Congratulations to Dan and Bianca!

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Congrats and live mas, Dan and Bianca!

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That's so awesome! Congrats Dan!

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I promised myself I wouldn't cry!

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Phase 3 is complete!

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I think it's really cool that they are both cool with doing something this dumb for their wedding. Dan found the right girl for him. I need to get Taco Bell in their honor.

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Is our universe actually an absurd dramedy oscar bait with dan ryckert in the lead role?

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Went to Vegas last December and my wife and I also love Taco Bell and eat there at least twice a week; that Taco Bell was always so busy on the strip even when everything else was empty. It was also really cool!

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All the congratulations to Dan & Bianca.

I noticed some of the tacos in the magazine spread have red shells. Did they bring back the volcano taco for Dan's wedding? I'll divorce my wife right now and go get married again if it means I can get my hands back on some of those tasty sumbitches. Best taco bell menu item ever.

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Congratulations to both Dan and Bianca! Hope you guys had a fantastic day.

...I still can't believe the Taco Bell thing, though.

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Congrats Dan & Bianca! That's a really great photo.

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I guess Taco Bell didn't allow Dan's Waluigi suit.

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Think outside the Basilica.

I dunno. I had to try something.

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That's a good looking couple, and some fiiine looking food as well.

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To the happy couple, cheers.

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Hilarious, and congrats!

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Congrats, guys! May you have many years of love and happiness!

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Taco Bell™, bringing people together! Congrats D&B, and thanks Taco Bell™!

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Watched this unfold on Twitter and Snapchat yesterday. Those two are the best. Congratulations! Live Mas!

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That's just so perfect for them.

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The purple suit was a lie?

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How was the pyro?

Please tell me there was pyro.

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That is incredible. That blue drink looks pretty good.

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@sfw44 said:

That is incredible. That blue drink looks pretty good.

Baja Blast is only the 3rd best flavor of Mountain Dew.

Congrats Dan and Bianca!

e: In that last picture is that Byers of the Lone Gunmen on the far right?

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Congrats Dan and Bianca!

Love the fact that if you google "Dan Ryckert" google suggests Dan Ryckert Taco Bell :D And it's got the "top stories/ news" section with articles about the wedding too.

Dan and Bianca are famous(er)!

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Congrats! What a fantastic picture.

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hope they got some tacos with that wedding :)

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From the linked article:

“It was actually one of the first conversations we ever had,” he told PEOPLE after learning he’d won the contest in April. “She told me that she’d pick Taco Bell over a fancy Mexican place any day of the week, and I knew then that we were going to be a great fit.”

This is absolutely something that I can believe Dan Rykert said.

Now, to look through that article's comments! EDIT: Fuck, there aren't any.

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To Dan and Bianca

"May their joys be as deep as the ocean
And their misfortunes as light as the foam."

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I...I might go to a Taco Bell today to commemorate this. Congratulations you two.

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I like the champagne glasses filled with what appears to be some form of slushee.

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Aww, you guys! Imma cry over here! Congratulations.

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I can't wish you both enough happiness. :D Congrats!

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Dan truly is the modern Forest Gump.

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Aw, awesome. :-) Congrats to both of them.

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@oldenglishc: They have the Fiery taco with a red shell.

That's disappointing. So the volcano taco still up in heaven, with the chili-cheese burrito, watching over us all. And taco bell is still dead to me.

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Congrats! I'm very excited for my own wedding in just over a month.

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I'm somewhere between genuinely happy for the Ryckerts, and in complete and utter disbelief that any of this actually took place, and I voted for them!

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I have never tried Taco Bell, because I don't know if there's an establishment in my country. Pretty sure there isnt one. So watching/hearing how Dan talks about it made me think there is something special that distinguishes itself from McDonald's . But after seeing the fancy food on those photos, Taco Bell really prettied up their menu for this event. Can you regularly order the stuff i see on the pictures?

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I really hope Vinny allows Dan to tell the entire play by play on his next Beastcast. Dan has a great way of making every event in his life sound hilarious.

Congrats to Dan and Bianca!

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@oldenglishc: I'm with you! The Fiery Taco is a poor replacement for the Volcano Taco.

It is missed!

But I also miss the Cheeseburger Burrito.

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Was kind of hoping that Giant Bomb Unarchived was going to be able to snag the wedding footage, since I've never used Snapchat. But maybe they'd get in trouble with Taco Bell.

Also, I feel like whomever wrote that People article secretly feels that the burrito wrapper dress lady should've won, since they get a mention at the top.

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All of this has made me realize that I don't think I've actually ever eaten anything from Taco Bell. I've lived near plenty of them, too, and I distinctly remember going into one with friends a few times, but never ordering anything. Weird! I did go to some sort of taco chain restaurant in Arizona when I lived there in the mid-80s. Might've been Del Taco?

These days, my go-to for taco chains is Chipotle. And when I want something more authentic? There's a great local Mexican place not far from me too.

edit: er, just realized I didn't even say what I wanted to start off with: congrats to Dan & Bianca! What a crazy world we live in.

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Congratulations Dan and Bianca! You are indeed living Mas.

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Grats Dan and Bianca! Always a joy to see people happy. I wish I was eating crunchwraps in their honor, but Taco Bell's too far from my office right now!