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    Four Murasame

    Character » appears in 30 games

    Four is a character from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. Although she falls in love with Kamille Bidan, the Titans use the Psyco Gundam to exploit her Cyber-Newtype powers.

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    Four Murasame is a character from Mobile Suit Z Gundam. She is a cyber-newtype; an oldtype given newtype-like abilities through scientific experimentation. Her original name and past are unknown, as her memories were taken by the scientists responsible. The name "Four Murasame" refers to the fact that she is the fourth cyber-newtype to be produced by the Murasame Newtype Laboratory.

    The Titans use Four as a weapon in their fight against the AEUG. However, while away from her base, she encounters Kamille Bidan. Though she falls in love with him, the Titans' control over her and her connection to the powerful Psyco Gundam keep her from joining his side. She eventually aides Kamille and Quattro Bajeena in their escape from Earth.

    When Kamille and Quattro return to Earth during the assault on Kilimanjaro, Kamille learns that Four is stationed at the base and tries to rescue her, but once again, the Titans' grip proves too strong. In the end, Four dies in Kamille's arms, leaving a profound effect on him that would carry through to the end of Z Gundam.


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