Box Office Winner's League: The Predator

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Posted by Rorie (5809 posts) -

It's that time again!

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If any of you were around for the old days at Screened, you'll recall that we used to run a contest called Box Office Winners League when we got the feeling to do so. It's a simple premise: guess how much money a movie is going to make in a given weekend, and if you're the closest guess, you win! There's a bit of skill in it, since box office is roughly predictable, and there are tracking companies that are paid quite a bit to do so, but there's also a lot of luck, since almost no one is able to consistently guess a box office weekend with any degree of accuracy or precision.

The rules are pretty simple.

1. Guess how much money the movie The Predator will make in its opening weekend in the U.S. We'll count all the money it makes through next Monday, which includes the Thursday night previews. Just throw it in as a reply to this post, e.g.: $56.79 million (be as specific as you like).

This movie is not looking so good! None of the trailers have really landed for me, but maybe there'll be some campy fun. I'll check it out when it hits Google Play in a few months!

2. Make your guesses as a reply to this thread, and make sure that they're in by Thursday 9/13 at 9 PM PST/Midnight EST/whatever crazy clock time you have in your crazy timezone. I won't count anything after that. DON'T EDIT YOUR POSTS IF YOU CHANGE YOUR GUESS! Just delete it and make a new post. I won't consider anything that has been edited.

3. The winners will be determined the next time I do a BOWL. Weekend estimates are often released on Sunday afternoon, but we'll wait for the real numbers to determine a winner. I'll compare that number to see who's closest; over or under doesn't matter.

4. There'll be two winners. The closest Premium user will win one of these fresh happening snap-back hats:

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The non-Premium winner will get three months of Premium time.

That's pretty much it! Go forth and prosper, or something. I'll reserve the right to change any of these rules as I see fit before the deadline, but I doubt that'll be necessary. (Don't be a dick and make it necessary, in other words.)


From the last BOWL for The Avengers: Infinity War

Premium: @briten wins a Nightcrawlers poster! I'll reach out for your address!

Non-Premium: @sunspark gets three months of Premium!

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#1 Posted by BreakawayLamb (7 posts) -

28.64 million

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#2 Posted by TheArcticSloth (18 posts) -

34.51 million

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#3 Posted by sopachuco13 (487 posts) -

23.13 million

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#4 Posted by solus_impar (92 posts) -

$40.1 million

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#5 Posted by derachi (132 posts) -

36.21 million

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#6 Posted by Wario64 (32 posts) -

25.3583498464 million

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#7 Posted by VoodooTatum (118 posts) -

$34.95 million

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#8 Posted by RJPelonia (927 posts) -

$28 million.

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#9 Posted by PeezMachine (470 posts) -

35.6 million USD

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#10 Posted by bathala (1573 posts) -

26 Million

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#11 Posted by Hosstile17 (844 posts) -

18.7 million

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#12 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8908 posts) -

41.5 million.

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#13 Posted by ajamafalous (13818 posts) -

36.3 million United States Dollars

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#14 Posted by bobdude1234 (47 posts) -

56 million USD

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#15 Posted by 1DER (96 posts) -

30.1 million

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#16 Edited by ArmadaCharge (3 posts) -

28.76 million

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#17 Posted by SierraWhiskey (7 posts) -


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#19 Posted by Satori (16 posts) -


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#20 Posted by Forcen (2567 posts) -

15 million

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#21 Posted by Dayve86 (177 posts) -

24.32 Million

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#22 Posted by cyber95 (47 posts) -

25.5 million

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#23 Posted by berniesbc (250 posts) -

$36.5 million

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#24 Posted by Ungodly (449 posts) -

48 million

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#25 Posted by Trefusis1313 (37 posts) -

28.6 Million USD

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#26 Posted by JustSurvive (7 posts) -

$29.27 million.

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#27 Posted by SUPER_STANO (53 posts) -

$22.5 Million

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#28 Posted by Hivetyrant (19 posts) -

$37.7 Million

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#29 Posted by isomeri (3124 posts) -

$46.57 million.

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#30 Posted by captubaplayer (216 posts) -

$44.3 million

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#31 Posted by BeachThunder (15156 posts) -

$ 29.77m

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#32 Edited by SlimEmJim (2 posts) -

$25.649 Million

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#33 Posted by Corevi (6796 posts) -

$27 million

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#34 Posted by RonMexico (14 posts) -

$52.41 Million

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#35 Posted by Rayeth (1203 posts) -

87.4 million.

Thanks for putting these together Rorie!

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#36 Posted by Quipido (1567 posts) -

61.2 mil! Also, this movie looks so bad!!

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#37 Posted by igotebola (23 posts) -

18.96 Mil

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#38 Posted by timvasion (10 posts) -

21.3 Mil

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#39 Edited by BoOzak (2615 posts) -

50 million.

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#40 Posted by csl316 (14977 posts) -

$25.1 million

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#41 Posted by purspike (64 posts) -

32.5 million USD

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#42 Posted by farpandora (2 posts) -

29.23 Million

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#43 Posted by Rahf (513 posts) -

$30,4 million.

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#44 Posted by Barthez (196 posts) -

$14.9M 😄

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#45 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Three dollars and fifty cents

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#46 Posted by broletariat (83 posts) -

13.5 million

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#47 Posted by Marcsman (3823 posts) -

37 million

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#48 Posted by ArmedBear (278 posts) -

$35.75 million Pick me, I'm here, do it, come on, DO IT NOW!

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#49 Posted by johnlucero (14 posts) -

$36.75 million

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#50 Edited by d3fr0st (1 posts) -

$31.4159 million