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So I've been working on this on and off for... months? And now I decided it was finished.


- I'm not selling prints myself, but you can download the full size image and print your own copy at your local shop, as long as you don't turn around and try and sell them yourself, obvs.

Full size :[CLICK HERE]

- The image is best printed at an 11x17 size

- If you'd like to kick a few bucks my way in addition, I have a Ko-Fi at ko-fi.com/scarymask

- Thanks!

The Guide: Here's a numbered version and a list. I'll try and start adding links to them later.

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  1. Sky Train!

  2. Mommy, Daddy, Sarah, Billy (Nintendownload X-press)

  3. G and F’n R! (Skyrim)

  4. The End of The Matrix Online

  5. “Let’s Watch A Pro”

  6. The Package (Murder Island)

  7. DMX Goomba

  8. Dave, Hardcore (Flight Club)

  9. Normandy (Mass Alex)

  10. Dog Football (Jerry Rice)

  11. Matt Rorie (It’s been a long road…)

  12. Drobot (Skylanders)

  13. Marry Kish and Robot Friend

  14. Shaquille O’Neal, Professional Basketball Player

  15. VR Will Smith (Men in Black, Handcock)

  16. Cartoon Jan

  17. NEVER

  18. Browny (Conta: Hard Corps, This Is The Run)

  19. Bruce Lee

  20. Skull (Fifty’s)

  21. Alex as Mega Man (Blue Bombin’)

  22. Yarn Kirby

  23. A small hat

  24. Ryan as Robo (Chrono Trigger ER)

  25. Screaming Kinect Animal

  26. Drew as Solid Snake

  27. “Did that say Cyber-Raptor?”

  28. POLICE STATE (Mario Maker)

  29. “Would it mean anything if I did… THIS?” (Contradiction: Spot the Liar)

  30. Abby as Mario (Steal My Sunshine)

  31. Cool Baby (Don’t shake)

  32. Odie (Garfield with Gestmann)

  33. Spaghetti Sauce (Hitman)

  34. White Face (Spookin’ With Scoops)

  35. Patrick as Splunky (With Bat!)

  36. Hot Dog Costume

  37. Vinny as Dracula

  38. A Bat

  39. Ben as Goemon

  40. Keyblade (Kingdom Heartache)

  41. Mmmmmmmike (Partyqueue)

  42. Asshole Skeleton (Dark Souls)

  43. Hunk Pipe

  44. Yoshi, of the Island

  45. Pooka (Jar Time)

  46. Glasses borrowed from client

  47. Brad as Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premoniton ER)

  48. Shagbark (Daily Dota)

  49. Podracer (Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace)

  50. A Knife

  51. The Purse (Pick it up, Sleeping Dogs)

  52. The Bomb (Giant)

  53. Jeff as Charlie Tunoku (Persona 4 ER)

  54. Back off man, I’m a Scientist (Jackbox Party Pack)

  55. Dan as Waluigi (Mario Party Party)

  56. Fudgehog (Viva Pinata)

  57. Mr Games Xteen (Time Trotters)

  58. Warren (Ranking of Fighters)

  59. Tetris Battle Gaiden

  60. Mount Your Friends

  61. Gang Beasts

  62. Jason as Ten Count

  63. VR Alexis

  64. The Couch

  65. Hatsune Miku

  66. Jeff Bakalar (Sim version)

  67. Earthshaker Pinball (Hard to move, good to hide under)

  68. #skate4

  69. #weed3

  70. #teambrad

  71. Sparky Whitmore (Family Feud), T-posing (Game Room)

  72. Rum (Age of Booty)

  73. Nacho Cheese Oreos

  74. Geometry Wars(Breaking Brad)

  75. “Should Legos Talk!?” (Lego Island)

  76. Disc (Windjammers)

  77. Grey Alien (Exquisite Corps)

  78. Chibi Gelatinous Cube

  79. Austin as Kerbal (Project: BEAST)

  80. King Kai Planet (All Systems Goku)

  81. Karaoke Bird (Beast in the East)

  82. Hot Dog Man (Life is Strange)

  83. Handi-bot (Rec Room)

  84. Halo (Halo)

  85. Luchadeer

  86. Professor Genki (Saints Row 3)

  87. Danny (Alt-F1)

  88. Zebra (Far Cry 2)

  89. Euro Truck Simulator

  90. Mania Planet

  91. Forklift (Shenmue ER)

  92. Car (Burnout Paradise)

  93. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Happy 10 years duders.

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#2 Posted by Heroiczero13 (25 posts) -

Holy crap. That is awesome! Job well done!

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#3 Posted by ThatRoss (50 posts) -

Incredible. Love this so much.

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This is amazing, well done!

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Great stuff, duder!

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How do I give you money for a print?

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Fantastic! I want to hang that on my wall.

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#8 Posted by chebbles (120 posts) -

Amazing duder, also scary knowing the majority of those references, it's been a long road!

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#9 Posted by ActionMan85 (8 posts) -

FT: $

ISO: This print

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#10 Posted by turboman (9847 posts) -

This is a really nice update to the collage that @papercut made a few years ago for the 100th Best Of. Nice work!

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#11 Posted by Firepaw (3133 posts) -

So much amazing stuff going on here.

Also Sparky Whitmoore doing the T-pose makes me endlessly happy :D

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This is a good poster i like it!

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#15 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4403 posts) -

Oh wow, there are references in there that I don't recall. It would be great if there were a list of the references and links to their videos!

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#16 Posted by FrodoBaggins (2024 posts) -

Amazing. So much love went into this I can tell.

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#17 Posted by liquiddragon (3291 posts) -

It’s aight, 5/5 stars.

For real though, it’s awesome!

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#18 Posted by eladren (348 posts) -

Just amazing!

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#19 Posted by Bicycle_Repairman (677 posts) -

This is incredible! great work.

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#20 Posted by vagrant_gamer (17 posts) -

I need to frame this and hang it in my office!

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#21 Posted by theuprightman (216 posts) -

Fantastic work

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This is fantastic art! Love all the deep cuts and reference to GB content! Awesome job!

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#23 Posted by JeremyF (344 posts) -

This is seriously amazing!

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I want to give you money for a print of that!

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#25 Posted by Ungodly (446 posts) -

Fantastic job! Every time I look at it I catch another reference. Wonderfully done and full of love. Great job duder!

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#26 Posted by Redhotchilimist (2954 posts) -

Awesome, really well done!

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#27 Posted by mezmero (3729 posts) -

This is wonderful. So many fun inside-jokes crammed into a single collage. You'll be hearing from so many lawyers for this.

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Ahh the Matrix Online ending! Aaaahhh the flying bear from the Skyrim quick look!! Aahhh the history!

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#29 Posted by rmanthorp (4632 posts) -

Good stuff!!

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This is FANTASTIC! It would make an amazing poster. Great work, Duder!

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@toug: I wanna ask: Can I print this marvel and pin it to my wall?

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#32 Posted by LyndBako (166 posts) -

I like that you drew the bomb with a mouth (as it should be) instead of a tongue

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This is full on incredible!

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I believe I have just watched a pro.

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I'd buy that

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That's awesome!

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This is absolutely amazing. So many good moments captured in this poster.

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Why does this forum lack a "like" button that I can smash?

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Any suggestions on printing this? Looks rad, would like to print it but don't have much experience in how to make that look nice.

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That's so fucking awesome!

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Oh boy, there is a lot going on here. OH BOY THERE REALLY IS A LOT GOING ON HERE

(OMG it's the flying bear from the Skyrim Quick Look! And Alexis from that UPF where everyone left him, haha!)

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#43 Posted by Zips (52 posts) -

This is absolutely incredible! I keep finding more and more and am in absolute awe at this. Great job!

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Good job! 😀

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This rules, duder! The longer I look at it, the more I notice!

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I definitely want to see a mailbag video, where they pull out a big-ass print of this. Awesome work.

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Amazing! Well done :)

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This is some wonderful art. Your hard work definitely shows. :D

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I love this. I love all the little details, so much fun!