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Mini-review : fun to start, frustrating to complete. 0

If you are a Final Fantasy fan, you can probably skip this game.  You are not missing anything by not playing it.  At the start the game is fun and simple.  As your characters get more abilities and the number of espers you can summon per-character increases, the touch screen controls really start to become a frustrating focal point of the game.  The pathing and collision of your armies make it difficult to employ any real strategy.  Unit selection and targeting in large fights is very inconsist...

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Mindless, easy, fun. 0

The designing of a handheld RTS has failed numerous times in the DS' history; Heroes of Mana, Shogun Empires and other titles tried but never quite made a fun, standard RTS. Revenant Wings, however, proved that it is possible to have an enjoyable RTS on a handheld. RW's plot is mediocre and exists solely to keep up the FF XII name. After taking flight on a newlyfound ship, Vaan and friends discover a new continent, with a new species and familiar monsters (aegyls pose as the humes of this conti...

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