2019: REVIEWT Scamander!

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2019: REVIEWT Scamander!

“My Yearly Diary of Art Entertainment”

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Three Categories in this Order

Every GAME I played


Every SERIES I saw


Every MOVIE I watched

Each Category will start with my “Top 10 Favorites of the Year”, then will be followed by an Alphabetical list. Skip Ahead to see what interests you. Have fun!





10. Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)-Trailer Link-

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Heartwarming, Vulnerable, Important. This is a Bold Experiment. Kind Words is a vehicle to send positivity out into the world. By anonymously writing people, you let them simply know that they're not alone.

Memorable Moment: Looking at your inbox to see that strangers also care about you too. It’s Powerful.

9. The Lion’s Song-Trailer Link-

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Extraordinary, Profound, Scary. Every chapter spoke to me on a personal level. As it was highlighting the hardships an Artist faces.

Memorable Moment: This game is filled with nothing but memorable moments. But hearing the Lion’s Song, which is an audible representation of your choices chillingly stuck with me for a long time. It was striking enough for me to include this non-2019 game on my list this year.

8. Concrete Genie -Trailer Link-

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Vibrant, Simple, Creative. I needed a game to challenge perspective. And this game did that in it's visuals AND it's narrative.

Memorable Moment: Making my first Genie, this lopsided goofy abomination became my best friend.

7. Later Alligator -Trailer Link-

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Silly, Courageous, Wholesome. Without a doubt, the FUNNIEST game this year.

Memorable Moment: Playing Hide and Seek with the Kid in the park. It's precious.

6. A Plague Tale: Innocence -Trailer Link-

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Stark, Gross, Familial. The game is ALL heart.

Memorable Moment: The first time that tidal wave of rats comes at you...

5. Outer Wilds -Trailer Link-

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Gentle, Terrifying, Expansive. I wasn't able to finish this title, but that didn't stop me from having some of the most daring moments in gaming this year. The incredible air of exploration that permeates throughout this title from the get go, made it one of the best games I've played this year.

Memorable Moment: Getting stranded in space, cut off from your ship, running low on fuel...waiting for the inevitable.

4.Disco Elysium -Trailer Link-

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Daring, Ingenious, Grimy. This game is the ugly definition of robust. Originality oozes from it's dirty edges. It's a pure wonder what this game achieves from a Role Playing Standpoint.

Memorable Moment: EARNING a high five from my detective partner.

3.Death Stranding -Trailer Link-

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Deceptive, Unifying, Powerful. There was a moment, weeks after I finished this game, where I was driving across a massive bridge in northern Florida. And BOOM, a theme of Death Stranding hit me. Technology we've made that brings us together amidst a social climate that tears us apart. Real people, worked and engineered and financed that bridge...and I take so many of them for granted. Now this game has MANY flaws, but even still, it was nice having these moments of appreciation.

Memorable Moment: Slowly Building that highway across the land. And knowing People out there are benefiting from it.

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses -Trailer Link-

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Community, Breadth, Friendship. I loved everything about this game. But the charming Characters are what really shines through for me. I loved all 5000 of them.

Memorable Moment: Reuniting with my Golden Deer House after being apart from them. That sequence was amazing and emotional

1. Life is Strange 2 -Trailer Link-

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Poignant, Bold, Personal This surprised me as I came to realize it was my favorite game of the year. The story has stuck with me and I will continue to learn from it.

Memorable Moment: The ending broke me. And the game has inspired me to start drawing again. I've tried journaling in the past. I then tried having a book of poetry, but I just kept getting hung up on the words or lack of which I had to express myself. The main character of Life is Strange keeps a journal where he draws his days instead of writes and it made so much sense to me. It's inspiring.


Is, Gamed (59 games played)

A Plague Tale: InnocenceStunning!

This Game is beautiful. Which is special since you spend most of it navigating through Disease, Grime, and Poop. The way Amicia Protects her younger brother Hugo, reminded me a lot of Kratos and his son. Except instead of being a freaking GOD of war, you are just a teenage girl relying on your wits and the help of friends. Definitely worth playing

Ascension: Chronicle of the GodSlayerThis is Great!

I PLAYED THE BEST HAND EVER OF THIS GAME. It took 4 hours to play and 1 hour for my friends to watch it unfold on their end. I never have to play again, but yes, it’s been another full year of playing this Deck Building Strategic IOS game with some friends. Lately I've been lax on playing my hands. Sorry Brian! I’m really busy making this year end list get off my back! YEESH.

Anthemnot for me

Uggghh! I tried so hard to enjoy this title. My wife and three other friends all jumped into this game hoping for the best...we never finished it. There was SOME joy that came from this. I loved being the being the thickest tank, flying behind my crew, diving from the sky smashing every enemy around me, and then pulling off super satisfying combat combos with my friends. That was the best...unfortunately I would then go on to literally fall asleep doing anything else this game offered. I hope it got better.

APE OUTStunning!

JAZZ DRUM SOLOS!!!! You are this Ape breaking out from a testing center. Someone tries to stop you???? Then you Stop them! The actions you take in the game contribute to the drum solos empowering you to improv your way through sweet Drum fusion. Loved this game and it had a surprisingly sincere ending.

Apex LegendsStunning!

I was driving home from work one day, when my friend texted if I heard of this “Apex” game? I then clicked on his link to watch the trailer (yes I realize I was driving, no I’m not proud). The trailer got me pumped, a brand new battle royal game with characters that seemed similar to overwatch. And then I found out that this brand new game, that no one has heard about, whose trailer had just come out was released NOW. Apex stole my February, and I couldn't have been happier. I've gone on to continue playing it from time to time, still a fantastic experience and what it does for the genre (ping system, good co-op) impresses me still to this day.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Expansion ContentThis is Great!

This game is one of the best supported games this year. They’ve added something new and meaningful to this game every month or so since it’s release. Notable additions are it’s User-Created Story missions, which essentially provides endless quests. The “Discovery Mode” allows you to enter the game world of ancient Greece and turns it into a Guided Museum Quality Educational Tour. On top of that, they added two substantial narrative arcs, the latter of which takes you trekking through Mythical Realms (Elysium, The Underworld, Atlantis) and it's worth every stab.

Auto ChessThis is Great!

I read an Article In Game Informer about this new genre of gaming that has been emerging. “Auto-Battlers” I learned it originated as a modified version of Dota 2. And that that version had evolved to a sweet free IOS game. I jumped in...didn't like it...but then after 3 or 4 matches. Something clicked. I felt...a need to keep playing, and I only contribute that to smart design and engaging ingenuity.

Baba is YouStunning!

Magic. When you realize what this game is trying to do ...it's Magic. It’s that moment when you can feel you brain pulsing, your perception growing, and your blood level rising. Baba is You is one of the most impressive puzzlers I've played in a long time

Bit LifeIt is Good

I read about this game on like, Forbes or something. Apparently it was one of most popular games last year for highschoolers. I gave it a try, it's a text based choose your own adventure and the adventure is LIFE. It was a deceptively deep experience.

Cadence of HyruleThis is Great!

Mmmm, I’m still bopping to this Title. It’s all about the music and they nail every bombastic remix of your favorite Zelda tunes. What's cool is that once you get used to the Rhythm based combat, it turns into a regular ass Zelda game, and I mean that in a good way. Here’s my favorite track: Zelda's Lullaby

ChuchelThis is Great!

What an adorable zany experience, you just help your orange cotton ball friend get his Cherry. It’s simply fun. Loved it

Clash RoyaleIt is Good.

I SWORE I would not play this game again. It’s been one of my favorite games in years past, but I just don't have the time or interest to keep jumping in. BUT they came out with season passes and I fell for the bait hard, played Three seasons, joined a new clan, spent...probably 20 or more bucks feeding the beast...phew I'm good now though. It’s been 3 months since I last played...and I vow...ah-em. I “vow” not to go back to this title. (still a fun game though)

Concrete GenieStunning!

Stunning is a fitting word for the beauty you'll find in this game. The incredibly vibrant colors are only matched by this game’s incredibly vibrant imagination. Saving Ash’s hometown with magically infused emotion filed graffiti is right up my alley. The game's got HEART.

ControlThis is Great!

A Rubber duck who likes to Hide, Post it Notes who like to stretch out, A fridge who demands you stare at it or your eye balls will explode. These are the lovely flavors that make Control Special for me. Set in a Brutalist Building, you navigate the bizarre and eerie contents on the Oldest House, a multidimensional government building that houses all the mysteries the world has ever known...and many they don’t know. I LOVED the game play, I LOVED the world state, I DISLIKED how disconnected I felt to the main character, you spend a majority of the game not knowing who shes is, then once her story started picking up, I had already disengaged my interest in her. I was just playing for the Game part of this, not the Narrative. I'm also well documented for NOT being a fan of Metroidvanias. Still, this game has one of my favorite moments in gaming this year: “The Ashtray Maze”

Days GoneIt is Good.

Okay, It's not the greatest game. The world can feel dry, the characters can feel One dimensional, the narrative can feel stretched. But Damn, I had OVERALL wonderful time with this game. It fed my curiosity of what an open world would be like if zombies ruled the land. Between the quiet moments, riding through majestic mountain landscapes on my custom motorcycle, to the bombastically harrowing battles as I take on a 100+ zombie horde, I had a wonderful time with Deacon St John. I hope they make a sequel and get a chance to improve on the parts that are lacking.

Death StrandingStunning!

I stopped watching trailers for this game after the initial one. Hideo Kojima is known for making games that bewilder and inspire and I wanted to go in as blind as possible. And I'm so glad I did. What initially seemed like a cumbersome delivery game, turns into this powerful commentary on a fractured society. Now I know one could I say I’m reading into it too much. But I believe the game devices in Death Stranding back up this commentary beautifully. The Act of being able to build a bridge that will appear in other player’s games to help them, and those players can let you know they appreciate your effort. IS EVERYTHING. This forwarding of goodwill hit me deep, and inspired countless hours where I deviated from the main story just to build highways for my fellow gamers. Kojima made 70% of a game, then put the 30% remaining into our hands to shape the land. It was a remarkable lesson and it felt electric knowing I helped someone’s game and they appreciated my work. I’m also all for the weird fourth wall, Norman Reedus tomfoolery this game throws at you.. That being said, the STORY itself did not resonate with me and the shooting elements seemed to contradict everything the game was setting up. Still a poignant experience.

Destiny 2: ShadowkeepThis is great!

I made a vow last year, to never doubt Destiny again. Jumping with my friends is still super fun. We accomplished an insane dungeon quest to get an epic bow and it was one of my proudest moments in gaming this year.

Disco ElysiumStunning!

This is an extraordinary experience. You're a cop who wakes up with amnesia and has to get his shit together. But his mind is filled with a whole lot of voices and personalities trying to tell him how to be... so what do you do? This game felt like "WHAT IF" Pixar’s Inside Out Met Sin City and it should definitely be played if you like Narrative heavy experiences

Dr. Mario WorldIt is Good.

I got into this IOS game hard when it came out. Topping our local leader board, competitive with friends, flexing my Dr. Bowser Powers. And then boom. It got too difficult to keep up with and I kind of fell off. There’s something there though.


I firmly believe this is one of the most significant games to experience this year. While it’s not technically out, Media Molecule released the Early Access version and that alone has created some of the most imaginative and wonderful experiences I've had this year. Dreams allows the player to create their own games. And I've spent the year delving into the creations of my fellow gamers, and I’m floored every time I log on. It’s INCREDIBLE what people are making with dreams. Don’t miss out when it launches next year. Or pick up the early access and check it out

Ericaeh, it’s not horrible

This is a Full Motion Video Game, that films it’s actors playing out a myriad of scenarios based on the decisions you make. Like a Choose your own adventure Movie. I had a good time poking at this Adventure. Played it twice through and was satisfied. It was the equivalent of watching two back to back B-Movie supernatural crime thrillers.

Fire Emblem: Three HousesStunning!

This is My first Fire Emblem game and I LOVED it. I fell for the characters, the gameplay, the story, the setting, the mundane day to day school life. It was a special kind of enjoyable. Tedious at times, but in a satisfying way. I picked the Golden Deers as my house and had an incredible journey that lasted ...so very long. I wanted to play it again to see how different things could have turned out and to answer some questions that are still burning for me, but alas I had to play other games this year right? Also…. I’m ready to try perma-death.

FortniteIt is Good

I didn’t play Fortnite much this year. Dropped in to help a friend complete a quest, and then again to check out JJ Abrams badly improv with Geoff Keighly, but Whatevs, I played enough to know FORTNITE IS WEIRD. That game is a freaky acid trip and I commend all that making it that way.

Friday the 13th The GameThis is Great!

I want to make it a tradition to always play this game in October with my friends.

Friday The 13th Killer PuzzleIt is Good.

A charming ass Puzzler that revolves around murdering fools as Jason Voorhees. It’s free, go play it!

The Friends of Ringo IshikawaThis is Great!

This experimental game fascinated me. From Picking fights, to studying for exams, to having a dedicated smoke button. This game is rad and weird...and frankly hard to write about. But I loved it.

GwentThis is Great!

An IOS card Collecting game, based on the Card Game in the The Witcher Series. I love Gwent. This version is not as addicting as the in game version, but it does the job

Heads Up!This is Great!

This is the winner of the Game I Played Most with My Coworkers Award. Still Fun, Still fancy

Jack box Party Pack 6This is Great!

The creators behind these packs know what they’re doing. A collection of 5 games, ranging from trivia to competitive joke telling, we had a blast blasting through these.

Kind Words [lo fi chill beats to write to]Stunning!

Sometimes you just need to remember there’s someone out there thinking of ya. This game helps you remember that, and maybe help others

Kingdom Hearts RemixIt is Good.

I played the newest version of this game to help me understand the story. And it does! My plan is to play every Kingdom Hearts Game to help me understand KH3

Kingdom Hearts Chain of MemoriesIt is Good.

A decisive title in the franchise, infamously known for its card based combat system. A system I actually really got into. The story was also very beautiful and made me think about the power of memories.

Kingdom hearts 2It is Good.

Love it, still a fun blast to play. Felt appropriately dated, but the combat holds up nicely

Kingdom Hearts 358/2not for me

Alright so I'm borrowing the KH collection disc, and when I went to play this game, it actually just played a movie version of it. It was like 3 hours long but felt 200 hours long. I'm glad it didn't make me play it to be honest

Knowledge is PowerThis is Great!

This is Sony’s Answer to the Jackbox Party Games, and you know what? It rocks. It’s only one Trivia based game show. But what it does nicely is that the higher production value is evident.There’s a level of polish on this game that makes it impressive, check it out

Later AlligatorStunning!

This is the funniest game of the year. Find a way to play it, don't want to say more.

Life is Strange 2Stunning!

I've been chewing on this game every day since I've played it. It’s powerful and the impact it had on me is profound. All I want to do is talk to people who've played it and.. Share..

The Lion’s SongStunning!

FLOORED. I’m so sad I didn't play this game when it originally came out. It’s a Narrative Driven Adventure where your choices impact the outcome of the story. AND. ITS. BEAUTIFUL. Each chapter Follows a different artist; a Musician, a Painter, a Mathematician, and a Journalist. The way it all wraps up had my jaw dropped and my eyes watery.

Mario Kart Toureh, it’s not horrible

I was so hyped for this Mario kart Game. the idea of playing Mario Kart with my friends with the most accessible video game platform(smart phones) was tantalizing to say the least. Unfortunately the game was not multiplayer and still isn't. Instead you challenge your friends for the highest score bragging rights. But then I realized your highest score isn't based on your skill in racing but if you’ve leveled up you equipment enough to give you more points

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 The Black Ordereh it’s not horrible

I hated this game at first. You had a robust roster of Marvel's best. But in order to succeed you have to pick and lock down just a few of them, to level them up appropriately. This meant instead of constantly swip swapping my smash up dream teams, I picked three that I never switched because I had to level them up. I REMEDIED my disappointment by bumping the difficulty down. Then I could swap to hearts content


A Smart ass, Loot collecting game, where you delve dungeons at night then sell what you find during the day.

Mortal Kombat 11This is Great!

I love the story modes of these games so much. And this one is no exception. 90's versions of the characters pop through a time portal to meet their current day counterparts and it's zany as hell. That being said, I got really deep into the previous title, Injustice 2, so I was kinda burned out on getting any deeper with MK11

OverwatchThis is Great!

Still my most played game to date. As always it's taking everything I have to write this and not play overwatch right now. Love this game, although it's been a pretty slow year with tired seasonal events. But hey! I love watching Overwatch league, Love my Overwatch Group and players, and Love watching Content that makes me better at the game. Overwatch has become part of who I am at this point. Yikes. I said it out loud.

Pokemon Sword ????

I’ll be honest. I only got to play a few hours with Pokemon. It came out around the same time as Death Stranding and Star Wars, so it just fell through the cracks. I will finish it next year! I’m sure it’s great!

Realm RoyaleIt is Good.

Tried this Battle Royale out, the hook is you play as a fantasy class, wizard/rogue/warrior and when you die you turn into a CHICKEN with a chance of coming back if you survive. What fun!

Rocket LeagueThis is Great!

Still Solid. Every year I will always find time to rock a couple matches of this

Shadow of the Tomb RaiderIt is Good.

While I enjoyed the exploration of this game, It did feel like an expansion to the previous stellar title. That being said, I had a fantastic time unraveling the mysteries of Lara's latest caper.

Sims 4Stunning!

So I didn't play this, this year. BUT I forgot to add it to my game last year. My bad! I went hard last year creating my sim and drinking the Sims in. I’ve played them all, loved them all. I’m luck though cause i find finality in these games. I make one character, play them slowly, make a family and when I get to the 4th generation I stop. It works for me. Great game, no surprise there.

SkyThis is Great!

Made by the maker of Journey, this game takes connectivity to the next level. I could talk about the beautiful windswept landscape they've crafted or I could talk about the romantic flying sequences through the clouds, but INSTEAD, I’m gonna talk about how much I loved just sitting at a table playing truth or dare with two other adventurers. It was dumb fun but a true connection

Slay the SpireStunning!

Probably the best game play made this year, technically speaking. The systems around this deck building card combat based game are impressive. The more you put into learning it, the more it rewards you. It's heavily skilled based, but with the right amount of luck to keep you on your toes. Love this game.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderThis is Great!

I loved the Story and the Vistas were gorgeous. If it wasn't for the game breaking glitches, I would've loved this game so much more. Not mad, I just feel bad for the game.

Super Smash Bros. UltimateThis is Great!

Every time a new Character comes out I Jump back into Smash Bros to put them through the ropes. It’s really fun. I actually like playing Smash this way. For a few hours every three months.

Telling Lies eh, it's not horrible

It’s a Full motion video Skype Session Mystery. Kind of boring, It didn't quite interface smooth enough to feel like I was making progress, so I stopped

Tetris 99This is Great!

What a surprise! Shadow Dropped outta nowhere. Tetris is Tetris and this is a damn good one. Seeing 99 other players on the screen with you is feverish and i love it. That being said, I'm consistently mediocre at Tetris. I KNOW WHO I AM!

That’s You!This is Great!

A companion piece to Knowledge is Power, It's a fun party game with great production value

Untitled Goose GameStunning!


Werewolf TycoonEh it’s not horrible

Charming as fuck, until you realize the game is forcing you to lose, just so it can sell you ads or make you spend money

WindjammersThis is Great!

One of the most fun, competitive sports games out there. COME AT ME MADDEN

Wizards UniteNot for me

I was enraptured by the lore in this game. The Gameplay however was frustrating and inconsistent





10. End of the F***king World-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Simple, Quiet, Killer Soundtrack. This is the followup to one of my favorite shows ever made. While this season tells a smaller story, it still delivers on it's defining style.

Favorite Episode: The Flat Tire, Episode 4

9. The Witcher -Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Lived in, Exciting, Cool. This show stays faithful to the source material and I'm so happy that everyone sees why we're huge Witcher Fans

Favorite episode: “Betrayer Moon”, episode 3

8. The Mandalorian-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Thrilling, Adventurous, Teems with Personality. Star Wars is at it's best as a TV Show, in my opinion (Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance) And The Mandalorian only furthers my feelings on that. Pedro Pasqual is phenomenal in this and I love that the whole series doesn't take itself TOO serious.

Favorite Episode: “Chapter 3: The Sin”

7. Sex Education-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Unassuming, Daring, Witty. This show was so much more than I expected. I love a good coming of age tale and this is one of the best I've seen.

Favorite Episode: The Birthday episode 5

6. Veep-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Well written, Tight, Exemplary. This is the standard y'all. Good luck future.

Favorite Episode: “Veep” Episode 7

5. Easy-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Natural, Powerful, Vulnerable. The finale of a this journey brings closure to a powerful show. If you liked the Raw honesty of Marriage Story, this is the show for you. Genuine.

Favorite Episode: “Swipe Left” Episode 5

4. The Boys-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Brash, Swift, Enlightening. This breakneck, take no prisoners, show delivers on all of it's promises. And I love that they timed the release of this "Superheros Gone Wrong Joint" to come out the same year as Avengers Endgame. Smart.

Favorite Episode: “The Name of the Game” Episode 1

3.Good Omens-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Mysterious, Whimsical, Perfect. Sheen and Tennant are dynamos. I can't think of anything I didn't like about this series

Favorite Episode: Hard Times Episode 3

2. Euphoria-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Overwhelming, Jaw Dropping, Tough to watch. I bought into this world and the strife of it's characters. At times...I had go on walks, get out of the house, just to process the feelings this show evoked from me.

Favorite Episode: “Shook One Pt. II” Episode 4

1. When They See Us-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Infuriating, Heart breaking, Powerful. This touched every part of my heart. It's incredible.

Favorite Episode: The first episode.


Is, Shown (38 shows seen)

Arrested DevelopmentThis is Great!

This was the Final Season. It started great, got real...off putting towards the middle, but STUCK the landing putting a bow on one of my favorite Shows of all time.

BallersIt is Good.

This was also the Final Season. By the end, the two main characters Spencer(The Rock) and Joe (Rob Corddry) were SO annoying with their egotistical immaturity. BUT the season brought up legitimate concerns in the sports industry (better healthcare for the NFL, compensation for college players, Esports recognition). While I was over the main peeps, I truly appreciated the subject matter.


Season 2 was just as tight as the first. Barry is an incredibly written show about a hitman turned actor. Season 2 deals with the consequences that transpired and the anxieties facing Barry in his struggle to find his identity. Special Shout out to Anthony Harrigan for the funniest character on TV this year

Big Little LiesThis is Great!

Season 2. I didn't think there needed to be a second season and then Meryl Streep Showed up. Its cool seeing people deal with their choices. The character get super insufferable this time around

Black MirrorThis is Great!

Season 5. Great new tales to be told. I will watch every season they'll give me

The BoysStunning!

Startlingly Polished. A raucous ride, timed perfectly to come out the same year as Avengers: Endgame. I was on the edge of my seat for every episode

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2Eh it’s not horrible

Wow, i never fell off a series as hard as I did this one. I really liked Season 1. But damn was I bored and just phoning it in through part 2. It felt like a lot of episodes were just filler with little substance to grasp onto

DisenchantmentThis is Great!

Season 2. Still charming as hell. The best part about this Matt Groening Joint, is that it's not just funny, it’s endearing. The characters are genuine, flawed and face their flaws, and it's wonderful to watch


Final Season. Remarkable. This is the conclusion to one of my favorite shows. It’s like Black Mirror, but tricky Relationship Drama instead of robot bugs in your brain

End of the F***king World Stunning!

Season 2. They capture the power of silence and tap the full potential of soundtrack art. This show is endlessly fascinating to me.


This had me so emotionally shook, I had to pause an episode so I could just pace around my house in the middle of the night, whispering expletives(so not to wake my wife) just so I could process what this show was doing to me. Incredible work.

Game of Throneseh it’s not horrible

Final Season. It started SO promising. But once the Nighttime “hard to see” battle hit, I got real worried. While there were still moments that had me cheering, Arya’s faint maneuver, The Hounds last stand. I still feel like they tried to shove too much content into the final episodes, making the whole season feel rushed. Which is sad, I like game of thrones, still do.


This Website, provides some of the content I watch the most, from Quick Looks of Video Games to Charitable Marathons, Giantbomb is a wealth of game related entertainment and I will continue to watch them for as long as they’ll let me

GirlFriend ReviewsThis is Great!

What a surprise hit this year. Each episode revolves around a Girlfriend’s take on whichever game her boyfriend is currently playing. The Channel has evolved into a wonderful, well written/edited/performed piece of gaming entertainment that has had me laughing all year long.

They’re also super cute

Good OmensStunning!

David Tennant and Michael Sheen shine in this smart mythological adaptation to this Terry Pratchet/Neil Gaiman novel. I got one word to describe this series. Perfect.

The Good PlaceStunning!

Season 3. My wife and I are always one season behind on this show cause...hey we don't got Hulu. But that won't stop us from thinking this is one of the best shows around.

The Graham Norton ShowThis is Great!

Clips. I'll be honest we don't watch full episodes of Graham Norton but if you tallied up the total time of the plethora of clips and excerpts we’ve seen, you’d think we’ have

Hot OnesThis is Great!

Seasons 1-3. This is my surprise hit of the year. I slept on this show because I thought it was “just” a watch celebrities do dumb shit thing. And while... it IS that, I didn't expect Sean Evans to be the best dude ever. He's a host who asks great questions and delivers an authenticity to the show that's very genuine. He drew me in and now I'm hooked, I've even ordered one of the custom sauces from the show...it's delicious

Last Week Tonight with John OliverStunning!

This is my wife and I’s first pick for “eating together while watching something” choices. It’s witty, smart, and also dumb in all the right ways

The Mandalorian Stunning!

Furthers my belief that Star Wars is best shown as a TV SHow. The Mandalorian delivers a fun bounty hunting western romp, that knows just as serious to take itself.

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David LettermanThis is Great!

Mr. Letterman knows how to command a stage. Watching him work with no strings attached is wonderful

Neo YokioThis is Great!

The Jaden Smith Animated Vehicle, is odd at first, but super charming at a second glance. The world state and character building matched with its robot butler riding imagination really gelled for me.

No Clip DocumentariesStunning!

Danny O’Dwyer continues to deliver the BEST, quality driven, in depth coverage in gaming. He’s not afraid to go deep and I love this series for it.

Orange is the New Black This is Great!

Final Season: While my interest in this show has waned over the years, the topical nature of the final season brought a dire relevancy back to me. As a good portion of this series takes place in a Immigration Detention center. It ends by raising money for the people this show is about and that’s beautiful.

Peace CraftThis is Great!

My friends had me watch this. Griffin Mcelroy's quest to play WarCraft, with zero violence, was spellbinding. Our friend showed me the first few episodes, and I immediately got home and finished the rest. Good Fun!

Sex EducationStunning!

I had no idea this show would be as moving as it was. This coming of age show about a teenager who takes what he’s picked up from his sex therapist mother and starts helping a demographic of sexually confused people....Highschoolers. But the show is about way more than that, and the themes resonate way deeper. A great show

Silicon ValleyThis is Great!

Seasons 1-6. Yep, I watched ALL of Silicon Valley This year. I heard the final season was coming and I've have always been curious. Luckily I was not disappointed, this is a very funny well written show about success and failure and how those two things blend together often. While the gang got frustrating, I never turned on them, which I can't say for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Girls, or Ballers. All in all, this show is a good time and a harrowing look at our best friend and adversary...tech.

Skylanders AcademyIt is Good.

This is my Wife and I’s second choice "when eating food show". It’s light, fun and simply a joy to watch.

Stranger Things 3Stunning!

When the camera first introduced you to that mall, I got goosebumps from my childhood. Not because our mall looked like that, but all the TV Shows and movies I watched as a kid told me malls looked like that. And I was happy. The show is great too, I love checking in with these kids every year and I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here

The Ted Bundy TapesIt is Good.

Frightening and yet fascinating. So much Sadness.

The Umbrella AcademyStunning!

A surprise hit for me. My wife told me I’d like this and she was not wrong. Based on the comic Written by the front runner of My Chemical Romance, Umbrella Academy has Macabre whimsy that matches Gerad Way’s vibe perfectly. The show is like a dark take on The X-Mansion and how growing up there could really mess you up.

Unit LostIt is Good.

This is a British Gamer who primarily covers Overwatch. He worked with my favorite OWL team , the London Spitfire, so I got to watch his escapades interacting with them. He’s got a great energy about him that is fun to watch.


Final Season. This remains the best written comedy on television. fight me.

Video Game DunkeyThis is Great!

I read an Article on Dunkey that compared him to the Rock/n Roll Shock Jockies of old. Loud, irreverent, yet a genuine message underlying it all as he covers a medium that older generations don't quite understand.

Voltron: Legendary DefenderThis is Great!

Final Season. This series ends with such a good pay off for sticking with them for 7 seasons. What a fun journey and a tear filled finale.

When They See UsStunning!

Power. Sadness. Rage. It's Important to watch this.

The WitcherStunning!

I Love that this show has hit a chord with mainstream audiences. It nails the vibe of the books and thus, the game. Personally I’m just so thrilled to see a franchise I love Witcher brought to life faithfully like this.

Your OverwatchThis is Great!

This is my “go to” Channel when I want to improve my Overwatch game. They analyze the pros and provide easy to understand pointers to become the best you can be..





10. Midsommar-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Tense, Unnerving, Imaginative. I love the power of silence and this film lives there. It leaves you... truly Unsettled. BEAUTIFUL cinematography.

Memorable Quote: “So we're just going to ignore the bear then?"- Simon

9. Alita: Battle Angel-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Imaginative, Weird, Adrenaline Pumping. This movie got my blood pumping and tickled my imagination for days after I watched it. I just fell in love with the world and its characters. I’m drawn into the plight of the titular character, and I'm down for any more adventures she needs to take.

Memorable Quote: “You've made the biggest mistake of your life...underestimating who I am.”- Alita

8. Us-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Masterful, Suspenseful, Hilarious. Peele is a master. His ability to marry comedy with horror is brilliant. I found myself chewing on this film long after I watched it.

Memorable quote: “If it weren't for you, I never would’ve danced at all.”- Red

7. I Lost My Body-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Creepy, Moving, Elegant. I love a film that can find a completely unique way to tell a conventional tale. I Lost my Body is a wonder.

Memorable Quote: “So...you DON'T have to wait for the buzzer to end.”- Naoufel

6. The Farewell -Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Beautiful, Inspiring, heartwarming. this film makes you want to hug... everyone... at all the times. brilliant performances across the board especially from Zhao Shuzhen, she's a powerhouse.

Memorable Quote: “Life's not about WHAT you do. It's more about HOW you do it”- Nai Nai

5. Last Black Man in San Francisco-Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Original, Cunning, Poetic. There's a unique voice that comes out of this film that I've never heard before. It's powerful and earnest. This darling of a film knocked me on my ass.

Memorable Quote: “People aren't one thing”- Jimmie

4. Marriage Story -Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Honest, Visceral, Devastating. This was an elegant and nuanced look at a couple going through a separation. The best part, is feeling how much they Love each other through all the heartache. I hope it sheds proper light on the predatory nature of those who profit off Divorce. That shit made me mad

Memorable Quote: “He didn’t see me as separate from himself”- Nicole

3. Once upon a Time in Hollywood -Trailer Link

No Caption Provided

Pizzazz, Eerie, Stylish. The polish on this film is shiny, which is cut by the spooky-out of movie- knowledge you go into the film with. Tarantino still takes chances even though he doesn't have to.

Memorable Quote: “That was the best acting I’ve ever seen in my whole Life” - Trudi

2. Parasite -Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Mischievous, Fresh, Engrossing. This Film is a remarkable testament to character driven narratives.

Memorable Quote: “She’s Not ‘Rich, but still Nice’. She’s Nice because she’s Rich” -Chung-sook

1. Avengers: Endgame -Trailer Link-

No Caption Provided

Daunting, Explosive, Fulfilling. I still can't get over that they pulled off the cinematic feat of fulfilling what I grew up thinking was an impossibility. A decades worth of investing in all of these characters paid off in the most bombastically fulfilling way. Is it my favorite film this year? Oh Hell yea.

Memorable Quote: “Everyone fails at who they’re supposed to be. A measure of a person, of a hero, is how well they succeed at being who they are” - Frigga

Is, Moved (83 movies watched)

AladdinIt is good.

This Live action take on my favorite Disney movie growing up was just fine. I had tons of fun seeing this tale told in a different way. I thought Will Smith nailed it as the genie providing a different take that felt like his own instead of trying to impersonate Robin. And I love that they filled out Jasmine's character more.

Alita: Battle AngelStunning!

Damn. This movie got my blood pumping and tickled my imagination for days after I watched it. I just fell in love with the world and its characters. I’m drawn into the plight of the titular character, and am down for any more adventures she needs to slice through.

Always Be My MaybeThis is Great!

Charming as Hell. Ali Wong and Randall Park are national treasures. The movie gets bogged down by cliche towards the end, but that doesn't ruin a wonderful "stay in" date night movie watching experience

Aquamaneh, it's not horrible

Yea it was dumb, but I was totally in the mood for this kind of dumb, when I saw it. I’d watch ten more of these, lets go Jason Momoa!


What a magnificent piece of work. Somber yet gorgeous, this movie is set in Dakar, and is more than it seems

Avengers EndgameStunning!

It Floors me that they pulled it off. The culmination of over 20 movies, all came down to this. AND IT WORKED. Say what you want about big action blockbusters, the scope of MCU is monumental and its influence will be studied in Cinema History for years to come

Avengers Infinity WarStunning!

I rewatched this at the top of the year. What an ending, what a setup…

BandersnatchThis is Great!

The Black Mirror folks decided to get a little randy and make a choose your own adventure movie, where you get to pick which paths the main character will go down. This movie gets weird if you start poking around at the different scenarios it provides. Worth exploring if you have the time.

Batman BeginsStunning!

My favorite of the Nolan Batman Films.

Bird BoxThis is Great!

This was Blowing up last year while I am writing my list, so I didn't have time to watch it then. Glad I did now. There’s a freshens to this scary flick that adds to its sincerity. I like it.

BrightburnThis is Great!

Great stuff. Sometimes you want to see that superhero flick, that shows the reality of what having all those powers could be like. This film is a brutal take on kid superman

Captain America The Winter SoldierStunning!

I didn't give enough credit to this film when I first saw it in 2014. But upon rewatching it, yea its a stellar action flick.

Captain MarvelIt is Good.

While I loved her addition to the roster and the introduction of more Space lore. I was not into the forced 90s references shoved into this movie.

CarsThis is Great!

I didn't care for this film when I saw it originally in the theaters. But many years later and a newer appreciation for Paul Newman later. I loved it.

Cars 2It is good.

A fun caper, although there’s only so much Mater I can take. Still he’s super sweet, and who care this movie introduces BOATS to franchise!

Cars 3Stunning!

This is a beautiful flick.It really challenges the notion of self worth being tied to your identity, and why change is so difficult. And it was a great way to say farewell to Newman.

Cats Not for me

Yea I won't lie, this was difficult to watch. Mostly for the boring factor. I personally didn't find it weird enough or sexy enough to ruffle my feathers, but damn...was it boring at times. There was a Judi Dench Song in the middle of the movie, where the entire audience seemed to check out at the same time. That being said, Francesca Hayward delivers a wide eyed beautiful breakout performance. It was cool seeing Dance on the big screen regardless of it's source material. And for what it's worth, I could follow the story, which is more than I can say for when I saw the Play version. Idris Alba is ridiculous.

Chappelle Sticks & StonesThis is Great!

Dave Chappele. Always funny, great standup. Great during credits content too

The Dark Crystal This is Great!

Last time I saw this movie I was like 2, so it was great actually getting to see it this time. The puppeteering is astounding. We meant to watch the Show that followed it ,but then we forgot.

The Dark KnightStunning!

Just as amazing as it was back then

The DescendantsNot for me

Why did we do this. The parents are great (Kristin Chenowith, Kathy Najimy). Everything else is rough. Great premise though!

Detective PikachuThis is Great!

Getting to experience a full audience watch their childhood come to life simultaneously was a privilege. I could hear people, under their breath, whispering the names of Pokemon as they appeared on screen, it was so cute and real. The movie itself is spectacular fan service done well. Justice Smith is a National Treasure

Dumbo(1941)This is Great!

It has been a while since I last saw the original Dumbo. It's a beautiful tale, ugh and when his mom sings Baby Mine ...yikes… the waterworks. But what I didn't remember was that the movie ends just as it's picking up.

Dumbo (2019) It is good.

So where the original movie ended, this one continues. I found the veiled commentary of how themeparks killed the carnival industry, extremely clever of Tim burton, seeing how Disney is holding the strings. It was a fine movie

The Emperor’s New GrooveStunning!


Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and VileThis is Great!

What’s scary about this movie is that it only shows Ted Bundy’s charming side. Showing you what it felt like to be a loved one of his. Not knowing about the monster behind the charm. Wonderful performance by Zach Efron

The Farewell Stunning!

Breathtaking. Beautiful performances across the board. Inspirational. And leaves you wanting to make sure those you love know it,

Fast & Furious 8This is Great!

Rewatched this at a friends house.. It’s Still ridiculous, it's still fun

Fighting with my FamilyThis is Great!

The Biopic of the Wrestler Paige was all parts charm as it was stressful. You follow two stories, Paige, who makes it past her audition into the WWE and her brother...who doesn’t. Both sides are filled with heartbreak and strife. Finding what saves them in the end is truly touching and worth watching.

The First Purge It is good.

I like the premise of The Purge. I liked how they fleshed out the origins. It's kind of sad.

Free SoloStunning!

Yea this is an harrowing documentary. It’s all about a mountain climber who doesn’t use ropes on dangerous climbs. I’ve never hurled that many expletives at my television before as I did watching this guy. The less I say the more you’ll get from this experience

FrozenThis is Great!

I like Frozen. The Songs, the story, the Characters. Olaf can be a bit much though

Frozen IIThis is Great!

I like Olaf now.

FYREThis is Great!

It's hilarious watching scammers get busted and humiliated. What's Not hilarious, is watching all those they’ve hurt and who are stuck in the aftermath

Game NightThis is Great!

Wow, this movie was a blast to watch. I want them to make so many more of these.

Godzilla King of the Monsterseh, it’s not horrible

Sure, this happened. Twas cool seeing big monsters fighting. I mean c’mon

The Greatest Showmaneh, it’s not horrible

This movie is just a vehicle for great songs. And the Songs barely seem to grasp what is happening in the movie. The songs all end the same too (sing the chorus very slowly and somberly..finish.)

Green RoomThis is great!

A tight Suspenseful thriller. The independent flare Reminds me of an early Saw

Guava IslandThis is Great!

Childish Gambino is special. I’m very happy he’s out there taking chances on his art. This Movie starring Donald Glover and Rihanna is trippy yet heartfelt. Check it out.

HighSchool MusicalIt is good.

I got a soft spot for this Movie. We heard a bunch of it while working at Wannado City. So one night I got with a bunch of work friends and we watched, laughed, and drank our way through it. Now when I hear those songs, a nostalgic smile comes across my face

Hobbs & Shawnot for me

Yo I thought I would love this movie. I mean I'ma big Fast and Furious guy. But damn, the more this movie became about the actors and not the characters, the less I cared. I actually fell asleep during Idris Alba's torture interrogation scene. Not even the action could shake me up enough to gain interest. Oh well.

How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World It is good.

A great end to this great series. I wonder if I'll ever watch all the TV show content they made of this...maybe one day.

I Lost My BodyStunning!

Incredible. It’s Homeward Bound, but with a severed Hand. The tale it weaves through the perspective of a disembodied hand is poetry in motion and really must be watched to understand why it works so well

The IrishmanThis is great!

Scorsese’s influence has elevated the quality of television (Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, etc) so when I watched the Irishman, it honestly felt like I was watching a good TV show. Not bad, still wonderful...just too familiar and therefore less impactful to me. Joe Pesci is on another level in this flick

John WickStunning!

Damn, I’m sad we waited so long to watch this. The combat choreography is stellar, the premise is solid, the world state is fascinating and the Keanu...well is perfect

John Wick 2Stunning!

Continues the high degree of tight action meets simple motivation

John Wick 3 ParabellumStunning!

This is such a consistent franchise. Each movie continues it’s high level of stunt choreography while the world continues to grow and flesh out

JokerIt is Good.

I was looking for a more grounded movie when I heard they were going to do a serious take on the Joker. While the ride was still thrilling to watch (costumes, colors, acting) I found its message a little too on nose ( yea I know what I did there...). I was hoping for a more subtler movie

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle It is Good

Way better than I thought it would be

Jurassic World The Fallen KingdomNot for me

Same Jurassic Hoopla. It’s a pretty tired formula. Justice Smith though...still a fan of him

KrampusThis is Great!

Fun Christmas Horror Movie. I’m a big Adam Scott fan.

Lady and the Tramp (1955) Stunning!

This is the first movie I can remember watching as a baby. It will always be special to me because of that. Rewatching it was one of my first actions on Disney+

Lady & the Tramp (2019)This is Great!

They keep the themes but update the script to take out dated gender/racial follies and promote the adoption of dogs. I really liked it. Favorite song, Janelle Monae: He's a Tramp

The Last Black Man in San FranciscoStunning!

Impressive. An original tale told in an original way. Breakout film makers Joe Talbot and Jimmie Fails make a 2 hour love story to San Francisco, by showing the beautiful parts of it with the withered parts of it. It’s weird film, and I loved it for that.

The LEGO Movie the Second PartThis is Great!

Lego movies are funny. This one gets... trippy with its plot.

The Lion KingThis is Great!

What I liked about this remake was the subtlety I could pick up on with the Lions. There’s a moment where I could read the subtext behind Scars intentions and it was actually very sad and drew empathy from me for him. The Vistas were breathtaking too.

Marriage StoryStunning!

Devastating. This was an elegant and nuanced look at a couple going through a separation. The best part, is feeling how much they Love each other through all the heartache. I hope it sheds proper light on the predatory nature of those who profit off Divorce. That shit made me mad


I love power in silence and this film lives there. Imaginative, eerie, unnerving..this film hits all the notes its going for and leaves you.. Unsettled. BEAUTIFUL cinematography.


It had been over 10 years since I last saw this movie. I put it on as something in the background while I was babysitting my niece. And woof.. I was a teary mess within the first 20 minutes. The story of Mulan’s relationship to her father whose summoned to war is so...heartbreaking. The live action remake is going to destroy me

The NeverEnding StoryIt is good

I worked at a Summer Camp where kids sang this song at every stage night. They learned of it from the finale of Stranger Things 3. After hearing it so much, the first thing I did when I got home that month was pop on this movie. And you know what. It's still good. I like weird fiction that really gets out there.

The NeverEnding Story II it is good

This is the movie in the franchise I remember the most as a kid. It was fun relieving my childhood memories

NoelleNot for me

If you watch the trailer to this movie, you will have seen all of the best parts of this film. Disappointing.

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodStunning!

I really loved this film. There’s this underlying tension throughout the film that mixed the plight of the characters with your knowledge of how it ends in history. The way Tarantino played with that was delightful. All the performances were engaging, Leo floored me. Still feels fresh...although...too many feet close ups man c’mon.


A true delight to watch. There is a reckless whimsy that whips up inside you when seeing this Korean flick. It makes you want to get up to some mischief yourself. The payoff is well worth your time and the commentary on class systems is heavy.

RampageIt is good.

The Rock doing Rock stuff.

Ready or NotThis is Great!

An engaging thriller, with a playful hook. A family who enacts a bloody tradition has the tables turned on themselves as an impressive Bride thwarts they're dogmatic dullness. A great Watch


The best way to capture Elton John is by making a musical biopic about him. This film lives in a daring fantasy world where EJ’s songs are re purposed to convey moments of his life. It’s brilliant. And the costuming is beautifully accurate. While Eggerton can’t match Elton’s pipes(who can?) he carves out his own beautiful mantle to stand on and really shines in this film.

Ron Funches Giggle FitStunning!

My favorite Stand up Comic. His observations and unwavering diligence to work hard is inspiring. I’m still wiggin out that he was on a Podcast on this website. WORLDS COLLIDE

The Santa ClauseIt is good.

A nice trip down memory lane. Still enjoyable, although Tim Allen’s shtick is a pretty dated

The Santa Clause 2It is good.

Weird,. Santa Has to get married in like 2 weeks. The journey was fine, but then having Elizabeth Mitchell abandon her whole life for him in the end was kinda cringe worthy.

The Santa Clause 3eh, it’s not horrible

The premise gets tired, but the world building is fun. They definitely thought out how Santa's works and it’s nice seeing it enacted. Martin Short is a fun addition, while his impact on the story is ultimately negligible.

Shazam! It is Good.

Super Fun, I thought this movie was going to be too corny to enjoy, but it turned out to be just charming and sincere enough to win me over. I look forward to the next one

Steamboat WillieThis is Great!

This was the first Movie I watched on Disney+. All this time I’ve known of Steamboat Willie, but I've never seen it. My Takeaway.....Mickey Mouse is an ASSHOLE, Holy crap, does that Mouse mess with people.

SkyscraperIt is good.

More Rock stuff, I think I overdosed on Dwayne Johnson this year. Never thought that would happen

Spider-Man Far From HomeThis is Great!

A beautiful epilogue to Avengers Endgame. I liked everything except the conceptual villain shit. It felt disconnected from the heart of the film to me.

Star Wars Rise of Skywalker This is great!

I got everything I wanted from this film. I cried, I cheered, I gasped. The beautiful fan service it delivered was so powerful, and they pulled it off. It’s a shame this trilogy got derailed from its original tract, as a whole it feels disjointed and fractured. But hey...that raging ocean fight...is insanely amazing movie making right there.

They Shall Not Grow OldStunning!

My favorite movie from 2018 that I watched in 2019 and a must watch for everybody. This film brings a level of understanding to WW1 that’s important and necessary. Peter Jackson acquires tons of footage (some of which is over 100 years old) and throws EVERY OUNCE OF HIS PASSION at it to restore that footage to high definition. You’ve never seen The Great War like this. Words don't do it justice, watch this: They Shall Not Grow Old

Toy Story 4Stunning!

Like many others, I felt like the book on Toy Story had closed since the Third Movie ended so perfectly. I felt like nothing else needed to be said. Pixar proved me wrong. They weave a beautiful finale to Woody's Story that I didn't expect and I'm all the better for witnessing it. Also, Annie Potts knocks it out of the park.

Triple Frontier it is good.

A War/Heist movie with a great cast (Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam, Pedro Pascual, Oscar Isaac). The characters make choices in this movie that pissed me off and turned me on them. I don't know if the intention of the movie was to root for them, but I certainly wasn't.


Jordan Peele is a Master. And this movie continues to prove it. His ability to marry comedy with horror is brilliant. I found myself chewing on this film long after I watched it.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle This is great!

An eerie tale that feels like the prequel to every Creepy house on a hill movie ever made. This movie shows the reliance on pattern and identity, then challenges everything.

Won’t You Be My NeighborStunning!

This is the Mister Rogers Documentary...tears...just tears… What an empowering human being he was.

YesterdayIt is Good.

A Musician wakes up to find that no one remembers The Beatles, then takes it upon himself to bring their music to the world. There’s a lovely romantic tale within this premise, that gets bogged down by rote cliche by the end. Up till then, the romance is really sweet and sad. The music is fantastic of course and Himesh Patel should be a household name.


AND THAT'S A WRAP! Happy New Year!

If you're a glutton, here's links to all my previous years and their respective lists:

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Respect for this mate

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Always nice to see someone else giving Good Omens props. I still need to see Parasite and a few other movies you listed, although I don't usually make my movie list until around the Oscar's so I can watch the movies at home if I missed them in theaters.

What did you think of Us compared to Get Out? A lot of people seem to prefer Get Out but I felt Us was significantly better and like you, it left me chewing on a lot long after the credits were done rolling.

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@sombre: Thanks! It's a lot of work, but it's great to look back on years from now. I appreciate you taking a gander

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@darthorange: Good Omens is so....well...Good right?

I always struggle with the movies that come out in the last week of the year, I usually miss them. I may have to make a separate list, like you, just for Oscar Season.

Get out was the big debut, it packed a huge punch and word of buzz that was electrifying when it came out.. I think it was my favorite movie of 2016 or '17 when it released. So that being said, "Us" HAD to be just as good or better because now we have an expectation of Jordan Peele films. So with all that, he made a movie that was not only remarkable, but could stand on its own. And THAT'S the real jaw dropper to me.

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#5  Edited By XenturiK

@darthorange: Also thanks for reading my year end review. I really appreciate that! I'm jumping into your list now!

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@xenturik said:

@sombre: Thanks! It's a lot of work, but it's great to look back on years from now. I appreciate you taking a gander

I kept a big old spreadsheet of all the games/anime/movies/tv shows I watched this year, but writing them all up into something cogent is a herculean task.

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Awesome set of lists! Netflix really is great isn't it? I just added a few shows in your recommendations.

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@frodobaggins: Yea, Netflix is hitting a nice stride with good original Movies and Series, but they also have ALOT of bad too. I find there's great content on HBO and Prime as well. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it!