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Wondering when everything is started this year. Not sure if everything is happening this weekend or am I going to need to take Monday and Tuesday off?

Also what day is Jeff driving down? Wouldn't want to miss the yearly Del Taco invasion!

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@jennifyre: I believe most of the crew will be arriving in LA on Friday as the first press conference they're covering is Saturday.

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I am going to try and get a news story together detailing our schedule but you can probably expect streams to start up 15-30 minutes before each of these times:

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And I believe Friday will be Jeff's drive-down day but I'd have to confirm with him.

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"I wonder what the rough e3 schedule is?" And then Rorie whips out the color coded spreadsheet of everything. I always feel way behind e3 news. I see write ups and headlines of what is coming out, but save finding out details and everything to just the giantbomb streams which probably takes me a whole extra week atleast to process just because of how meaty they are.

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Man, that Monday schedule looks brutal every year.

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They're probably not covering the PC Gaming show, as they haven't in past years.

I wonder if they'll do the Devolver Presser.

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@rorie said:

Man, that Monday schedule looks brutal every year.

Give it a few more years and they'll continue spreading it out. Or maybe you'll just get unlucky and more companies will just add their own outside E3 press conferences. Gotta cover that new Tencent press conference after all.