Dying Light: Co-op on XB1

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Any duders playing this on XB1? A buddy and I just started this and it's fun but pretty dumb hard. Could use a bigger team so we don't die every few minutes, lol. Add me if interested. We're both in PST btw.


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I'd be down to play. I do have an XONE, and I did end up buying Dying Light there. I've been slightly busy lately, but I'm sure we'd be able to play pretty soon, like probably this week. Anyway, add me at: Blu3V3nom07


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Added you venom. Played it all day today. This game is both addicting and frustrating. And much more fun in co-op mode. 45 min prologue to open the co-op btw.

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I'd be down to play but I don't know how it works exactly... don't think I've turned COOP on. I'm a good bit in. Probably 4-5 hours but mostly been doing side missions. I've been doing more main missions though now after seeing Gamespot's review with the grappling hook; looks awesome.

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I don't think I'll have the game until UK box copy release date (27 Feb) but if people are still playing at that point or if any UK duders are looking for a coop player, I'd be up for that (GT: Extintor).

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Hey, I just got the game and I am looking for people to play with on the Xbox One. Add me , my GT is Katimanic