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#1 Posted by metalsnakezero (2884 posts) -

Hearing Jeff talk about his dislike of the stamina, degrading weapons, and how he's pacing through the game makes me wonder what you guys dislike about the game despite really liking it?

I have a few

1. Trying to climb during the rain. Mostly when I'm in the middle of climbing a cliff and just want to get over a short ledge.

2. Half of the VO. Character's like Daruk, Impa, The king, etc are pretty good but half of Zelda and Mipha lines sound off despite being good voices for the characters.

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#2 Edited by Cerberus3Dog (1029 posts) -

Not to sound overly nitpicky, I think the overall level of polish this game has highlights some of the problems I have with it.

  • Cooking meals takes you out of the inventory menu every time. It should leave you in the menu system because I am always batch cooking. I'm never cooking a single meal.
  • I agree with the voice acting. It's subpar. Also the English dub doesn't match the mouth animation.
  • I've been limited to 100 stamps when I've felt the need to use more.
  • I really miss proper dungeons.
  • The frame rate

I'll have to see how my fight with Ganon goes, but as of now, BotW has the smallest main quest line since the 2D Zeldas. Despite being the largest Zelda ever made, the main story sections moving me through the game are lacking and feel insignificant. That's just my opinion however. There are probably plenty of people who are fine with the minimal narrative.

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#3 Posted by The_Ruiner (1779 posts) -
  • Needs a batch cook
  • Zelda's voice
  • Needs language option on the app level, not just system level
  • Should be able to use scope from horseback
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#4 Posted by doctordonkey (1856 posts) -

That eventually I'll have done everything and the game will end.

Other than that, on Wii U the framerate is pretty rotten. VO is pretty middling, would've really liked the option of turning on the Japanese dub, considering you can't even turn off the subtitles anyway.
I think the complaints of inventory management are way overblown, after the first 10 hours I was just lousy with good weapons. Finding the dude who upgrades inventory space also makes this a non-issue, I have way too many weapons now, I don't even need them anymore.

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#5 Edited by takayamasama (1550 posts) -
  • Frame rate is tough in towns/villages
  • Traversal is horrible for the first few hours of the game. The base stamina is far too low for even the most basic getting around/climbing/swimming. I understand building upon it to feel accomplished but I think they started you too low
  • Combat is boring and easy. I don't get how people think this is a hard Zelda, the game is 100% Perfect Dodge, Perfect Parry, or 1 arrow to the head for a long stun. Once you can pull that off nothing gives you trouble.
  • Dungeons. The dungeons are horrible. They are boring too look at as soon as you get inside, they are the easiest (and shortest) dungeons in a Zelda game in regards to both the puzzles of the dungeon and the bosses, the boss design is horrible and lazy (all 4 look the same minus their weapon).
  • Final boss encounter has a part where the game does nothing to hint at how to actually hurt him, and I foresee a lot of people getting very, very pissed off spending 10+ minutes trying to figure out what to do. Game needed some sort of clue outside just "try everything".
  • Final final boss encounter is lazy and ripped straight from other games. I understand homage, but come on guys try to make it a bit unique.
  • Voice acting is 100% pointless, adds nothing, and not even used much. I'm super confused why they even did VA for the game, since the character's don't actually have many spoken lines, just 3-4 lines then back to text and grunts.

I really enjoy the exploration and discovery of the game, and the Shrines are amazing mini puzzles, but man I REALLY don't like almost everything tied to the "main quest" in this game, whatsoever. It felt lifeless, boring, uninspired and just lazy to me. It's kinda funny, cause the exploration in this game comes close to giving me that feel Morrowind game me all those years ago, pure discovery and enjoyment, trial and error and learning my way. I just wasn't expecting Zelda mimic the Elder Scrolls game in regards to it's main story as well: tedious, bad and the least enjoyable part of the game.

A lot of people when talking about my issues with Zelda seem to respond "well I've just been exploring for 25 hours and it's still amazing" to which I reply: Then you are still playing the great part of this game. Once you decide to try to work and wrap up the main quest, this game loses almost all it's charm and it's quite a bummer.

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#6 Edited by MrBGone (55 posts) -

I would've liked japanese dub.

Link being a silent protagonist creates a problem: all dialogue scenes will be monologues. It's basically people talking to themselves with a swordsman hanging out nearby. Hard to pull off good scenes with that.

I would have prefered no vo, textboxes all the way baby!

An item to help you climb during rain would have been really rewarding.

I love the fact that rain can mess upp missions to the point of having to abandon them or desperately try to find a safeplace with a fire.

During a certain mission I thought I was in the clear from danger after sneaking like a badass. Then raindrops fell on my head, I fell and triumph turned into a fight for escape and survival.

Having a pickaxe or something would've made me so thankful that time. Or maybe some spell to change the weather? Love the mecanic, but it needs a counter.

Inventory management needs a do-over.

Other than that? A huge dungeon really testing you, like the epic journey along the deep roads in dragon age origins. They should be able to add that as dlc :-)

Other than that? Masterpiece. It's amazing how the game can just change shape at times and suddently become the best of a completely different genre. The high stakes at eventide, collecting a certain memory.

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#7 Posted by cornfed40 (619 posts) -

Main quest is Elder Scrolls levels of boring, lifeless map, cooking and weapon degradation are aweful, and stamina sucks. Kinda just realizing that 3d Zelda just isn't for me. Loved Link to the Past, Links Awakening, Link Between worlds, etc., haven't gotten much enjoyment out of Ocarina, Majora's, Twilight, etc. once the novelty wore off. Wind Waker had its moments but I think for me that was more art style than anything.

Oh well, glad people are enjoying it by and large, the world needs more games people love.

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#8 Posted by Bleshoo (228 posts) -

Can't change the temperature to Celsius.

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#9 Posted by sfw44 (275 posts) -
  • Frame rate can get rough
  • Weapon durability sucks, but I'm getting used to it

I still really like the game though

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#10 Edited by SpaceBacon (155 posts) -
  • Lack of proper dungeons. I mean I can appreciate them thinking that since the world itself is full of stuff and kinda the main attraction with shrines and such maybe long dungeons on top of that would be too exhausting but it's not even the length really, it just bugs me there are basically no enemies in them, just some puzzles. I want proper showdowns with minibosses/multiple enemies at once.
  • Some of the voice acting, mainly Zelda. She kinda sounds like a "princess", sure, but she does NOT sound like the kind of character that is portrayed on the screen and in the writing. She sounds like some completely out of touch sheltered princess who just attends tea parties and has never seen the world. Her acting is especially bad during the emotional scenes.
  • Rain is too common. It wouldn't be so bad if climbing wasn't a key activity in this game or rain didn't make it impossible. If you are in the middle of nowhere and it starts raining you need to just wait it out in case there isn't even shelter to build a fire under.
  • Combat somehow feels like "two steps forward, one step back". They changed up the basic combat from "Battle dudes with a sword and sometimes use your items a bit." to a style that accommodates melee combat, ranged combat, stealth and environmental tactics which I think is great. Also they gave you multiple weapon types which again is great. What bums me out is all of the melee fighting feels very basic. What happened to being able to choose between horizontal slash, vertical slash and a stabbing attack? What about being able dodge behind the enemy with a roll to attack their back, being able to finish off knocked down enemies or attacking the head with a helm splitter from TP? Those were all fun and I wished they would add more move variety in future Zeldas, not simplify it.

Even with these complaints I find the game amazing. I tend to honestly complain more about games that are really good than about games that are merely okay because flaws feel worse in something that is close to perfection.

edit: Oh also I realize this might be kind of hard to deal with in a truly open world game but it's pretty easy to break the difficulty. In the very beginning I was dying often enough if I screwed up but it didn't take me that long to find the gear with seemingly the best defense and upgrading it to a point where something exploding in my face takes away like 1/4 heart. In the future I might challenge myself by putting restrictions on what armor I allow myself to use. I guess there's that hard mode to look forward to... in like half a year. I'm hoping it will be actually well thought out, not just stat inflating.

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#11 Posted by rmills87 (560 posts) -

I'm only about ten hours into the game so far on the Wii U, and I'm loving nearly everything it has to offer, frame rate issues be damned. The only minor annoyance I have is that your total amount of playtime is nowhere to be found. They can't just put that as a footnote on the load/save screens? I understand that the Wii U has the ability to tell you the total playtime you've logged, but it would be nice to see it right in the game. Other than that, I'm smitten with this fucking game. I play it every chance I get, and if things continue along this path, my wife may divorce me. She is not a gamer girl, unfortunately :-(

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#12 Edited by deactivated-5a48049f850e3 (80 posts) -

as @cerberus3dog said dungeons the divine beast are awesome but lacking a bit like no real bosses besides different versions of Ganon I have 3 of 4 Devine Beasts down now and I hope there is more if it's just get the beasts not get stronger and fight Ganon I will be disappointed.

The cooking is an unorganized mess

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#13 Posted by SpaceBacon (155 posts) -

I thought of one more thing, making a new post because the first one is gigantic enough as it is:

I wish I was able to pick and choose what UI elements to show. There's a lot of unnecessary clutter in the top left corner but the options merely provide a setting to turn ALL the UI elements off except for hearts which is too much. Minimap and weather are the most important ones. Temperature you can see by observing link and the sound meter isn't so important once you get a feel for how fast you should be moving when trying to be stealthy.

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#14 Edited by Alucitary (409 posts) -

Aside from the obvious.

  • Frame Rate drops
  • Middling VO
  • Easy and short main quest.

My only complaint is with the Fairy Fountains. Upgrading armor is the most infuriating thing in the world because of one really stupid design choice. Once you have upgraded and have nothing left available to upgrade it will kick you out of the conversation, and you have to watch the animation and have another conversation to get back into the menu. Fuck you, I want to see what I need to upgrade what I just upgraded! Literally every time I went to the fountain I had this issue because I kept my inventory relatively clean. I swore to god I wouldn't look up guides for this game, but I finally broke down, and looked up the upgrade guide for what you needed to upgrade your equipment. I probably could have just held onto a basic Hylian Tunic and a couple of bokoblin horns, but at that point I was just indignant at the whole system.

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#15 Edited by ripelivejam (13229 posts) -

since we're obsessed with focusing on negatives here:

yes there are *occasional* framerate woes when docked.

inventory management is a little clunky though i can deal.

the world can feel a bit sparse at times.

feels a bit aimless until you get into the groove of exploring.

um, there's no real fishing?

everything isn't a jumbled mess of icons and statmeters you watch go up in an uber granulated fashion?

the cooking jingle is tight (wait...)

seriously, this game is a breath (lol) of fresh air and pretty fucking amazing. on paper it's a hodgepodge but it comes together in a way that feels unique, well constructed, and liberating. for a game dependent on so much physics it rarely feels janky to me. i love it so.

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#16 Posted by ripelivejam (13229 posts) -

@takayamasama: you sound like an outlier, but thanks for the input. at this rate i don't think anything can bring me down.

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#17 Posted by TehFedro (492 posts) -

- As mentioned the weapons breaking, there's no game I can think of where I've ever enjoyed having my weapons break. Especially since it always feels like they just break instantly. I am used to it though.

- Something about the combat. Just doesn't feel right somehow? I don't really know.

- Lock-on lightning. Yeah I can get cover (if there is any) and make a fire, sure I can teleport miles away from a place I can't fast travel back to and indeed I can drop all the conductive weapons and have them get blasted while scattering to who knows where but MAN I hate it.

- Text is small. Though I'm playing on an old TV and have the Wii U version so maybe it's 100% me but yeah.

Other than that and maybe anything else I can't remember, really enjoying this game a lot.

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#18 Posted by takayamasama (1550 posts) -

@ripelivejam: I love the game, don't get me wrong, but it has some parts that just aren't good, and I unfortunately went for those parts quicker then most.

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#19 Edited by Efesell (4575 posts) -

Gameplay mechanics that are fun conversation pieces but total garbage in action.

Oh it's raining and that makes it hard to climb? That's a good attention to detail, too bad that's 90% of the way you traverse the land so guess I'll just hang out for a day.

Oh man thunderstorms strike metal equipment, that's pretty clever. I mean most of the things you find are metal and the lightning is unrelenting but it'll probably work out.

Oh shit it's real hot up here and that's affecting my gear too, that's neat. Oh fuck all the gear I had to carry around in case of a fucking storm is now useless kindling if I accidentally use it!

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#20 Edited by Lv4Monk (497 posts) -

Rain happens too often and is too debilitating. Feels like a waste of time while I wait to regain the ability to climb. Should've made climbing riskier, not basically impossible.

Constellation puzzle was bullshit. I realize I'm an idiot but those things aren't mutually exclusive.

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#21 Posted by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

I pretty much agree with everything Jeff said and what was said here. It's a great game for sure, but here are my biggest complaints about it:

  • It rains too often and climbing in the rain is straight impossible, crippling exploration for no good reason
  • Inventory management. Way too much and the menus feel archaic. Why can't I hold A to swap my held weapon/bow/shield with what's on the ground? Games have done this for decades.
  • Cooking. I dislike this entire system but here are my top questions about it. Why don't I have a portable pot (this might come later but I doubt it)? Why can't I batch cook? Why can't I see recipes in a recipe book? Why do I need to "hold" ingredients I want to cook by digging through the inventory (I should be able to walk up to a pot, push A and have it ask what ingredients I'm throwing into the pot)?
  • There is no real reason for the world to be THIS big. I honestly don't know what people who say they're interacting with things constantly are finding, because all I've found are stables, shrines, koroks, and monster camps.
  • The size of the world makes stamina feel oppressive, especially in the early parts of the game
  • The fact that every weapon (so far) is breakable means that all the treasure I find besides armor feels transient, which discourages me from breaking weapons at monster camps to get a possibly slightly better breakable weapon.
  • The controls are nightmarish, and I find myself constantly knowing what actions I want to take, but pushing the wrong buttons to do them. This could easily be fixed by having the ability to remap all the buttons or even assigning multiple functions to the same button (i.e. hold B to sprint, but tap B to jump a la Dark Souls, which this game draws significantly from)
  • Combat in the open world feels pointless apart from gathering materials
  • Stealth isn't great or satisfying
  • Climbing to the top of towers doesn't provide me with much insight into what's going on in a given area. Most of the towers I've climbed I've been able to spot at most 1 shrine from.
  • Some of those motion controlled puzzles are ROUGH.
  • Zelda's voice (and the voice acting in general)
  • Framerate in docked mode 100% affects the combat. I don't know what game Dan was playing. One particularly odd issue I've noticed is that when I headshot Moblins (the big dudes) and they fall over, the game hitches for a second. Makes me thing the game is crashing every time I fire an arrow.

Just so this post doesn't come across as overwhelmingly negative, I still think this game is great. There's a good sense of exploration and wonder, but it's far from a perfect game, and I think it's important to acknowledge that.

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#22 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

you know your game is amazing when there are multiple threads being like "ok let's cool down and try to find problems with this thing" lol

My gripes are obviously framerate and also I think I'm finally in the camp that thinks the weapons break too fast. Weapons are becoming ammo rather than weapons now.

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#23 Edited by pyrodactyl (4221 posts) -

Wait, there's voice acting aside from Zelda? I sure thought it was weird all those cutscenes were silent with subtitles

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#24 Posted by bmccann42 (436 posts) -

Haven't played and very curious but wondering, if this hadn't been a Zelda game would it be getting the 10/10 ratings it has been getting?

It seems to be getting a lot of small issues, and it seems that frame rate issues like everyone is talking about would have gotten a different game shredded otherwise.

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#25 Edited by takayamasama (1550 posts) -

@bmccann42: No, Zelda will always get higher ratings then a neutral game of the same look minus the Zelda paint, Breath of the Wild is no exception.

It's real darn good, but it has too many small flaws that add up into something that is not quite the "holy grail" a lot of people are talking it up to be.

Around 4-6 months from now when people have simmered on the hype, people won't be shying away from critically analyzing it as much as they seem to be now.

Hell even on today's Beastcast Dan said he has started to be more annoyed by some things.

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#26 Edited by ripelivejam (13229 posts) -

@takayamasama: fair enough. i guess i personally get really, really, really tired of the constant need to be critical in games media and pretty much media in general. it just seems like we're never allowed to be excited/happy about things, and even when we "like" things there's this overarching need to be as critical as possible first before conceding to any enjoyment. i wouldn't mind less negativity.

i personally don't think this needed its own thread, but that's not my call.

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#27 Edited by takayamasama (1550 posts) -

@ripelivejam: i look at it the other direction. If we only talked about what we liked, it would be a boring, short talk of most people just going (scruffy voice) "yep" in agreement with each other. I like the game a lot and want to identify areas it could have been better to think and hope that the next installment of the series will address or fix those problems.

Also you can argue that only games people really care about get critiqued. If the game sucks and no one likes it, outside the initial "haha this thing is a stinker" no one is gonna care or waste energy to really evaluate it, so successful, good games (like Zelda!) are gonna get critiqued more then other, less stellar games.

Critical thought on a game doesn't equal negativity. Some people will push it to negativity but they are either being jerks or just not able to explain their points in an articulate enough way.

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#28 Posted by Meptron (1325 posts) -

When you open a chest and it has a weapon you don't have space for, i wish it would prompt you to drop an item if you want. As it is now you need to open your inventory, drop the weapon, (or just throw it), them go back to open the chest. Could be smoother.

I agree with what others said about cooking. It takes too long. Shouldn't have to leave the menu.

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#29 Posted by Capum15 (6011 posts) -

Batch cooking would be nice, but I've gotten used to quickly picking what I need.

The only thing I actually don't like is not being able to configure controls more. That would've been fantastic.

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#30 Posted by Lv4Monk (497 posts) -

I don't ignore all the stupid, annoying shit this game does and still manage to think it's the best game I've played in a long time. I'm fairly sure I'll think it's just as great months from now as I do right now, not counting lower quality sections of gameplay I've yet to reach.

Also being critical of something isn't the same thing as shitting on something. I critique what interests me.

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#31 Posted by Efesell (4575 posts) -

Also while I generally like the dungeons themselves the lead up to every one has been awful. With the exception of the Rito since it's just like okay let's go.

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#32 Posted by TheWildCard (700 posts) -

Sometimes when something is really, really good it makes it easier to notice the flaws.

Just got my Wii U copy so hopefully I'll be able to weigh soon-ish. :)

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#33 Posted by FrostyRyan (2924 posts) -

It's important to note a perfect score does not mean a perfect game. Ever. No game is perfect and there will be small gripes or annoyances with every release, especially on a technical level.

The game's perfect scores don't mean "flawless." That's never what a perfect score means.

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#34 Posted by BojackHorseman (690 posts) -

That one motion puzzle in the village to the east.

Anyway, some crazy complaints coming in this thread. Literally saw a guy complaining about only being able to use 100 stamps. I use like, five.

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#35 Edited by Silver-Streak (1995 posts) -

Weapon Degredation done in moderation is ok, because real weapons degrade.

Apparently, in Hyrule, weapons are all made of tissue paper and aluminium foil, because even the most futuristic/strongest weapons only last a couple dozen hits.

While I haven't finished it yet, that is the thing that kills me. They could double the weapon HP and still have the same effect of "you have to try new weapons" without it being as annoying as it is.\

@bojackhorseman If you mean the ball maze puzzle, I got real frustrated with that, then said screw it. I turned my controller upside down, and it worked. Nice flat surface to roll the ball to the end.

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#36 Edited by Justin258 (15691 posts) -

I am currently waiting for the rain to stop so I can climb something that would only take like five seconds to climb if conditions were dry.

That's not so great.

Also, I was carrying a blue flame up a hill, was almost to my destination, and it started raining and put that out. Fortunately, I didn't have to completely restart, but it still sucked.

I like that rain and weather has actual effects in this game, but I wish there was a way to counteract the whole "can't climb when raining" thing. A cooking recipe that enables you to climb while it's raining for five minutes would be perfect.

The more I play of this game, the more I realize that it really is like Skyrim in a lot of ways. There are quite a few reasons to dislike it and I wouldn't blame anyone for getting fed up with its quirks - but I still love playing this game. I can't stop thinking about it when I'm away from it, and I just want to keep playing when I'm playing it.

EDIT: Turns out it's supposed to always be raining in this area (and I'm not in Zora's Domain), the lightning is necessary for something.

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#37 Posted by Efesell (4575 posts) -

The problem with climbing in the rain, like many issues in this game, is that that it seems like such an easy thing to have avoided.

Hell restrict it to the climbing gear. There's a built in excuse already.

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#38 Edited by deactivated-5a0917a2494ce (1350 posts) -

I don't even know where to start. It's fun to explore but every other mechanic about this game is a giant shit show. Everything takes so damn long, everything! Running around in a dungeon is 90% trying to get from one place to the next; climbing takes forever; the stamina bar nerfs running; and inventory management and cooking, dear god.

The combat is fucking atrocious. It's like they tried to do some cross between OOT and Dark Souls but botched it so that it doesn't go far enough either way. Going from Nioh to this is shocking, I just cant deal with this kind of basic combat, especially when your dodging and countering abilities are lackluster so that when you get one shot, it feels like it's an issue with the combat rather than me making a mistake.

I've also run into a few crashes, and while it looks nice, the frame rate is inexcusable.

I went from liking the game a lot, to being annoyed by it, to outright hating it now. I would probably give it a 2 out of 5 if I was a reviewer; maybe even a 1. It has a great world, but every other design decision is just crazy.

I hope Nier is good because both this and Horizon really disappointed me.

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#39 Posted by Hero_Swe (1348 posts) -

@horseman6: My wife 100% agrees with you, which is a shame because it was bought for her! Thankfully it's not going to waste, since I enjoy it enough not to return it.

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#40 Edited by BoOzak (2651 posts) -

It seems much like MGS V and FFXV this game took a lot inspiration from western open world games and kind of neglected the things it did well in the past.

But thankfully there are a bunch of those games and this series needed shaking up. I'm sure the next Zelda will have better dungeons and a cool open world without a clunky inventory.

My main problem is the lack of remappable controls.

EDIT: Oh, and not utilizing the Wii U's second screen.

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#41 Edited by vstag (35 posts) -

The one problem I have about the new Zelda is that I can't find a Switch to play it on.

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#42 Edited by Icemael (6876 posts) -

Inventory management and menus are a mess. Having to pause the game and go through menus every time you want to drop a shield or bow is incredibly frustrating, especially when you want to pick up a new weapon from a chest, which means watching the chest-opening animation twice. Also, you can quickly throw away close combat weapons you want to get rid of which is nice, but what if you want to drop a sword without damaging it, pick up another one temporarily, and then take back the first one? Then you have to pause the game, go through your inventory to find it (potentially six or seven screens to flip through if you're currently in the food part of your inventory), and choose "drop" just like with bows and shields. This shit is especially bad when you want to do it while dealing with enemies, because it breaks the flow of encounters completely.

Then there's cooking where you have to go through menus to pick each individual ingredient for every meal you want to cook. No recipes, no batch cooking. I deliberately avoid cooking as far as possible because it's just dumb busywork and way too time-consuming. This relates to the stamina system, too. Stamina limits are easy to circumvent by cooking meals and elixirs that give stamina recovery. However, this is the most tedious thing in the world. So either you put in the time and spend a bunch of time navigating menus to cook that shit, and then spend even more time in menus during that long climb/swim since every time you want to use food or elixirs you have to pause the game, or you give up the idea of climbing that mountain or swimming to that island, which is also frustrating because you know that you could do it and that it wouldn't even take any skill -- just a bunch of time and menu navigation.

Also, the way shrines and dungeons are partitioned off from the open world is stupid. Most of the world is seamless in a way that's really great, but every time you want to enter a shrine that means skipping two cutscenes, watching a load screen, and then skipping another cutscene. Then at the end of the shrine you have to spend a few seconds watching the unskippable cutscene where the monk's energy cage splits open, skip the cutscene that follows, accept the spirit orb, skip the cutscene that follows that, and then watch another load screen. I don't care that my completing the shrine has "subverted a prophecy of ruin", monk dude, I've already been told that forty-six times so just give me my fucking spirit orb already! It's the same tedious fucking process for every shrine, and there are over a hundred of them. There is no reason why it should be like this. They could easily just have had the shrine interiors be continuous with the open world instead of separated by load screens (to prevent you from bringing in items from the overworld they could just have had you walk through a door or an energy field or something through which you couldn't carry anything but equipment), and removed all those little cutscenes which are completely unnecessary and identical for every shrine.

The dungeons (or at least the one dungeon I've completed so far) are even worse, because they look like they're continuous with the open world while in fact they are not. I tried jumping out of a dungeon and gliding into the water surrounding it and suddenly just fell to my death. There is no in-world justification for this, like "this structure is surrounded by an energy field that's keeping you from leaving" (and even if that had been the case it would still have been stupid) -- I just fell to my death for no reason whatsoever. As with the shrines, there is no good reason why it should be like this. It didn't help that the dungeon's puzzles were mediocre and the boss fight at the end of it a joke.

Then you have the awful framerate drops, the middling combat system (it's the same system from two decades ago only they added parries and pseudo-Witch Time -- not that it's the worst system in the world, but other open world games have done so much better), the terrible voice acting, the bad writing (in voice-acted cutscenes, that is -- some of the other writing in the game is pretty funny -- I especially love how many opportunities there are for being a dick to NPCs) etc. etc. The game has tons of very obvious issues, some of which are pretty serious -- you could easily write thousands of words about all of its flaws. It would never in a million years have gotten the reviews that it did if it had been developed by, say, Capcom, with a different title and different character names.

It speaks to the game's strengths though that despite all of these problems, it's nevertheless very enjoyable -- and enjoyable in a way that's completely unique. There are better open world games for sure, but none of those better games offer the same kind of open world adventure. The closest experience I can recall is Dragon's Dogma, but even that is a very different game from this. Nintendo have something really special going and if they can build on this foundation (ideally on a more powerful system than either the Wii U or the Switch -- if there was ever a Nintendo game that deserved to be playable on more powerful hardware, it's this) and fix the myriad of issues, a future sequel to this might actually warrant being one of the highest-rated games of all time.

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#43 Posted by DookieRope (303 posts) -

The performance. I tried this on my partners Switch both docked and undocked. It's 2017. If you can't hit a consistent 30fps on your purpose built hardware you are doing something wrong. It's charming as fuck though. I like watching her play. Just not playing it.

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Being able to infinitely heal while paused in the menu, save scumming and the lack of penalty for dying.

The only thing that can kill you are one hit kills, which happen fairly often in the early game, but not so much after you amassed some hearts and better armor. It's really killing my desire to play right now. Hopefully the hard mode will fix the food issue by making it heal over time or having some kind of fullness cooldown to prevent you from spamming it. Though I'm not very happy about being forced to buy a whole season pass to get access to a hard difficulty setting.

@bleshoo said:

Can't change the temperature to Celsius.

Are you in a region that doesn't use the Celcius, or did you set your system to some other region? Mine was Celsius by default.

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If I had to describe my issues with the game, it would go as the following:

Frame rate drops (Wii U) - I am okay with running at lower resolutions but can we at least maintain 30 fps? Coming from playing the PC for years now, I am thankful that I can run 1080p/60fps constant.

Degradation of Weapons - Why isn't there a way to salvage or maintain weapons? I run through more weapons than Genghis Khan on a caffeine trip!

Thunderstorms - Not only it is a hit in fps, but it seems like it is constant. Oh for minor annoyances, trying to scale a wall while raining.

Shrines, shrines, and more shrines - I know people were making the joke about scaling towers and all, but I feel that most shrines aren't really challenging. Heck, even the major test of strength is a cake walk after a while.

The large area of nothingness - it seems that most quests just lie in stables and towns. I kinda wish there were at least some out in the wild.

All in all, I deeply enjoy the game, but I feel that Dan was being way too generous on the score. The performance one is really the biggest issue. Come on Nintendo, you made Mario Kart and Smash 60 fps on the Wii U, but cannot maintain 30 fps in 720/900 p, in 2017?!?!

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Pretty much anything that makes it Zelda suffers from the new format and feels and shoved in unnecessarily. The story is so simple and dull by itself they had to add in the memories so there'd be characters you care about. The dungeons are tiny and easy all with the same exact setup to complete them, the missions leading up to them are bland and boring fetch quests, and the whole process is extremely repetitive; being copied four times over almost exactly.

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@ripelivejam: If people weren't critical of Skyward Sword's hand-holdy stuff, Nintendo could've just looked at all the 9's and 10's that game got and Breath of the Wild might not have such a strong focus on letting the player run free-- or at least it probably wouldn't be so quick to get started. Similarly, if people weren't critical about the weapon degradation or cooking stuff, would Nintendo even think to change that stuff in a future game? Hell, would they have ever changed the formula for this series at all if people weren't critical of the formula getting repetitive?

Yeah, there are plenty of people taking the shit-talking route with this game, but there are also a lot of people who are benefiting from people like Jeff speaking about the problems he has with it, since the reviews are so glowing and don't put any focus on those problems (not necessarily because the reviewers are wrong, like if I was reviewing this game I wouldn't dock a point for FPS because I honestly don't even notice it unless someone points it out 90% of the time, and I feel like a lot of the reviewers didn't find problems where I or others would. It's not a flawless system). Basically, threads like this are filling in a blind spot for people like me who didn't actually realize how prevalent inventory/menu diving was after reading a bunch of the reviews. Seeing the same few issues crop up in this thread and basically everywhere else makes me hopeful Nintendo will see it and make it more fun in the next game, if not an unlikely patch for BotW.

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Any complaint I have about this game is so minor it's almost not worth bringing up but the two obvious ones for me are the frame rate and the controls. People complain about the cooking but it's so not needed in the early game and its so easy to restore hearts in the late game with basic ingredients that complaining about it seems silly to me. I don't think the game needs a cook book the ingredients say what they do in there descriptions just combine the ones that say the effect you want. yeah, it would be faster if you could just select what you want off of a menu and it makes it for you but I don't find the cooking important enough for that to even matter. I have done mostly everything in the game at this point and can count the amount of times I've cooked on one hand.

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I love this game, and I think most of the parts people complain about here are telling of their generation. I think this game is fantastic for those of us who are old enough to have grown up on the oldest Nintendo consoles, and great for those who have grown up on games like Minecraft. I think it's less great for those who had their first consoles in the PS2/Xbox era, as games since that generation and up to now have done everything they can from alienating players. If you're used to the game guiding you towards the fun, then this probably isn't the game for you. If you're good at finding the fun and making it yourself, this is the game for you.

As for what I don't like, two things;

  1. It rains too often, making climbing a waiting game sometimes.
  2. The frame rate in populated areas.

As for people complaining about the controls; you cray cray. It handles like a dream. Also, weapon degradation is just so not a issue in any circumstance. You really have to go out of your way to not have a full set of weapons at all times.

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@bojackhorseman If you mean the ball maze puzzle, I got real frustrated with that, then said screw it. I turned my controller upside down, and it worked. Nice flat surface to roll the ball to the end.

Yes sir. Did the same thing after getting the ball to the middle maybe 15 times and constantly fucking up on the jump.