that came out before Final Fanasty 7, including Mystic Quest and Chrono Trigger.. heck basically all Square games at this point.  So when I first heard about Final Fantasy 7 and that it was coming out on the Playstation, I was pissed.  I didn't want a Playstation, there was no games on it I cared about and I already owned a Saturn.  I knew the next Nintendo was way off, but I was still peeved.  However, as time ti...

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    A look back at Final Fantasy VII and its influence on RPGs 0

      Front cover of Final Fantasy VII (US) for PC Final Fantasy VII is acclaimed as one of the high-water marks of the role-playing genre. Many gamers, particularly RPG fans, have played through this game not once but a multitude of times. I downloaded the game off of the Playstation Network and played through it one more time on my PSP to assess how the game has aged. The very first thing that I noticed about the game was the chasm between how well the audio design and soundtrack have a...

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    Epic Masterpiece 2

    I cannot begin to describe my Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII.In my opinion it is the best game ever made, and there will probably be none comparable to it ever again.It is one of a few games i would Categorise as a game to play before you die.The Graphics still amaze me today, 10 years after release, i cant remember what was going through my mind when i first played it.The story is very good, it has ways of making you care about the characters and after a while you begin to feel very involved wit...

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    Second Homerun in A Row 0

    Final Fantasy 7 had a mountain of pressure and/or hype when it came out, it wasn’t just the seventh game in a beloved series, but the follow up to Final Fantasy 6, one of the most beloved games of its time. And not only the seventh game decided to follow the footsteps of its predecessor, with a technology-heavy world, more cyberpunk than the traditional fantasy. It also would be the first game in the series to go full 3D, on a brand new generation of consoles, and this time, with Sony, bei...

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    Final Fantasy 7 and its Timeless Cultural Relevancy 0

    In the 22 years since the stateside release of the original Final Fantasy 7, our culture and society has shifted dramatically. In the late 90s, the internet had just begun finding its way into American households. Media had found that society was tired of political correctness, and in that tiresome dissonance, companies had found that shock value was marketable. From the mid to late 90s personalities like Howard Stern, Jerry Springer, South Park, and Beavis and Butthead were not only successful...

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    An All-Time Classic 0

    Final Fantasy VII is both a tough and easy game to review. It is an easy game to review because all I really need to say is that it is one of the best games if not the best game of all time (also one of my favorite games of all time) Done, the review could be over right there. When looking at the game though for critique purposes I started to look for negative aspects of the game on purpose to find its flaws. Safe to say, I really cannot find any negatives or things I didn’t like with the...

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    A Flawed Masterpiece 0

    Many FFVII fans, sung it's praises when it was released, and it without any doubt, secured a safe place for the future of RPG's. Without, FFVII the mainstream console RPG's would have never left Japan. Many of the Western gamers, had not even heard of RPG's let alone of Final Fantasy.FFVII had to be a superb game in all sectors, mainly because Square had to prove themselves without Nintendo. Moreover, it was one of the most highly publicised games that would mark the beginning of the golde...

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    Epic in every sense vs casual market? 0

    Final fantasy 7, what is there to say apart from 'sheer landmark title', apart from FF8 the second to last real great title that Squaresoft created! There is no substitute for great storytelling, engrosing gameplay, simple but effective character development and the sense that the product was designed with love, attention to detail and aimed at a target market that appreciate good games rather than Graphics/Linear casual gamer approach to design/dumbed down versions of the FF universe we have be...

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    Instant classic. 0

    This game was one of the flagship titles for the PlayStation and one of the reason why it sold so many units. The game had big shoes to fill from its previous predecessor and had to be differentiate itself. The PlayStation's hardware allowed the game to go in a new direction, and be more graphically intricate. The game has a more futuristic setting and with new cut scenes and beautiful realized worlds, allowing more immersion. The story was a tale of a soldier trying to find himself, it had majo...

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    Final Fantasy 7 has one of the best storylines ever. 1

    The whole Final Fantasy series is known for great story lines and plot twists, but Final Fantasy 7 takes the cake. The game takes place on a planet called Gaia, where the entire planet, and all life upon it thrives on this stuff called Maku, also known as Life Stream. But when the evil Shinra corporation learns how to harness the Life Stream and use it to create energy and weapons, a whole string of unfortunate events unfold. First, dangerous monsters are created from creatures that mutated due ...

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    Final Fantasy 7 0

    Final Fantasy 7 had something unique when it came out. It was the first turn-based rpg to use graphics of that style, which helped in creating more diverse characters and landscapes.Graphics 10/10-For it's time the graphics were amazing.Gameplay 10/10-It has a similar feel to previous Final Fantasy games, yet it has its own aspects that make it unique. The materia system helped you choose which characters you wanted to have do what. Meaning you could have any character be your healing magic user...

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    Classic 0

      The main hero of Final Fantasy VII is the spiky-haired mercenary, Cloud Strife. He will always have two other members in his “party,” which is the group you use in battles.   Right away you meet Cloud’s closest friends, Barrett and Tifa, the latter of which provides a potential love interest for Cloud. There is also a gentle flower saleswoman named Aerith (or Aeris in the original translation); Red XIII, a talking dog/fox; Cid, a foul mouthed and misogynistic rocket pilot; Cait Sith, a robot c...

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    Dude, I was rockin' big swords before big swords were COOL man... 0

    When the original Playstation was being released amidst tons of hype, it had a number of launch titles that were widely toted, one of the most influential of which was Final Fantasy VII.   The newest installment of an already classic franchise that had been featured on Nintendo and Super Nintendo before, Final Fantasy VII was the first final fantasy game to feature fully 3D gameplay and combat as well as cut scenes and video sequences. The game starts off in Midgar, a grimy, rather unpleasant ci...

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    Total Punk 0

    Final Fantasy VII spans across several forms of graphical perspective, all introduced not more than a few minutes after selecting a ‘New Game’ with that squeaky, white gloved cursor. In truth, it’s not at all different from Squarsoft’s usual avenues of storytelling: an opening movie sequence, an explorable environment, and finally a battle screen. Now leaping to 3D, however, the context switching between the three looks nothing short of audacious. CGI pulls a camera sharply away from the city of...

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    Final Fantasy VII was already a legend before it became history. 0

    Arguably the best game ever made ,Final Fantasy VII is a thing that must be experienced by anyone that calls him\herself even a bit of a gamer.It has spawned a range of successors and prequels ,but remains the best part of it's saga.It's story and materia (magic) system set the trend for every RPG that came after.In terms of graphics ,this game has aged gracefully ,while full of detail ,some might point out it's characters are a little blocky ,yet that very aspect does add to the natural visual...

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    The Pinnacle of RPGs 0

    I know it seems that everyone and their grandmas are giving this game a lot of credit, calling it the best RPG, or the best Final Fantasy. Some have no real basis for this, while others, like me, found this game to be incredible.The story of FFVII was mind-blowing. With all the twists and turns, gamers were kept on their toes. As Cloud journeyed after Sephiroth, you learned more about his past, Sephiroth's past, and the mysteries surrounding Shinra and Jenova.The game features a wonderful cast o...

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    Final Fantasy VII is a game of epic proportions. 0

    The Final Fantasy series will always be one of those gaming series that grips and captivates the players, and it will always be regarded as one of the greatest gaming series of all time. Yet despite the success of the series it was taken to a whole new level with the release of possibly the greatest videogame in history, and the genre defining Final Fantasy VII.Final Fantasy VII sticks close to the series isometric roots, delivering brilliant gameplay and with a complex but brilliant story line ...

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    Final Fantasy VII Review 0

    This perhaps is one of my favorite RPGs of all time.. Any video game fan could tell you this is a must have and if you never owned a PSX or just missed out on this and want to play this on your PC, then this is your chance. Now the PC version is almost the same port as the PSX version with some differences but Ill explain that as I go on. Gameplay: You will be going through a very deep adventure throughout this game...the storyline and also gameplay itself are something that will get you hooke...

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    FF VII Review 1

    This is the best game ever. You could spend your whole day playing this without getting bored once, just one more level….. and the chocobos …....

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    Most Overrated JRPG Ever! 0

    Time has not been kind to Final Fantasy VII. Without the shock-and-awe stature of its graphics to cow naysaying new players, its many flaws are easy to see today. Marketed originally for a teenage audience, adult gamers will likely tire of the juvenile plotlines and offensively stereotypical characters. Of course, that presupposes an American player can follow the narrative at all, since the translation to English is comically bad with its missing words and poor syntax. An unholy hybrid of turn-...

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    In 1997 a game was born, FF7 0

    Simply the greatest game ever made. Never ever before has a game for that era made a great impact like FF7. This game has even been said to be better than current games.Story- You cant explain this, words dont mean anything. You have to play the game to wonder what everybody is talking about.Gameplay- I could talk about for ever. From the battle system to actual racing and fighting contests have never been better. You can ride chocobo`s, land machines and an airship. Also you can go to an arcade...

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    Might leave you dazed 0

    There is a funny thing about this game. It's always making people defend it as if it were some holy grail, and those who haven't experienced it should be shunned and banished to hell. See, the thing is...this game will leave you dazed after playing it, and it really takes a while for you to realize, it's not the greatest thing ever created. The story is complex and quite confusing and the characters are the weirdest bunch of idiots to ever be assembled. But that's the beauty of it.First you have...

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    It Doesn't Hold Up 1

    I first played FF7 the summer of 2008, so I didn't have fond memories clouding (HAHAHAHA ) my view of the game.  This is a review of FF7 today, not back in 1997.Gameplay - Standard JRPG formula, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  The battles are reasonably fast-paced so as to not wear you down, although the unskippable summons quickly irritate every time you have to watch them for 30 seconds.  I've heard people bitch about the Materia deemphasizing individuality in your party members, but I l...

    2 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Probably the best game ever made. 1

    5/5Yes i say probably because i think that there might be a better game some ware but i cant remember any at the moment.Any way this game is amazing you will have a blast.I cant say it more clearly than that it is an epic story. That i wish they could remake some day of course with all the finesse and polished as the latest Final Fantasy games with voice acting and all. It would be amazing and i think there only is a question of when rather than if they will make a remake of it....

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    awsome gam 1

    the game is awesome to play . that's why the remake is better. you do all the same things but it has better graphics then the rest of the whole final fantasy 7. i cant wait for it to come out it might have better graphics in fighting mode. i hope they talk i hate reading the words its slow and boring and wasting time to fight...

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    FFVII is an experience you simply can't afford to miss 0

    Final Fantasy VII is a superb rpg. Although it has noticeably aged since its initial release almost a decade ago, FFVII retains its impact and relevance by its compelling storytelling. Gameplay - Gameplay consists of classic turn-based gameplay. The levelling up system allows you to level up both your characters and your materia, which are spheres that increase your abilities, magic, skills, etc. All in all, it is engaging and addictive, once you get into it. Graphics - FFVII's graphical pre...

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    Final Fantasy VII Review 0

    By - Richard J. 13 years ago there was one special game that brought the popularity of JRPGs to North America. As you probably guessed, the game I'm referring to is Final Fantasy VII. Before this game's release, the JRPG genre was super niche. The previous Final Fantasy game to be released was Final Fantasy III on the SNES, which was actually Final Fantasy VI for the Super Famicom in Japan. It didn't do much to bring new gamers to the genre, despite it being a fantastic game. All of this changed...

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    Final Fantasy VII Review Playstation (may contain spoilers) 0

    Final Fantasy VII Review Front cover of Final Fantasy VII (US) for PlayStation  After listening to Final Fantasy XIII's demo soundtrack I started looking more into other Final Fantasy music, hence I've been getting really into Final Fantasy these past weeks. I've had  Final Fantasy VII on my PSN for a little while now and I just never started it. . So I figured I'd give it a go. Now, most of you know the humungous life altering game that is Final Fantasy VII. Within this review, all you...

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