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I've looked at a lot of R-Types and Gradiuses and what not, but I just can't find this exact thing.

2D side scrolling horizontal shmup, the level I remember was in space, some asteroids in the background (?);

As the level was scrollong there was like a big ship or space structure (man-made like) on the bottom of the screen you could go behind some parts of it, if you didn't want to fight enemies (?), so your ship would be behind the structure/ship.

The shield you could get was blue and looked like something out of Gradius-G. I don't remember the pick ups making the player too powerful, I barely knew how to play the game and kind a always failed at the end of the level, the boss or whatever had a lot of HP/I didn't know how to activate special attacks.

I played it on the PC (Windows XP), around 2004-2005, Europe. It must've been from a demo disk or something. That's what's bugging me, finding PC demos info is pretty hard for shmups from that period.

I've been searching for this exact game for a while now. I've found other games in the past that were also kind a obscure, but this one escapes the hell out of me.

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There is an old computer game that I used to play like 6 or 7 years ago. It was a platforming game really bad quality with a yellow background and the little character you used was blue. You had to go to different sides of the screen and go through doors to collect items and use them to get more items so when you went through the final door you would have 100% of the items. I've been trying to remember the name of this game for months please help

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okay so i dont have much information because i played it when i was younger but i do remember bits and pieces of the story line.

i know it was a pc game

maybe early 2000?

at the beginning of the game you are either a mouse or other small rodent and all of a sudden your home catches on fire and then you go out on this adventure and this is where it gets fuzzy so here are the bits.

i remember building something with ants? i also remember visiting a rodent underground that was a friend of the main character. i think the whole point is to figure out how the fire started but im not sure. any ideas would help. Thanks!!

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@dancewithknives: That is all very generic but a couple games come to mind. System Shock or System Shock 2 both take place on a spaceship and SS2 is fairly violent. Doom 3 fits your description except it takes place on Mars not on a spaceship, but you wouldn't know that from playing a demo of an early level. Plus the brutish alien could be the pinky demon. Those guesses aside, there were literally dozens of sci-fi shooters in that era and many involved shooting aliens on a ship.

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@raven10: ill look into sustem shock 2. Im positive it wasnt doom 3 since ive beaten that game 2 years ago. Thanks anyway for your help, i knew it was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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iOS Game that I have been trying to find for a while

Background: It is an old tank war game but you dont control the tank. You buy different ones to confront the opponent.

System: IOS, iphone or Ipad

Year: Around 2010-2014

Perspective: Top-down view, cant remember if you played vertically or horizontally.

Art style: Retroistic, with a war flair to it.

Environment: You would play levels and each level would play on a different field.

Genre: It was a strategy game i believe.

Gameplay: You would be on the bottom of the screen and the ai at the top, but you have to scroll to reach him. You would earn money gradually and send different kinds of tanks and to his base. You would also build different towers to defend your area.

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@zaros said:

There is a game which I have spent years looking for, it's similar to Astro tripper, you control a space craft and you are on some kind of space platform, you can see your ship in top down view, the platform is like an arena with different sections where you can gather weapon upgrades for your ship, there were also lots of AI ships which you needed to destroy, I also think I remember when you died you would be in a new ship, it was a really addictive game, thank you so much for taking time to help me find it.

Hi Friends,

i asked this question about 2 years ago, does anyone have an answer, any thoughts on what the name of this game is?

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Hy guys so there is a game which I played on Windows XP which I have been searching for quite a while, it is an adventure type 2D side view game which had beautiful pixelated graphics

In it you are a teenager(ish) guy, at the beginning you have a video of you walking out of the city when 2 creatures (maybe lizards) warp next to you, one takes your girlfriend away and the other leave a red-white shoe to you then warps away...I can't remember if there was any text because I couldn't read it...

Then the first three level plays in a calm forest-type, in which you need to collect 4 different (amount is depending on the level, about 7-12) gems in order to open the portal to the next level (like the gate is present but it won't take you unless you collect those gems). Then the demo ends and you are required to pay 7-10 dollars to advance (but I've played it 7-9 years ago) then you have 1 forest themed level then 4 desert-themed, 4 medieval-themed then 4 futuristic themed levels. I can remember there were secrets in the medieval themed ones and it wasn't a hard game for me (9-10 years old) back then, Oh and also there were no power-ups to upgrade your abilities or special items like invisiblity. There may have been themed collectables as well but the levels were inhabited for example scorpions in the desert, squirrels and bees (beehive, 100% sure) in the forrest and robots in the futuristic one. The final boss was like you got in a little ship (the only time you was able to fire little bullets) and the creature who kidnapped your girl were in a way bigger one

At the main menu you can see the character you are with, the girl at the middle and the blackground were some trees and a grassfield, a desert-sandy place, a castle and a space ship (representing the 4 playable places) all connected with a thin, half visible line

Hope someone will be able to help me, and I've highlighted the important details

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Does anyone know this particular game? I think it was an educational game I played in elementary school (I think I played it some time around 1990-1993). I've been searching all over the internet for it, but couldn't find it...

It has a 3rd-person side-view perspective...

I do remember it involves a guy and his robot companion (the robot was a blocky-looking one). And what this guy was doing was exploring an underground cave (with some narrow tunnels...). The guy kinda sorta resembles Indiana Jones (but different outfit minus the whip). You had to simply move the mouse cursor to get the guy moving. Then there was this part where he sees a shallow pool of water. He then looks up and sees a thick vine dangling from above... He attempts to jump up to the vine, but he misses and lands in the shallow pool instead... he kinda sat there looking embarrassed. Afterward, he climbs up the vine and continues exploring the tunnels in the next floor. And he runs into bats... all you have to do is click on the bats to make them go away... I didn't know what happened in between, but when the guy finally reaches the exit, getting out of the cave, he meets up with his robot companion... and high-fives the robot...

I don't remember what platform it was on, but I'm guessing either Apple II, Macintosh, or PC. One thing's for sure it did involve the use of a mouse...

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Hello again,

I just remembered another game I was searching for or should I say games that ppl might be also interested in as am I.

First game that I am thinking of is an old PC game which is about a futuristic helicopter or police choper with hower rockets to fly. It is in a dark city and the graphics are like shapes of like triangles and so on I think.. I mean the vehicles and so are build old fashion like.. You had rockets in the helicopter I think limited number.. then you had lasers which are unlimited rechargable. You are supposed to destroy the enemy flying ships that shoot at you and also a big RED boss ship that is in another section of the city that you go through a passage like a tunnel which moves you to a different area. The cars and some things on ground are destroyable. also it is boxed like area which you can't really leave if you go up. So yeah I think I played a demo like on Windows XP PC in the years of Lion King game, Hugo, etc. It was 3D.

Second game I was looking for is a racing game which includes destroying other vehicles or basically using a weapon on your car which is unique to the car you pick for instance 1 had like saws coming from both sides other car has like flamethrower or so and so on. They were like monsters inside the cars I think?.. it was a demo game I was driving in like a hell road underground and again PC windows XP old game more than 10 years ago probably. It was 3D.

Third game was a ship defense or a sea tower defense you could pick 1 or the other. It was a 2D game where you could use a movable ship or unmovable tower or castle on water poles. The ship and castle I think was blue color and the enemy was red color you could use mouse to aim with turrets and I think on ship you could use a torpedo maybe or something. It is a survival tower/ship defense game and Idk old game again.

Fourth and last game I'm looking for.. for now is a FPS game where you could play for capture of a diamond shapped light which you had a Blue team and a red team. I played a demo of the game it was in a desert like map both teams started in a like wild west buildings but with AR and miniguns and rocket lauchers and so inside those buildings to pick. There were vehicles you could drive to get to the capture point 1 vehicle for 2 players and 2nd for 4 players to drive in. They were like army colored vehicles and a like a buggy like in PubG game where you have 2 seat vehicle. You could shoot the tires or destroy the vehicles and there was like a tunnel you could go inside a cave to reach the capture point on foot from spawn area. The game had a cool looking like a simbol on the characters suits like a Skull like simbol or something. It is a 3D game.

Also I'm sorry for so many game request searches Idk if there is a limit on how many can you ask for but if anyone else is interested in these games well.. hope there will be an answer and I appriciate for any help is given on finding these games.

Thanks in advance.

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@ltgrimdark: Yes that is correct game I was thinking of. I remember that picture of the game just not the name of it. Thank you very much for your answer I appriciate it. 1 down 3 to go ^^

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I was looking everywhere to try and discover the name of a Internet game I remember playing on the computer when I was young--probably late 90s to early 2000s--but I can't for the life of me remember.

It was some sort of mystery thriller, where you go on assignments to investigate and collect DNA samples from various mythical/legendary monsters, like a yeti (the one I remember most), probably big Bigfoot, maybe an el chupacrabra?

I remember investigating scenes of carnage, like a destroyed arctic science lab, looking for clues, and eventually having to confront the creature to capture it or get some DNA.

I also remember investigating some mystical, occult aspects to it, like in the sewers of London, though I'm not sure if I'm mixing up two different games now. (If it is a different game, I would also like to remember which one that was!)

Any help would be deeply appreciated!

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I am also trying to remember an internet game I played on the computer where you were some kind of Mexican cat animal, and you threw tacos and burritos as weapons/ammunition, lol. I remember loving that game so much.

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I want to remember an early 2000s game maybe 04-08. You were a tank or jeep, i forget. It is a side view side scroller and you jsut destroy everything in your way. i kind of remember sheep for some reason. i believe it is a pc browser game similar to Ear To Die.

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What was a game from the mid to late 90s (on SNES?) that possibly starts with you being put into a morgue drawer and sneaking out. Isometric or maybe side scroller. Seemed more adult focused and had item finding puzzles (key cards, documents, etc). May have been a dream. Thanks for any info.

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I have one:

PC game from the mid 90s. It was a 1st person "3D" RPG / puzzler, and I think the characters hands / arms were visible on either side of the screen, and I think there were rubbish fighting bits. The game started, I think, in a ?dystopian farm setting, and I remember trapsing around a lot with the sound of my characters footsteps and atmospheric background sounds, but little or no music, and having to get to a "Citadel". There were recorded voice-overs from the characters you would meet along the way (though I don't think my character said anything), and early on in the game an Asian sounding character with an exaggerated Mr Miyagi accent gave advice with the phase "yyyyou should know..." which got stuck in my head forever.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but maybe someone else remembers being frustrated with this game but spending ages on it anyway :-/


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Okay this is tough one....I know the game is around 97-98 (for Windows/PC) , it was a demo bit of the game, name i cant remember.... The game featured some sort of futuristic vehicles (it was not a racing game tho, was more like a destruction type of game) the arena was blue-ish and had some areas with ramps where you could pick up power ups or shields... BUT... right when the timer was about to end, you needed to hurry up and go to a large Tube where you would get "Saved" , otherwise the arena would kinda blow up and you end up dying . (example: like an UFO , the light shows in the large tube and you get dragged to the sky, something like that) and ta-da... demo ends...

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does anyone know a side scroller platformer where you play as a blob monster being chased by his inventor. the monstor uses these floting pill looking things that he can swing around as a weapon. the game starts with a spaceship crash.

I played it on pc and remember it looking pretty good I unfortunately don't know the year, but i imagine it was released after 2000.

Thank you!

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so, when i was introduced into pc games my cousin came with a bunch of trial games and i can t remember the name of one of them. It was 2D, world war like, you control a hamster or a rat (can t remember) and you carry guns on your back and you shoot planes as well as tanks or cars in your way, something like metal slug but you can only move to dodge and the hamster is always moving forward. Sorry for the bad details tho' :))

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Good morning,

This game has been in my head for years. I cannot remember the name, however it is from the mid to late 1980s. The type of game is a vertical flying game which the title of the levels are the letters of the alphabet. Once you beat "Z" level it is "." "?" "!", and then you start from "A" again.

You can increase the power of the plane when a flying teddy bear comes out on the screen, and you can power up 4 times, each more powerful than the last. Also if you get to level 4 power up you shoot whirlwinds.

This game is your typical things come out of the screen, you shoot them, and their is a boss at the end.

I played this game so much I was able to continuously go through all the stages multiple times to the point of the place I played the game at closed the place down kicking me out. I really want to play this game again but just knowing the title would be nice.

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Goodday everyone,

I've been looking all morning for a game i used to play when younger, somewhere around 2008 (note that back then it already was a bit old). it was an average search and click game but a few things stuck in my head, one of those being that there were levels with toy robots and another with stuffed animals. i also remember something about a jar. I also remember a classic theme playing in thr background, tho i cant recall the name of it. When you played the levels got harder i think.

unfortunatly thats al i can remember, if you can help me, thank you in advance.

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I remember my cousin playing a game where he would spawn in an area with many grey cubes that he could destroy and then run through. It was online and you needed to shoot the other players and find them. You could shoot above and below as well. Around 2006-2009 I think. After diying you would respawn in the central area.

Please help and tell if you know which game

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Okay, here's one that's a long shot. It was the early-mid 1990's, when Myst was very popular and there were hundreds of clones of it. On one of the PC games we got on CD-ROM there was a long trailer for a game in a somewhat similar art style, but apparently was an RPG with combat. It had that very colorful, geometric style of early CGI but I am not sure whether it was pre-rendered. It may have had a futuristic setting, or a fantasy but without typical swords-and-sorcery tropes. The trailer made it seem like the greatest game ever, with the title inserts just giving numbers like "Over 1000 enemy types." "100,000 man-hours of development." etc. It seemed like it had better graphics than anything I had seen up to that point. I think it was probably first-person, as I don't think you ever see the player character in the trailer, just environments and enemies. I think it was set to some kind of trance music or electronica. I never heard anything else about it other than that trailer, and I don't know if this game ever even came out.

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Approximate Year 1996-1997


POV: 3rd person, scene only changed when you've moved to the boundary, to a completely different view.

Planet was not Earth, but earth like. Egyptian-futuristic. Combat was anything between magic powers, swords and I remember having a handgun.

The opening cutscene really sticks out in my mind. As the main character, you are a guard for the royalty who are conducting a meeting of some sort. During the meeting raiders bust in and start slashing everyone. For one reason or another the main character gets splashed with a poison/acid that disfigured his face.

The premise of the rest of the story was based either around justice, or search for the main characters wife (who was missing after the raid, I forget why and this part is vague) I believe the main character may have been renounced or possibly just viewed poorly due to face dis-figuration.

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There was a game I remember playing on the pc back in 2006/2007ish and it consisted of a top-down view game where the walls were purple (at least at the level I remember playing all the time). Your character had black hair and you would go through levels fighting more demonic monsters somewhat and it had like puzzle elements to it. I remember fighting like a set of eyes and more. Thanks in advance and sorry for the lack of descriptions but I don't remember a lot of the game.

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Hey guys!

I have 3 games that i played as a kid but i cant remember the name ):

The first one was a flash game, it was uploaded at jogos10 under the name "3D Game" but it was deleted around 2005, it had three levels: the first one you were a lizard walking on wooden bridges, the second one you were a bubble at the bottom of the sea (and there was a hat running around and you had to catch it) and i dont remember the other one lol

The second game was a pc cd-rom my dad brought us but we dont remember the name, all we do remember is that it was a spaceship with a light brown bear/dog thing, it had a plant attatched to the ceiling that you could water and it had mini games like tic tac toe etc. The main color of the spaceship was brown-ish and it had this huge screen in the middle.

The third game is the one thats driving me nuts, i could swear its name was Connect 3 but i guess i was wrong lol. I bought it around 2006, it was about a cientist that tried time traveling but then got stuck in the middle ages (i remember the first place he went was this stone house) and the main objective of the game was to go back home.

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I played this World War 2 real time strategy game back in the late to mid 90's. I don't know it's release date, but I'd estimate it would be around 96-98, slight chance it's earlier or maybe later even, but my guess is 96-98.

Random tidbits: I remember it being very VERY top down perspective when it comes to the camera placement, almost no side tilt at all. I remember you being able to place machine gun nest in houses (I think). I seem to want it to have Panzer in the title (note this might be an unintentional red herring from me) and maybe being a sequel in a series. I looked at Panzer General but it don't seem quite right as that looks larger scale. Oh and I remember it being brutally difficult for 9 year old me.

Thank you.

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@wollywoo said:

Okay, here's one that's a long shot. It was the early-mid 1990's, when Myst was very popular and there were hundreds of clones of it. On one of the PC games we got on CD-ROM there was a long trailer for a game in a somewhat similar art style, but apparently was an RPG with combat. It had that very colorful, geometric style of early CGI but I am not sure whether it was pre-rendered. It may have had a futuristic setting, or a fantasy but without typical swords-and-sorcery tropes. The trailer made it seem like the greatest game ever, with the title inserts just giving numbers like "Over 1000 enemy types." "100,000 man-hours of development." etc. It seemed like it had better graphics than anything I had seen up to that point. I think it was probably first-person, as I don't think you ever see the player character in the trailer, just environments and enemies. I think it was set to some kind of trance music or electronica. I never heard anything else about it other than that trailer, and I don't know if this game ever even came out.

Loading Video...

Maabus did indeed come out, and as I've lamented a few times here, it was baaaad. Like, Superman 64 bad. This trailer suckered me hard, and gave me a harsh early lesson in the realities of advertising, haha.

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@shagge Oh my god, yes. That is exactly the thing. I have not seen that trailer in well over twenty years but that is definitely it. It's somehow reassuring to know that my description of it above is completely accurate. The graphics are damn impressive for 1995 but the trailer looks like it was edited together by a 17-year-old intern in one hour. I don't know anything about its development, but after watching this funny review, it looks like what would happen if you pump a ton of money into a new studio and pre-rendered art and then have to boot it out the door after six months when it was half-finished because the director was staying home and shooting porn videos instead of directing the game. Okay, I actually took that last bit from this fascinating history of Retro Studios.

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@wollywoo: Ha, yeah, I'd really love to get in contact with the devs and ask what went on during development of this. It's just such a weird thing, and for some reason I've always had a particular fascination with it.

At least the trailer song is still great. I'd love to know how much they spent on licensing that song. It was a pretty big hit, after all.

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Please help because I'm losing my mind!

Okay so from what I recall it was a 90s game for PC. It was an educational game for kids because I remember playing it at school. The game was supposed to teach children about diseases and sicknesses like the flu and common cold and stuff. Each disease was personified and you'd walk up to them and they'd quiz you on other diseases and stuff like that. I remember it being really dark and ominous for a kid's game but I may have just been young. If anyone has a CLUE what I'm talking about I will be eternally grateful.

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I am trying to find a game which I used to enjoy a lot as a kid, let me try to give you as much details as possible:

It is a PC Game which should have been released around late 90s or early 2000s. It was an alien-type anti-gravity racing game in which you started with a very simple ship and had to complete races against AI controlled opponents in order to be able to buy better ships. Those ships started very blocky but eventually you got to ships which looked very flat and aerodynamic. I remember one of the best (if not the best) ships was called "Phantom" and I am vaguely sure there was also another ship called "Lightning". I think this game is very niche, I remember I picked it up in a store from the discount table for very little money.

I hope that anyone knows it by chance or that someone might have a clue as to what it might be.

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I can give you the youtube link of the game, but it's in portuguese


Can someone help me with the name of this game please?

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There was a game that came out for the NES and I want to say it was near the end of the nes. It was a side scroller action game, you were a demon devil thing almost like a Gargoyle's Quest II clone. If I remember correctly it may have been an unlicensed game. I remember it was a dark game where the background was always black (with red as the primary color pallet?), and it was hard as hell.

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Ok this might be a hard one.. It’s a game from the 90’s. Must have been PS1 but I’m not certain. It’s a hidden object/survival horror game. You start out in a hospital or something like that. You have to find clues and get out. All I can remember is it was creepy, there was a phone that you could pick up but was disconnected and I remember it being futuristic-ish.. Sorry not much to go off but it’s been driving me crazy for years now. Good luck and thank you.

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@melcene: I am not sure if you ever found the answer to this, but I am fairly sure you are remembering Jungle Hunt on the Atari 2600.



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So I remember this game I played, I think we had a Windows 95. You started out in a type of spaceship, you crash on this planet and your engine gets scattered. The planet is covered with toxic waste barrels that are spilled over and you have the mutant 2-3 headed monsters chasing you when you go through their area. There is also these orchards with man-eating plants. When you find a piece of the engine you have to take it back to the ship and plug it in. That’s about all I remember I think it had the menu on the bottom of the screen? It’s kinda vague but it’s driving me nuts that I can’t think of it! Please help!