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    Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Nov 20, 2007

    Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings continues the adventures of Vaan and Penelo as they start their careers as real sky pirates. Rather than using the gambit system from FF XII or the classic turn based system, Revenant Wings plays like a real time strategy game built for the DS.

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    Final Fantasy: Revenant Wings is a spin-off of Final Fantasy 12 developed my Square-Enix. Final Fantasy: Revenant wings, rather than take a pseudo-turn based approach to gameplay like its sister title, is a Real Time Strategy.

    The story stars Vaan, now a sky pirate, faced with a new adventure. Most of the cast from FF12 are included in this game and have the same amount impact on the story as they did in FF12 . FF: Revanant wings sold around 421,000 copies in japan and it was very well received in North America receiving a 81% Metacritic Score.

    Plot Overview

    Vaan in FF:Revanant Wings
    Vaan in FF:Revanant Wings

    A year after their adventure to protect Dalmasca from the Archadian Empire, Vaan and Penelo are treasure-hunting in unknown ruins on the Sky Continent of Lemurés. They find the Cache of Glabados, which includes an airship, and a piece of auracite, a powerful magical crystal. Upon boarding the derelict with the auracite, it takes them to the sky continent, where they meet the aegyl, Llyud. Aegyl resembles Humes (humans) but has large feathered wings. The aegyl, having lived isolated on the sky continent from the rest of Ivalice, Vaan and Penelo have never met one before. Defying his race's traditions, Llyud accepts their help and requests their assistance in stopping the Ivalician sky pirates from defiling Lemurés, as after the sky continent was discovered, sky pirates from all walks of life have ventured there in search of previously unknown riches.

    Thousands of years ago, Feolthanos was the chief of the aegyl when they still lived in Ivalice. Feolthanos took a viera wife and started a family, their descendants eventually being called "feol viera." He revolted against the Occuria, the self-appointed gods of Ivalice, and took the aegyl to Lemurés. Feolthanos used the colossal auralith crystals to create a barrier around Lemurés to keep the Occuria out while trapping the aegyl. The barrier was maintained until about a year prior, when a massive amount of Mist from the Sun-Cryst was released upon Ivalice.

    Feolthanos left the Cache of Glabados, along with a book, as a gift for his family (who did not have wings), hoping that one day they would use them to come to him in Lemurés. The cache is three shards of auracite. Each serves as a beacon to call the Galbana, an airship built by Feolthanos, which picks up the one who finds the cache and brings them to Lemurés.

    Vaan and his friends take command of the Galbana and use it to explore Lemurés, where Llyud tells them of the mass of sky pirates invading the Purvama in search of treasure. At the site of a beautiful auralith at the Fane of Tehp Qul, Vaan's party comes face-to-face with the Judge of Wings, a woman completely clad in armor in the same manner as the Archadian Judges, who seeks to destroy the auraliths. The auraliths are the force that sustains Lemurés, and destroying them would cause the sky continent to fall apart. Though the Judge is temporarily defeated, she shatters the great Skystone. She absconds with its power, and Vaan and his friends set out to stop her.

    After fruitless leads from the sky pirate Rikken, Vaan's profiteering friend Tomaj locates the Judge at the Yapih Caverns. She has begun a ritual at the caves' fiery Skystone. Vaan's party encounters Ba'Gamnan's henchmen in the caverns—a group of bangaa headhunters—but a berserked Ba'Gamnan knocks them out, and the party defeats him. Ba'Gamnan kidnaps Vaan's friend Filo, but with the help of Rikken, they defeat Ba'Gamnan and free his captive. They confront the Judge, only to flee when she summons Bahamut, who breaks the Muruc Cahuac Skysea into pieces.

    Bahamut's wrath sends the Galbana into a crash-landing at Tswarra, Isle of the Lost. Stranded, the group finds a wounded man by the name of Velis. After nursing him back to health, Penelo discovers Velis is Mydia's dead lover, the feol viera behind the Judge of Wings' faceless helm. The Judge herself appears on the deserted island, changes Velis into a terrible Yarhi and orders him to attack Vaan's party. However, Penelo refuses to hurt her friend, the rest of the crew fight. Though the Judge again escapes, Llyud deals the finishing blow to "Velis," revealed to be but his anima taken form as a Yarhi, ending his warped life.

    The Galbana repaired, Vaan and company meet up with their old friend Fran at Arda, Heaven's Pillar, after rescuing her from the tireless Ba'Gamnan. She leads them to the Ymir Qul Underground, where Balthier and the Judge of Wings await next to the second auralith. The Judge and her cohort, the Esper Mateus, are defeated and leave the area, but Balthier intends to destroy the auralith. Despite Vaan's efforts, Balthier and Fran succeed, and the release of energy from the Skystone sends Vaan, Penelo, Llyud, Filo, and Kytes to Lesrekta, Isle of Illusions.

    Lesrekta serves as a test for Vaan's true feelings towards his friends. After being separated from one another throughout the misty island, the five reunite after Penelo expresses her wish for Vaan to return. A voice calls them to Illusion's Home, where Velis's spirit lingers. He begs them to send him onto the next life properly and explains Mydia's true existence as Feolthanos's puppet. Mydia is a usually kind feol viera who has been corrupted by her ancestor's spirit. After his defeat, Velis pleads with Vaan to save Mydia from Feolthanos's clutches and turns himself into the god blade, Anastasia. Velis's passing prompts Vaan and his friends' return to the real world, upon the Galbana.

    After Balthier explains he destroyed the auralith to protect the aegyl souls within from Feolthanos, he and Fran join the party. Feolthanos uses the auraliths to drain the aegyls' anima reducing them to cold and emotionless beings who feel neither hatred nor happiness. The stolen anima is locked in the auraliths and can manifest as Yarhi. The auraliths sustain an alternate dimension where the Yarhi live, and pieces of auracite can be used to summon the Yarhi to the world of the living, but doing so gradually drains the summoner's anima. After Feolthanos stole Mydia's anima, he turned her into the Judge of Wings and ordered her to drain the auraliths' power and use the power to destroy Ivalice.

    The party meets up with Queen Ashe and Basch on the new Dreadnought Leviathan. Descending to Ivalice, Vaan and company follow several leads on the Judge until they meet her at the Feol Warren, the secluded home of the feol viera. Mydia kills the penultimate members of her race, with the intent to give them, in death, escape from Feolthanos's will. Vaan's party defeats Mydia for the final time, and as she dies, she tells them of her loss of Velis and the attempt to bring him back to life, which led only to the giving of herself to Feolthanos in the false hope he would resurrect her fallen love.

    Mydia's spirit leads the Galbana to Eternity's March, the gateway to the Feolthanos's fortress, the Keep of Forgotten Time. Here, the party learns the history of the aegyl and their unending struggle against the Yarhi, created from their ancestors' departed souls to fuel Feolthanos's need for anima. The aegyl god is the final auralith, a leech that drained his people's souls and continues the perpetual cycle of aegyl suffering. Feolthanos had been forced to commit this act by the Occuria, in vengeance for leading his people to the skies of Lemurés.

    After Feolthanos's defeat, he is freed and dies, and the auraliths' power dies with him. The Purvama of Lemurés, no longer supported by the anima of its countless aegyl inhabitants, falls from the sky, and Llyud bids farewell to his friends to lead his race to a new home. The Galbana flies off its own accord above the disintegrating islands of Lemurés, as its former commanders return to Ivalice aboard the Strahl, Balthier's airship.


    The gameplay in Revanant wings takes a step away from the turn based and tactics gameplay that is normally used in handheld Final Fantasies. In Revanant wings the gameplay is in the form of a Real Time Strategy game that focusses on the use of the stylus. You create a box over troops to select them then you tap an enemy to attack and tap the ground to move. The combat is focussed around your troops, each troop being led by your hero.

    In the game there are a total of 5 squads and each squad is led by one hero character. Each hero character has a set list of special abilities, for example some characters can revive and heal. For

    Gameplay of Revanant wings
    Gameplay of Revanant wings

    every hero character there is a choice of setting a gambit, so you can set one person to always heal when it is needed. There are 3 monsters at your disposal for each squad. These creatures (Known as "Espers" in the game) vary from three different types, a flying creature, a hand to hand combat creature, and a magic user. Each type of creature is stronger or weaker than another type, like a game of rock paper scissors. Flying creatures are weak to magic, hand to hand combat is weak to flying, and magic is weak to hand to hand combat fighters.

    There is also a summoning aspect to the game, meaning players must capture summoning circles and with these circles they can summon Espers to their party. These are mainly used to replenish the players numbers after troops have been destroyed. In Revanant wings heroes need to be revived in a different way, they are only revived if there are summoning crystals are on the field. These crystals respawn the dead hero.

    Revanant wings takes a throw back to the old Final Fantasies by giving the player a full world map to explore. The player can explore through different Islands on their Ship and move across the map to points in the area in order to initiate new missions.

    On the top screen is the basic map of the battle field. On this screen you get to see where enemies are located, treasures you can collect, summoning circles, summoning crystals, and where squad members are located. Out of combat the top screen shows where missions are located and it's description. In cutscenes the top screen is used for objects to pan up and down providing more space for visuals in the cutscenes.

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