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Wow! Super cool what you've done here. Ticks all of my boxes (except the "infinite" one - but sounds like you might be working on that?). Hoping to check out the live E3 shows tonight on my TV vs Surface Pro (icky).

Really do appreciate your hard work on this. Just another reason why GB is the best video games related site/community on the internet. Much love to you guys!

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awesome news about gb infinite, thanks for the hard work!

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Hey there! I’m new to Giant Bomb and just signed up for the premium subscription. One of the first things I did was download the app for my Fire TV devices at home. Got my main one working in the living room and now that I installed on the device in my bedroom every time I try and start a video, on either device now, I get an error video saying my credentials couldn’t be verified or I may be attempting something “sinister.” Lol. I have a Fire TV device in every room with a tv in this house and would like the app to work on all of them. Is there a limit for the amount of devices my subscription can be on? Or is there a way I can verify that these are all me, in the same home? Now I can’t get anything to work unless it’s on my phone.

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My mibox updated to Oreo today and gb enthusiast is asking to relink premium account however everytime it says there is a problem authenticating.

Edit: Clearing apps data/cache fixed it.

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@sendo_: Thanks for posting the fix. I was having the same issue too.

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I am getting the "this is an error video" on premium videos through the app. Free videos like Quick Looks are working. Any suggestions?

I tried clearing cache and app data but no joy...

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Works great on the Shield :)

It would be really dope to add Live Channels support to this for the GB Infinite stream.

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Any plans on supporting Oreo's channel feature? Would be pretty cool to have the latest videos right on the home screen.

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Anyone else experiencing extreme buffering issues the past two weeks or so?

On an Nvidia Shield, hard wired into a gigabit fiber connection, and every minute or two it buffers for 10 seconds or so.

Doesn't matter which GB video I'm watching. Nothing else buffers on the Shield (Netflix/Plex). And GB doesn't buffer on any other device in my home. I've had to take to casting to the Shield from my phone. Very annoying.

I've already tried a full factory reset and reinstall and it didn't help. Ideas?

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I can't get any videos to play on this over last two days, both live and archive. Anyone else having problems?