iOS 12.2 Fullscreen API

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One of the previous updates for iOS (I believe this started with iOS 11.x.x) allowed native video players to implement their own fullscreen video control implementations over the native Safari video controls. However, at the time users were allowed to disable this specific functionality on an app-wide basis.

As of iOS 12.2 this doesn't appear to be the case and users are no longer allowed to disable this functionality. Full-screen videos that are played on an iPad now show the custom video controls which doesn't allow for +/- 15 second skips, or precise video scrubbing (part of which is covered by some native controls).

Here is a screenshot which shows what I'm describing:

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Could this be disabled as a setting in the video player controls or just disabled altogether?

iPad Pro 10.5" (iOS 12.2)


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@cfflymolo: Have you tried hitting the Download button? That might open the video in your default device player.

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@rorie: I have, though the issue is that the watch history doesn't sync since I'm getting the raw video URL at that point.