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The final beta is now open to everyone for the rest of this weekend.

I tried it out and now I know I don't need to buy this game. If you're curious, check it out.

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Thanks for the heads up! Guessing that's on the windows store.

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I played an hour of it and this just seems boring to me. I hope there’s a lot more to this. I’m not sure if playing with friends will help much either.

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It's a fun ass game but it's a hard sell at $60 with not a alot of content. Thankfully I got game pass so I'll still get to play it whenever I want. Seems like a game that's going to be amazing in a year or two if they keep supporting it.

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@dude_dudenstein: A number of things.

I played with a friend. Every mission was the same. Get a quest map, find the island depicted on the ships map, sail to it, spend 30 seconds finding the X and then finding treasure. At one point we found a message in a bottle which put a twist on it - it told us to go to an island, then when we got there find a specific feature then walk X paces from it. That's it. All we got from turning chests in was gold. All you can do with gold is buy cosmetics for your pirate, your ship and your guns. There's no reason to explore island without having a map for it. All that will be there will maybe be some skeletons, some cannonballs, planks of wood and a banana or two. That's it.

We saw a fort island and went to check it out. The whole thing was manned by maybe 4 skeletons. The combat against the skeletons is bad. You hit them a few times and they die and you get nothing for killing them. Even if they've a gun that matches yours, you don't get any ammo or anything from them.

The combat against other players is also pretty bad. At one point we sailed back to port and got stuck between two big ships with 4 players each having a battle. When I was trying to defend I was being hit by an enemy and there was no visual or audio indicator of it. Then because they had 4 people and we had two, they had three people camp our ship while another made away with our chests. Every time we spawned we'd immediately be killed again - you get no invincibility frames or any buff to help you defend your ship. You also get to waste a few seconds being blinded by white light while you load in, while they get to line up attacks. Then they sunk our ship and we just spawned a new one on the other side of the island.

It's just incredibly aimless and because there's no benefit to exploring any islands without having a quest for it it makes it feel less about exploration and more about just ticking boxes and looking for specific locations.

It reminds me a lot of The Tomorrow Children. It has a great look, it has a fun idea, but the execution and the goals for playing are incredibly lacking.

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Seems like I kept getting disconnected every ten minutes or so. Wonder if I'm the only one (unlikely).

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I put a couple hours in solo, got some chickens for a quest, and then was mercilessly harassed by a team of 3 who exposed a broken element of the game, i kept resurrecting on my ship, which they were on and would instantly kill me. I would love this game if they could fix that but goddamnit was it maddening

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it seems very empty