Buffering Issues with Video Player

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Hey Rorie suggested I post this here so I will just copy and past my original email.

Lately I have been having some buffering problems with the video player. I have 75Mb down and 10Mb up connection and yet videos on your site still hick up. I've tested this across both Chrome and Firefox. I get hick ups on both progressive and HTML5.

Here are some details:

OS: Windows 10

Chrome Version: 59.0.3071.115

Firefox Version: 54.0.1

Extensions: Ublock Origins (Which is disabled on Giant Bomb)

URL: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/vrodeo-star-trek-bridge-crew/2300-12377/ or any video this just so happened to be the video I was watching when I was composing the email.

Attached is a screenshot of the console and network monitor.

I noticed in the network monitor that whenever the video starts buffering "Segment###_#_av.ts" gets canceled for some reason not sure why but I think this is the core of the issue. Also notice in the console the "VideoManager.initialize() did not receive a valid error callback function." error which I also believe might be related.

The buffering issue is real random but on almost every video I do not get 100% smooth playback. Even if I set it to progressive and pause it for a few minutes it'll still buffer a few seconds later. This happens at pretty much any time of day. No other video players have this issue. I have noticed that on HTML5 sometimes it'll buffer a couple of times and then smooth itself out. I am using Google's public DNS servers in case that helps. Please let me know if you need any more details.

Per Rorie's suggestion I am also tagging @wcarle



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#2 Posted by MrHeist (24 posts) -

I've been having a hell of a time recently with buffering as well. I'm primarily on a Mac mini running 10.12.5.

I usually start streaming in the Plex channel. For a long time this would work fine with just the very occasional buffering hiccup. As of late, pretty much every GB video has to stop and buffer multiple times. The computer is hooked up via ethernet (30Mb down), I don't have problems consistently streaming long videos on any other sites. The plex app appears to be pulling the HD progressive stream. Sometimes it will stop and buffer once then be ok for another 20 minutes or so, sometimes it will get caught in a constant loop of buffering. On a good day, the stream info says it's pulling 2-3 Mbps. When the buffering is ongoing, the stream tends to hover around 800kbps with spikes down to 200.

I've been trying to eliminate some variables. When I get caught in a buffering loop in Plex, I'll usually try quitting Plex and starting the stream from the site in Chrome. That usually preforms pretty much the same as the stream in Plex. Similar to @inspirations, it persists across Progressive and HTML5. If I switch from HD to High or Auto, there seems to be a 50% chance if the stream will play smoothly from there on out or if it will keep having buffering issues. My router is also set to use Google DNS and Open DNS.

I've done a fair amount of messing around with the hosts level DNS settings as outlined here https://www.giantbomb.com/forums/bug-reporting-33/a-fix-for-crappy-download-speeds-from-giant-bomb-1433284/

This also seems to be hit or miss. Sometimes after changing to a different DNS in the hosts file I'll go from pulling 800kbps to 3.5Mbps and be fine for multiple videos through the rest of the night. Other times it will stay just as bad or get worse. Similarly, sometimes I'll clear the hosts file so the DNS gets assigned automatically, and sometimes that'll work, sometimes it won't. I've been running 'giantbomb-pdl.akamaized.net' through whatsmydns to get a replacement instead of 'v.giantbomb.com' or 'hdv.giantbomb.com', since that's what both Plex and chrome report the progressive streams as connecting through. That seems to give me slightly better luck, though it's still an overall crapshoot.

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#3 Posted by inspirations (9 posts) -

Any update on this? Would like to know if someone is at least looking into it. It's been getting kinda worse lately I've been pretty much forced to watch all non-premium videos on YouTube. Premium videos are just a pain now... :(

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#4 Posted by dudeglove (13779 posts) -

I was having the same issue on Chrome with the latest demo derby. Set to low quality on either HTML5/progressive, video was still hitching for a 1/4 second every 2/3 seconds. Not much fun viewing.

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#5 Posted by Boosh (107 posts) -

Same with me. Been that way for a while now.

One of the site devs looked into my issue and contacted the CDN, but it sounds like the CDN folks are saying "it's not us."

Here's one of the messages I got back.

I heard back from our CDN and they are seeing all other users on the same node you are using are downloading much faster. If you're seeing the speed drop and recover that rapidly that could point to some sort of throttling done by either some software on your PC or on some network device on your network. Do you have any network management software or any advanced router settings set? Sorry I can't do more to help, unfortunately on my end there's little I can do. I can keep poking our CDN but they seem to just be pointing the finger back at your ISP.

So, in my case, I don't have anything on my end that would be affecting it. No other streaming service or download location does this. I'm on Comcast. Any of you guys having issues on Comcast as well?

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#6 Posted by SgtSphynx (2619 posts) -

Yep, have comcast. Routinely have issues with it buffering. Not constant, but routine

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#7 Edited by MageBoySA (12 posts) -

I'm in the same boat. Also on Comcast. Have 100MBPS down and I can stream HD video from Netflix, VUDU, PSN and Youtube with no interruptions. I've tried HTML 5 and Progressive, and all different settings. It's really obnoxious, and it only started since the new video player came around. Never had this problem with the old player, unless a Steam update started, but that was just Steam taking all my bandwith. Currently listening to Steal My Sunshine hiccuping in another tab.

Edit: I noticed that this issue is more prevalent on videos over 1:50 in length. Once it starts playing past that point it starts buffering. If you skip a small chunk of video after that point it seems to play normally again.

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#8 Posted by inspirations (9 posts) -

I do not have Comcast (I'm on UVerse), so I don't see how it is an ISP issue. I can see how it could be a CDN issue though, I've even tried the web browser player to no avail. This is starting to get really frustrating.

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#9 Posted by nihilisticmonkey (117 posts) -

UK user here. Over the last 2 weeks streaming has been a total stutter-fest. I have 60Mbps. Youtube/Netflix etc is fine always. GiantBomb however never downloads at more than around 10Mbps in short bursts and frequently doesn't stream at all.

This is using the HTML5 player. For non premium content I've resorted to streaming the same video from youtube with no problems.

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#10 Posted by magicalell (13 posts) -

yeah, also UK user - i get fairly persistent buffering issues both at work and at home - i get about 130mbps down at work and around 150 at home, on different ISPs - and zero issues on any other streaming site.

weirdly the only place i can get premium stuff to consistently play is on chrome on my ipad

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#11 Posted by Senate4242 (235 posts) -

I have had this problem ever since they went to the new player. Comcast. 200 down. I can stream 4k content from Netlfix instantly and without buffering. I have tested running Hulu, Netflix and Amazon prime all at the same time. Not a hitch.

And yet I cannot make it through an hour long video on GB without it buffering at least twice for around 30-40 seconds. Tonight I cannot get more than 2 minutes into a video before it buffers. This is all on Windows 10, latest Chrome and HTML5.

Whats odd is the live stuff rarely needs to buffer.

To get around this annoying issue, I have been downloading the content and that is super quick. However the reason I am posting this tonight, is even thats not working well. I can usually download 1GB in less than a minute. Tonight it has taken 30 for 900 MB

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#12 Posted by n00bs7ay3r (317 posts) -

I will throw my hat in the ring here. Same issues as others are experiencing. Frequent buffering despite have a pretty good internet speed (Just did speed test: 116.2 down/32.2 up). This is the only site I have issues with.

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#13 Posted by BadNews65 (7 posts) -

Same issue here, everything on GB I watch except the live streams are constantly buffering. It just randomly started 2 weeks ago. It's not my router or ISP. Not trying to be whiny or rude, but it's on your side, and unless it's fixed im not renewing my sub. Everything is unwatchable with this issue.

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#15 Posted by inspirations (9 posts) -

@rorie I have tried using the in-browser player and have had the same issue. I will get back to you after trying other CBS websites.

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#16 Posted by Senate4242 (235 posts) -

@rorie: I can test the other sites, and get back to you.

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#17 Posted by SASnake (612 posts) -

So other people are having this problem...for awhile I kept thinking it was me. I got 200mb download and 10mb upload.

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#18 Posted by magicalell (13 posts) -

@rorie: the 4 or 5 videos i tried on gamespot and cbs sports seem to work fine (although they were much shorter videos).

tried hitting the download button on chrome, but got the same issues - hitched 3 times for around 1-2 seconds each within the first 10 seconds of the new episode of steal my sunshine. I can still stream with no issues on my ipad, which I don't really understand.

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#19 Posted by MrHeist (24 posts) -

Over the past week or so my issue seems to have sorted itself out. Haven't changed the DNS settings or anything, but there hasn't been any buffering on either long or short videos (mainly through Plex with the occasional browser play).

Of course now that I say that I'm sure the next video I try to play will go to buffering hell, but for now things are good!

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#20 Edited by ioftd (16 posts) -

Been having this issue as well for a while as well. I'm usually on Mac OS 10.12.6 with chrome, though I also have the same problems on a Windows 10 PC also on chrome. I wouldn't call it stuttering as it will typically play 30-90 seconds of video, then buffer for another minute, rinse and repeat.

I have noticed that only some videos are affected; it just happened with the first episode of exquisite corps, but I can go watch the slime rancher quicklook with no problem. Even if I go back to exquisite corps again or reload the page, it will still have buffering issues.

I just tried a couple of Gamespot and CBS videos and I didn't have any problems, but since it's pretty inconsistent on GB (I'd say 10-20% of the time) I'm not sure any conclusions could be drawn from that test.

Hope you guys can come by a fix for this. Let me know if there's any info I can give or any tests I could do to help figure it out. Thanks!

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#21 Posted by MageBoySA (12 posts) -

@rorie Haven't had a chance to try anything else out, I'll let you know. I've been pretty busy this past weekend, so haven't been outside my typical comfort zone. Only videos I had time to Watch was the last Steal my Sunshine andUPF and they both played fine. I'll test something on CBS using my cable log in later in the week, since I took a four day weekend for "Mental Health" days.

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#22 Posted by thatbendorf (102 posts) -

Hey, has anyone tried watching in Microsoft Edge? I was having a heck of a time trying to watch a Premium video last night on my phone, the video kept buffering every 5 to 10 seconds. Thinking my phone might be the problem, I fired up my laptop only to be met with the same buffering. So out of desperation I closed out Chrome and blew the dust off of Edge, using the browser for the first time since I downloaded Chrome.

But wouldn't you know it, the video didn't buffer or stutter once in the entire 2 hour duration.

I am curious to know if this was a fluke, or if other duders have tried this out.

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#23 Edited by NoRemnants (439 posts) -

I have also been getting severe buffering issues on all Giant Bomb videos when using the GB video player. Both progressive and HTML5. They will play for 3 seconds then buffer for 10. It's gotten to a point where most the GB content I watch is just completely unwatchable since a lot of it is premium stuff and isn't available on youtube.

Reading through this thread it was mentioned to try the download button and that seems to work fine.
EDIT: Just after posting the video started to buffer and stutter like it does in the GB video player.

  • macOS Sierra 10.12.5
  • 250 Mbps internet
  • Chrome
  • uBlock installed but disabled on Giant Bomb

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#24 Posted by Artea (14 posts) -

@rorie I'm also having major buffering issues, can hardly play a few seconds before it buffers for 30. Tried with Gamespot, and it still happens. I'm on Chrome, and the download player also has the same issues. Been happening for the last few days. I'm on Win 7 if that helps.

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#25 Edited by Zurv (1017 posts) -

I've been having problems in Edge (windows 10 1703) and html 5 playback too. I don't see a pattern, but it will just stop and buffer.. sometimes for ever. Progressive seems fine. 500mb up and down (fios)

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#26 Posted by radiocage (499 posts) -

I also am totally unable to watch an entire GB video without it constantly buffering.

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#27 Edited by Rorie (5867 posts) -

Going to repost this here for the newer posters in the thread.

Out of curiosity, are you seeing the same issues on GameSpot.com or CBS.com or cbssports.com, etc?

Also, if you're using Chrome, can you try hitting the Download button on a video that you've been having problems with and seeing if the in-browser video player has the same issues?

Also it will help to post your ISP just to see if that's a commonality here.

We're going to see what we can do about this, but in the meantime keep in mind that downloading videos and watching them locally should be one way to ensure that you can watch Premium content. It's not ideal, obviously, but just consider this a reminder that it's an option while we see what the deal is here.

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#28 Posted by PoetryMiner (6 posts) -

I have also been having bad buffering issues on the site for a while now. It used to work fine. Now I can barely get videos to play because they constantly buffer. Sometimes I can get them to play a little better if I drop the quality setting, but not often. Sometimes a video will play fine for a long time and then the buffering starts and it become unwatchable. I watch everything I can on YouTube with no problem, even videos that will not play well on the HTML 5 or progressive settings. I am also on Comcast and don't have trouble with any other sites or streaming services. It seems sometimes that it is worse in the evenings, but YouTube and Hulu will play just fine.

Thanks for looking into this - just wanted to let you know I have the same problem.

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#29 Posted by mannyguy (17 posts) -

Same here. I'm on Comcast with 250 Mbps down and 13 Mbps up. I've tried both Firefox, Chrome and the Plex channel to no avail. So, I thought I'd try and download a video instead so I could try and watch it offline, but it tops out at 1.5-2.0 MB/s which leaves about an 1-1.5 hour download times.

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#30 Posted by ioftd (16 posts) -

@rorie: haven't noticed any issues with gamespot, but I'm not inclined to spend too much time watching video there waiting for an issue to appear. Just started having issues on the latest PUBG archived stream, but it didn't start until about an hour in. I used the download button as you suggested and have had no problems in the chrome player. I'm on xfinity, 200mbps down.

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#31 Posted by Cptanimal (9 posts) -

Just wanted to post here as well. I'm having basically constant buffering issues on premium videos (technically all videos, I just normally watch in the YouTube player) in Chrome and Firefox. I thought it was a uBlock problem, but it's disabled and whitelisted. I'm using latest versions of both Chrome and Firefox, Windows 10, with a 75 down Comcast package. I am able to use the download player in either browser, but obviously not ideal. I'm not having any trouble on other CBSi sites. The one thing I noticed is that when using the HTML5 player, when you press "~" to get the advanced stats, the 'current bandwidth' number jumps around crazily. It varies as low as 1mb or can jump up to as high as 30mb. Obviously it seems to be stuttering when that number dips, but my connection is pretty rock solid in every other application.

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#32 Posted by radjoshcon (46 posts) -

Adding my voice to this. Premium videos are almost unwatchable for me due to buffering. I have tried every setting and tried using the download player and have not had any luck. Just tested a Gamespot video and had no issues at all. It is a real bummer to not be able to reliably watch the premium content. Hope we can find a solution.

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#33 Posted by gliniak (6 posts) -

Yeah, very frustrating, I'm Comcast 200 down, netflix etc working great, GiantBomb videos giving the white circle of death, in any browser. Real bummer. This new player has not been very good in my experience, sadly.

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#34 Posted by SansJason (55 posts) -

I'm having the same issue, also on Comcast.

I watch a lot of Giant Bomb videos on an m3u playlist in VLC via QL Crew, and while that's always been a bit laggy, it's nearly untenable lately. Now the problem's extended to the site itself for the first time. I can't get through a single video without buffering, and anything higher than low quality inevitably stops playing entirely.

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#35 Edited by EvanFavreau (88 posts) -

I'll just add that I'm having these buffering issues as well. Videos pause and buffer every few seconds. Am experiencing the same issue in both Chrome browser on Windows 7 and the Xbox One app. But, at least as of last night, no issues watching Roku beta app. ISP is Mediacom.

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#36 Posted by captainkeel (21 posts) -

Getting bad buffering, several times per minute, on HTML5 and Progressive streaming. No buffering on Download. Very little buffering on a recent episode of the Lobby on gamespot.

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#37 Posted by mistersamman (378 posts) -

I'm also suffering from severe buffering issues with Chrome on Comcast. Even on the lowest quality, the buffering is unwatchable. Luckily, I'm able to watch in HD with zero buffering if I just use the download link and watch via the native Chrome video player. I did try watching a few Gamespot videos and I didn't notice any buffering.

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also having the same problem, seems to have started the last couple weeks for me. Happens more towards evenings west coast, 200mb comcast.

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#39 Posted by GiantRobot24 (77 posts) -

Buffering issues, gigabit internet on the west coast, started last few weeks. Have had to go to youtube lately. Google Chrome on Windows 10, Creators Update.

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Having the same problem using the giant bomb app on Xbox, was working fine but this past week has been bad. Also tried edge browser on Xbox with the same results. I have Comcast 150mb down.

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#42 Posted by jockay (2 posts) -

I can't play any videos on mobile anymore. I'm using a galaxy s7. They all just say loading video. Earlier this week I could hit the play button but the videos would never load. Using chrome btw.

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#43 Posted by chango (1094 posts) -

Yep, same issue here. On safari as well.

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Watching videos on the site has become unbearable due to the stuttering. I have a great connection and still every 5 seconds, I see that spinning circle. Tried on another browser and the video wouldn't even load to the point where there was never even a play button.

No Caption Provided

Haven't really seen any solution yet. Does anybody know what's going on? @rorie?

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#45 Posted by darklingscribe (61 posts) -

I'm experiencing the same problem, I just get a forever "video loading" message and the video never loads. I'm using safari on a brand new iPad Pro and I was able to watch everything fine this morning and then came back in the afternoon to find nothing would load.

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#46 Posted by HB (151 posts) -

Yeah no videos will load for me either. Tried my phone, laptop, PC and ps4. Just stays on 'video loading'.

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#47 Posted by darklingscribe (61 posts) -

Huh, tried what moloukhya said a few post up and toggling my wifi off and then on again on my iPad will get me past the forever "video loading" screen and to the play button. After that the video seems to play normally, but I have to do this again to get the video working whenever I go to a new video or navigate away on a different tab.

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#48 Edited by Rorie (5867 posts) -

For those of you who are still experiencing buffering/slow download speeds (I believe the hang on Loading was a different issue that is now resolved), I've been asked to have you try this tool and copy/paste your results here, if you can:


Run the speed test there and copy/paste the results over here and we can send the results to Akamai to see if this is an issue on their end.

Apologies for the trouble!

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#49 Posted by Morello (123 posts) -

@rorie: It's almost certainly an issue at their end, and for me it happens intermittently, but often enough for it to be incredibly frustrating. I ran a few tests and all were comparable, results of last one below. It's usually worst on live streams, but it's a bit of pot luck.

ID: xxx (PM if you need it)
Date: Fri Aug 18 21:16:30 2017
DNS IP: x.x.x.x (GB) (AS6871 British Telecommunications PLC)
Client IP: x.x.x.x (GB) (AS6871 British Telecommunications PLC)
Protocol: HTTP/1.1
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.101 Safari/537.36
Cookies: yes
Edge IP:
Latency: 24ms
Speed: 5.8Mbps

40Mb connection, using fast.com or speedtest.net I get 35-38 Mb/s. Running the same test though a VPN gets similarly poor results.

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#50 Edited by da7rutrak (2 posts) -


ID:Date: Sat Aug 19 02:07:45 2017


DNS IP: (US) (AS11404 vanoppen.biz LLC)

Client IP: 24.113.204.XX (US) (AS32107 Wave Broadband) Protocol: HTTP/1.1

[let me know if you need the full IP]

User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.90 Safari/537.36

Cookies: yes

Edge IP:

Latency: 19ms

Speed: 87.3Mbps

This has been happening for several weeks in the same manner as described by others previously. It is cross-device (Samsung S6, multiple Windows 10 PCs, etc.)

Edit: Ran a Wireshark TCP capture and there are an extremely large amount of duplicate TCP ACK packets in the capture. Definitely not normal.